Tuesday, 18 October 2016

No 11828, Tuesday 18 Oct 2016, xChequer

xChequer back to his wily ways after yesterday's easier run

7   Unacceptable to permit current idea (6) NOTION {NOT{I}ON}
8   Loyal supporters in glee, unconventional setter hosted (8) LIEGEMEN {ME} in {IN+GLEE}*
9   Tight line bowled in the middle? Very academic (8) HIGHBROW {HIGH}{B}{ROW}
10 Facial expression at hourly intervals? (1,5) O CLOCK [CD]
11 Stuff concerning priest (5) PADRE {PAD}{RE}
12 Remains on stand and contradicts (6) BELIES {BE}{LIES} Lies and Stand? See comments
14 Sanction from Church with bishop relying primarily on effect created (7,2,6) BENEFIT OF CLERGY {B+RELYING+On+EFFECT}* Had to cheat for this one
17 Mass entry happening with change (6) INFLUX {IN}{FLUX}
18 Recoil from a rifle backfiring, crushing hands (5) ABHOR {A}{B{H}OR<=}
22 Merits prizes (6) VALUES [DD]
23 Wretched batting, wild arcs over point (8) INFERNAL {IN}{FER{N}AL}
24 Interrupt objection about concealing money (4,2,2) BUTT IN ON {BUT}{T IN} {ON}
25 Overdrawn, notes to be paid? Unpleasant (6) ODIOUS {OD}{IOUS}

1   Thought it prevents fish crossing barrier (9) COGITATED {CO{G{IT}ATE}D
2   Cook tried sipping hot stew (6) DITHER {H} in {TRIED}*
3   Cross a line, taking sides for nothing (5) ANGRY {A}{{No...nG}{RY}
4   Frenzied protest perhaps first born raised (8) DEMONIAC {DEMO}{CAIN<=}
5   Fallen in status, after a month, girl's close to suicide (8) DECLASSE {DEC}{LASS}{s...dE}
6   Revolting novel's chapter featuring maid (5) WENCH {NEW<=}{CH}
8   Unhappy about answer lacking full clarity (3-10) LOW-RESOLUTION {LOW}-{RE}{SOLUTION}
13 Roam using mobile to get dope (9) IGNORAMUS*
15 Inadequacy of English team, no beginner at fault (8) EXIGUITY {E}{XI}{GUIlTY}
16 Introducing information on drugs (8) INFUSING {INF}{USING}
19 Watering hole at Brazilian port in Spanish district (6) BARRIO {BAR}{RIO}
20 About a position for head (5) CAPUT {C}{A}{PUT}
21 About head for alternate base (5) AFOOT {Al...e}{FOOT}


  1. Replies
    1. Yes, but small modification in the clue justifies. Use alternate current instead of current.

    2. I: symbol, physics electric current... http://chambers.co.uk/puzzles/search/?query=i&title=21st

    3. Col,
      My intention of using alternate current here is- TO premits IN alternately so that it becomes T(I)O(N)

    4. I thought 'current' could also be taken as 'in' = 'AD' (anno domini) etc.

    5. Typo : Pl read 'meant' in place of 'thought'.

  2. "Had to cheat" means what? Making references...? We may also be "taught" this.

    1. If this is cheating, then referring to the dictionary(ies), is it "Had to teach"? Ha, ha

  3. Replies
    1. oh, ok. I got it from Chambers. I am not a physicist, my bad

  4. Xchequer ! :) Stared at the online grid for a while and when it just wouldnt budge looked at the setter :) Thoroughly enjoyed this.. O'clock esp.. Liegemen..declasse?? When is Xchequer nowadays?? :)

  5. Remains on stand and contradicts (6) BELIES {BE}{LIES} Lies and Stand?

    Remains = Lies
    Stand = Be

  6. Incidentally the solution to today's crossword is there in the print edition. Looks like TH has started a new practice

    1. OK, I looked at it. But the old practice is still followed. If you type a letter wrong, it automatically shows in RED. So, the immediate solution lies therein.

  7. It has been there for a while, Suresh- ever since the new format of A/c & Dn. was introduced.

  8. Replies
    1. Only thing is you have to do a headstand to read the answers

    2. This practice of publishing answers same day along with the grid in TH is on since 8th October!

  9. Had an easy outing yesterday, but not today! Tough going. My COD 18Ac ABHOR.

  10. I for current & V for voltage are universal.

    1. "current": AC (for "alternating current"); less commonly, DC (for "direct current"); or even I (the symbol used in physics and electronics)

      From: https://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Crossword_abbreviations. (crossword unclued)

  11. Tough going but enjoyed a lot..OClock..Declasse..Low Resolution

  12. Found it very tough today 😢 was able to crack only about 10-12 clues!