Saturday, 29 October 2016

No 11838, Saturday 29 Oct 2016, Neyartha

Happy Deepavali


1 Encounters swarm from the east with a disfigured sign (8) MEETINGS {MEET<=}{SIGN*}
5 Incentives after commencement bring unwelcome obligations (6) ONUSES {bONUSES}
9 Fortify retreat as eccentric Aslam goes around with some musical compositions (9) MADRIGALS {ASLAM*} around {GRID<=} {GIRD<=} See comments
11 Heard almost half of Ceylon is getting a synthetic fibre (5) NYLON {~NIGH}{ceyLON}
12 Divert letters from the admirer outed... (7) REROUTE (T)
14 the cunning cowherd to get the thick soup (7) CHOWDER {COWHERD*}
15 Aristocrat seizes strangely wan container for the Frenchman's oil and coal, say (12) NONRENEWABLE {NO{N{RENE}WA*}BLE}
17 Shutting away the queen's tigers after review (12) SEQUESTERING  {QUEEN'S TIGERS}*
20 Trimmed space-suit design presents a favourable sign (7) AUSPICE {sPACESUIt}*
22 Sanitised old record for the church of the holy man (7) ASEPTIC {AS(-ce+EP)IC} {AS(-ce+EP)TIC} See comments
23 In the pan, success might be difficult to reproduce (5) FLASH (CD)
24 Run over to prepare for the warm season, reportedly (9) SUMMARISE {~SUMMERISE}
26 Plan to return notice after shortening the backer's name at the wrong place (6) AGENDA {A(-n)GE(+N)l}{DA<=}
27 Sweet-talk? That is a cover for the Nevada police officer with the Spanish revolutionary (8) INVEIGLE {I{NV}E}{IG}{LE<=}


1 Tribute to the storage in a computing system (6) MEMORY (DD)
2 Gift, including almost all of the stock farm, shows the strength... (9) ENDURANCE {ENDU{RANCh}E}
3 ...hidden in the vision of a Pakistani agency (1,1,1) I S I (T)
4 Doctor Green's classes show a lack of co-ordination and elegance (13) GRACELESSNESS {GREEN S CLASSES*}
6 Storage that is unaffected by loss of power? (3-8) NON-VOLATILE (E)
7 Firm's dependable (5) SOLID (DD)
8 Guard's right about providing protection for the books by the king (6) SENTRY {SE{NT}{R}Y<=}
10 Note about knight on watch with the son (a nut) losing the tail of the North Pacific fish (7,6) SOCKEYE SALMON {SO}{C}{K}{EYE} {S{{ALMONd}
13 Desperately hungry peacekeepers attached to New Orleans (old city) are in a single hut (11) UNNOURISHED {UN}{NO}{UR}{I}{SHED}
16 Newton participates in ignition to generate an electric storm (9) LIGHTNING {LIGHT{N}ING}
18 The French get overwhelmed by the Iowa lottery for a palm tree (6) RAFFIA {RAFF(-le+IA)}
19 Plan by the leaders of some conservative Hungarians ends my embarrassment (6) SCHEME (Acrostic)
21 Condition of the son going to the top in appreciation (5) STATE {(+S)TA(-s)TE}
25 One out of a job might have received it (3) AXE (CD)

Frenchman=Rene, Old record=EP, Church=CE, Notice=Ad, That is=IE, Nevada=NV, Police Officer=IG, The Spanish=EL
The books=NT (New Testament), King=R (Rex), Note=So, About=C, Knight=K, Son=S, Peacekeepers=UN, New Orleans=NO, Old City=UR, Single=I (One), Newton=N, The French=Le, Iowa=IA

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  1. Wishing every one out there in this blog a very happy and colourful Deepavali . Krishna Sweets in Coimbatore has been featured in a Book of Records for the maximum sale of their famous Mysurpak : can anyone give the etymology for this ? I reckon it should be Mysore Paahu or a sweet that has been matured ?

    1. Indians hate mysurpak because it has pak in it!
      Probably, that is why Krishna Sweets calls it as mysurpa...

  2. Excellent analysis Ramesh.
    I think the following need relook:
    9AC: around GIRD<
    22ac: T is missing in Ascetic

  3. If there is no paper tomorrow I will post a special by Raju at 7 AM

  4. Thanks to all of you who have wished us earlier and it is my turn now to wish a happy, colourful & safe Deepavali to all bloggers, setters and their families.

    Col., Chennai edition has a holiday announcement. So looking forward to Raju special tom.
    Thank you Ramesh for the nice blog.

    1. There is going to be confusion as the e-paper has the following announcement

      On account of Diwali, ePaper of THE HINDU all editions will not be available on 30-10-2016. Hyderabad and Delhi editions will not be available on 31-10-2016. Mumbai edition will not be available on 01-11-2016.

  5. 11A- Never thought of 'Nigh' as a separate word- it's well nigh impossible!

  6. Happy Deepavali to all here!
    Nice puzzle & blog..thanks Neyartha & Ramesh...

  7. The clues today are quite a mouthful!!

  8. Happy Deepawali , Happy Naraka chaturdasi.

    We celebrate Deepawali tomorrow But The Hindu has a holiday today in Vizag. Maybe the staff here are largely from TN.

  9. Happy Deepavali to setters and bloggers.

  10. Happy Deepavali 😄 Lovely puzzle for the day thanks to Neyartha. Btw someone pleAse explain the Flash CD

  11. Neiyappam fry from Neyartha on those long words ! Sweet for the deepavali? Dil maange more of melting-in-the-mouth Mysurpa ! Cholesterol has no role to play any more in our health ! So says the latest findings .