Sunday, 30 October 2016

Special, Sunday 30 Oct 2016, Raju Umamaheswar

Three answers per commenter till 6 PM (Annotations compulsory)
Please provide all your answers in one comment.

1   Illness of Asian origin? (7)
5   Was I a witness ?  May be partly! (2,1,3)
11 In India, a lake with an eye, say, but  makes a  town in the US (5)
12 Those who cut down again to be removed for diggers . (9)
13 Water body in the US or may be , New Zealand  too? (4,5)
14  Treat this and get a spud! (5)
15  European community shout back (4)
17   Seneca tells to destroy. (7)
21 Get stronger after a return of relaxation  outside (7)
22 Cheesy tomboy girl , run short , without tail (4)
26 Chicken or egg, which came first ?  poses a question (5)
27  Scroungers land here from the air? (9)
29 Good man changes not so much to be chaste (9)
30 Tenderly fondles without a bender (5)
31  Said aloud how to (6)
32  Reseal, upset the oriental and let go (7)

2   None bad?  On the contrary! (3,2)
3   A patch on this sound native? (6)
4   Playfully roosted  on anger for this (6)
6   Plunder people?  it's a fair game (8)
7   Could have been a 5 across? (9)
8   One who cleans the water supply? (6)
9    A flower is followed (7)
10 A penchant for understanding without reading. (7)
16 Drop it if too difficult to handle! (3,6)
18 The value of  27 across? (8)
19 Foreheads to worship? (7)
20 Each sister tries with esprits without hesitation?
23 Diverts assume, I presume? (6)
24 Not an afterthought but a  seer's is to ----- (6)
25 Pep up the spirit (6)
28 Beginners from the conservative parties, say (5)

Across Lite version can be accessed at RAJU 6



  1. 23d Diverts assume, I presume? (6)AMUSES*
    19d Foreheads to worship? (7)TEMPLES (DD)
    3D A patch on this sound native? (6)LOCALE (~LOCAL)

  2. 15A:ECHO (EC)(HO<)
    16D: HOT POTATO (CD)
    20D: (PER)(SIS)(T){doubt on the T}

  3. 32A-Release- (Reseal)*E
    4D- Satire- (sat)(ire)
    2D- All Ok-Contrary of none & bad

  4. 27Ac Scroungers land here from the air? (9) PARASITES Anno :( Def : Scroungers.
    32Ac Reseal, upset the oriental and let go (7) RELEASE {RESEAL*} + E
    28Dn Beginners from the conservative parties, say (5) TYROS {TORYS}*

    1. Torys or Tories? How are the conservatives spelt?
      MB may go for one more- repeat of 32A.
      Yes, many seem to have Deepavali today.Reason for low participation?

    2. Agree, Paddy, it is TORIES but I find no other way to get the correct annotation! So is the case with 27Ac. :)

    3. I can replace 32Ac with any of the two answers, at this juncture, but not able to annotate them correctly!

    4. Para may be from air as in para suit and sites = land

    5. Homonym of tories is torys and its anag is tyros - very long shot. Is it kosher?

    6. Ram @ 9:17 am : Maybe you are right. :)

  5. Very thin attendance.Due to Diwali celebrations or not game to this super challenge from RU?

    1. It is really a challenging one! You get the answer alright, then starts the problem of annotating it!

    2. It is a different type of cryptic puzzle...not the ones we are used to..hence the problem I think

  6. Back to blog after finishing rituals:

    10 A penchant for understanding without reading. (7)LEA(-r)NING
    29 Good man changes not so much to be chaste (9)STAIN*LESS

    3 A patch on this sound native? (6) A PACHE~patch

  7. 1A - MALAISE (~malay's)
    14A - RATTE*

    1. I too thought 6D so..But RATTE has no meaning in dict.
      TATER is a spud. So, got into mess!

    2. Ratte potato, a variety of potato from France

    3. See

    4. 1A:I was racking my brain for the anno..thought it was an indirect anagram..thanks for the anno Col

  8. Col.
    I too had 1A as 'malaise',exactly the way you parsed it, but was wondering that it does not go with 3D as 'Locale'. I have doubts about 3D.
    I was not faulting your anno for 'Torys', but with the clue. Probably I did not make it clear.

  9. I made a mess of last week's IXL with 2 typos- with the result my 70 became 17!

  10. Replies
    1. Although I got it, I doubt the WP is right. PATCH sounds like pach whereas PASCHE sounds like pash

  11. But that answer seems right and it tallies with crossings. So one more on the 'doubtful' list.

  12. No takers for the rest of the clues? Came back after Diwali celebrations to check the answers.
    Here are the few that I was able to get:
    11A:TULSA{the answer because of the crossings and definition (American City);maybe TULSI(-I+A)}
    12A:TRENCHANT{Still cannot anno;Trenches are dug..other than that..Def:Those who cut}
    21A: STOUTER:OUT inside REST*
    26A: MOOTS?(Poses a question? & maybe reference to the phrase a moot point)
    30A: CARES(only due to crossings;Tenderly fondles would be Caress; how is s removed?)
    31A: SHOWED(How to can be Showed; hp of something?)
    Couldn't decipher 7D & 8D at all.
    18D: NUISANCE (Value of a Parasite-Probably From the phrase Nuisance Value)
    24D:PRESEE? (CD)
    25D: PSYCHE( DD; at last a clue one can be confident about)

  13. If the other answers are correct, the remaining are:
    5A & 17A; 7D & 8D

  14. 9D- Is stalker a follower or followed?
    7D- Spectator (Connected with 5D- As I saw it)
    8D- Washer-DD? But how water supply? One who cleans is the def.
    30A- I was wondering 'Without a bender'. Probably refers to removal of S. I was thinking about U, but could not place it.

    1. If 7D is Spectator then 12A Trenchant is not correct; neither washer would fit in.
      Maybe without a bender refers to removal of S

  15. 17A- Enecate (T) Def.- To destry (Checked with Free dic.)

  16. But what is the cheesy stuff in 22A?

  17. 22A- Brie- Cheese
    Is it Briefly- Fly? (Run short without tail) Tomboy?

    1. Well done Paddy..a lot of doubts in every one's mind.

  18. Right it sum up:
    5A: AS I SAW

  19. Raju:Kindly confirm all the answers

    1. The answers are correct, but don't ask me for the annos!!

    2. I think the creator himself doesnt know the Robert Browning said about one of his works.."when I wrote it only God & I understood; now only God understands"

  20. I used to say this about my brother's handwriting since he himself may not be able to read it after a while!

  21. I have to trace my script from the saved file and respond to the brickbats. However, Col has confirmed that all the answers are correct. Obviously, most of the annotations were workable by ye-all and a few were difficult. Ganz Naturlisch!!!!

    As Vasant has pointed out, you were not used to it and that's what I'm trying ! To get ye-all used to me ! If I were to trot the beaten track, it will be all rot !!

    When I formulate a clue, and an answer is appropriate , I put in the grid. It is not aleays that a clue should be followed by an annotation; It could be the other way around ! Therein lies the Eureka moment ! IN cryptic puzzles, who sets the grammar? Anyone can ! That's why it is cryptic !Our solving should be a two-way process and with the right answer,the setter and the solver will have matched wits !

    1. I don't think anyone will agree to your interpretation of Cryptic Crosswords

    2. Raju, I agree entirely and wholeheartedly with what you say - only if you are the solver of the puzzles that you set.

    3. therein lies the rub ! HEM, THE SCRATCH OF THE HEAD !!

  22. Today's ICL was easy in solving and there were no curious clues or proper nouns ! I posted mine in about 40 minutes . Good luck with the Leaderboard for all the congested contestants in the race !

    Happy Diwali to all !

  23. Dear Deepak: My annotations for yesterday's Sunday Special.

    I had agreed to respond. here it is ! I have done this without the technical terms that our bloggers are used to. They have their rights to criticize but this is my style!)

    Clues across:

    1. Illness of Asian origin? (7) MALAISE (Malays- asian- illness- malaise - homophone? )

    6. Was I a witness ? May be partly ! (2,1,3) AS I SAW ( Partial anagram of was I saw with an s missing- indicator-partly)

    11. In India, a lake with an eye, say, but makes a town in the US (5) TULSA ( Tlsi Lake in Bombay and Tulsa Town in Oklohoma state in the US)

    12. Those who cut down again to be removed for diggers . (9) TRENCHERS ( -Re)trencher - those who cut down-diggers - trenchers)

    13. Water body in the US or may be , New Zealand too?. (4,5) LAKE HERON)-( Lakes with the same name in two countries.)

    14. Treat this and get a spud ! (5) RATTE (anagram - a potato- a spud)

    15. European community shout back (4) ECHO (EC- European community- Ho-shout- back- echo)

    16. Seneca tells to destroy . (6) ENECATE (( container- sENECATE) enecate - destroy )

    21. Get stronger after a return of relaxation outside (STOUTER) (out within rest return) stronger - stouter

    22. Cheesy tomboy girl , run short , without tail (4) BRIE ( short-brie(-f) Brie - a cheese variety
    Urban Dictionary: brie
    Urban Dictionary
    a tuff name for a very fun girl. a girl with the name brie, is usually short for something, such as brianna, brienne, etc. a girl with the name bri...)

    25. Chicken or egg, which came first ? poses a question (5) MOOTS (poses- moots)

    27. Scroungers land here from the air? (9) PARASITES( Para, short of Paratrooper here- site(s) parasites = scroungers)

    29. Good man changes not so much to be chaste ((9) STAINLESS Good man- st for saint- man- Ian, changes to ain - not so much- less- chaste- stainless)

    30. Tenderly fondles without a bender (5) CARES ( bender S - tenderly fondles - caresses )

    31. Said aloud how to. (6) SHOWED (showed- how to)

    32. Resealed and let go again (8) RELEASED (nagram of resealed- let go again- released)

    Clues down:

    2. None bad? On the contrary ! (3,2) ALL OK ( none, as opposed to all and bad as opposed to OK)

    3. A patch on this sound native ? (6) APACHE ( a patch- apach- almost same sounding) native apache)

    4. Playfully roosted on anger for this (6) SATIRE5.

    6. Plunder people? it's a fair game (8) SACKRACE (plunder- sack- race people- sackrace a fair game)

    7. Could have been a 5 across? ((9) SPECTATOR ()

    8. One who cleans the water supply? (6) WASHER Washer cleaner; washer a rubber cleaner in the faucet)

    9. A flower is followed (7) STALKED ( flower is stalked , stalked also means followed )

    10. A penchant for understanding without reading. (7) LEANING ( penchant- leaning - Understanding(Lea (-r)ning

    16. Drop it if too difficult to handle ! (3,6) HOT POTATO ( One drops a bad thing as a hot potato)

    18. The value of 27 across? ( 8) NUISANCE

    19. Foreheads to worship? ( 7) TEMPLES (DD) Temples - foreheads and a place to worship in temples )

    23. Diverts assume, I presume? (6) AMUSES ( anagram of assume- diverts assume, ) presume - assume)

    24. Not an afterthought but a seer's is to ----- (6) PRESEE ( afterthought-PS- for post-script with seer amended )

    25. Pep up the spirit (6) PSYCHE To psyche up is to pep up an spirit - psyche)

    28. Beginners from the conservative parties , say (5) TYROS ( anagram of torys- tyros- beginners )

    E&OE) Ugh !!

    1. As Raju you are wont to say..the annos are more bheja fry than the puzzle itself!

  24. Good show Raju, it was thoroughly entertaining and difficult on some.

  25. Batting I did; bricks you have a right to throw !!

  26. Batting I did; bricks you have a right to throw !! I accept KRK's compliments with all humility !

    1. I think you are a breath of fresh air..u have a lot of passion..u have ur own unique style that stands out..keep going!

  27. DEEPAK & CV: The proof of the Deepavali sweets is in eating it ! None of the clues were left unsolved by any one !

    1. Really!! 15 answers were given by one person with many question marks, way after the scheduled deadline

  28. If 15 answers could be given by one person, why couldn't the others do the same?The grid was also completed by the few others; maybe with extended time, many would have ? Anyway, I appreciate and respect your take for having let others have a go at my effort and let you rest my case.