Wednesday, 5 October 2016

No 11818, Wednesday 05 Oct 2016, Arden

1   Extreme left or extreme right in centrifugal force (7,6) LUNATIC FRINGE*
10 Politico should cut out the crap and make it legal (5) LICIT poLITICo*
11 Religious leader's nurse has a duty (9) AYATOLLAH {AY{A}{TOLL}AH}
12 British Newspaper seen to take credit, for saving their skins (9) SUNSCREEN {SUN}{S{CR}EEN}
13 Said to be clear cut (5) SHEAR (~sheer)
14 Hersh, perhaps asks people to keep talking (7) SEYMOUR (~say more)
16 Anger produces smoke (7) INCENSE [DD]
18 Greenwood gets unfair treatment (3,4) RAW DEAL {RAW}{DEAL}
20 Begin fight with state (2,5) GO ABOUT {GO A}{BOUT}
22 Size at delivery depends on girl or boy, firstly (5) GIRTH (-b+g)GIRTH
24 Separate enclosure – initial capital will give crazy returns (9) COFFERDAM {Ca...l}{OFFER}{MAD<=}
26 Appearance of vehicle returning makes one hurry up (4,5) LOOK SMART {LOOK S} {TRAM<=}
27 Correspondence review in AprilI am engaged somewhat (1-4) E-MAIL <=
28 Rudely suggest restricting free Internet (13) IMPERTINENTLY {INTERNET}* in {IMPLY}

2   You heard of drug taking nurse? It's weird! (7) UNCANNY (~you){U}{N{C}ANNY}
3   International silence over creativity – it follows the globe in a way (9) ARTICHOKE {ART}{I}{CHOKE}
4   No point being absurd and foolish (5) INANE INsANE
5   Outwardly shy with woman, but showing off (9) FLAUNTING {AUNT} in {FLING}
6   Music on stage for some well known people (5) ICONS [T]
7   Gone away carrying everything from ship (7) GALLEON {GONE}* over {ALL}
8   Left to believe in it – form and out of form (5,8) CLASS STRUGGLE {CLASS} {STRUGGLE}
9   She played her part with him Peter yells out (7,6) SHIRLEY TEMPLE*
15 Sea lion not a part of natural selection – may be unwilling (9) RELUCTANT NATURaLselECTion*
17 Drink– fruit juice finally consumed as it changes colour (9) CHAMELEON {CHA}{MEL{j..cE}ON}
19 Joey wearing something hot, as engagements are planned here (3,4) WAR ROOM {ROO} in {WARM}
21 Not even born, entirely crazy (7) ODDBALL {ODD}{B}{ALL}
23 Not to stop making tooth pastes in a hurry (5) HASTE {tootH+pAsTES}*
25 It's amusing to get in to bed (5) FUTON {FU{TO}N}


  1. Nice one. Arden stamp again missing in the online version

  2. 26 Appearance of vehicle returning makes one hurry up (4,5) LOOK SMART {LOOK} {TRAMS<=}
    Typo in anno: {LOOK S}{MART<-}

  3. Long ones on the fringes done nicely.
    Artichoke being called 'Globe artichoke' was new. I was looking for vegetable in the clue, but was bewildered by 'globe'.

  4. I4A- I could only think of Seymour Nurse, a WI cricketer and could not connect to Hersh.

    1. Jane Seymour was James Bond's leading lady in "Live and Let Die".

  5. Another good one from Arden. Took some to get to the finish line, but loved every minute that I spent in getting there

    1. +1. Of late, Arden is taking teaching assignments perhaps. Loved many new words,

  6. Arden's gone rather charadey.. and very nice ones too.. the anagrams are quite elegant too.. with a dash of the obscure (cofferdam, seymour).. nice ! :)

  7. This one took a long time..struggled on both the long ones of across & class struggle..but as the grid filled slowly felt elation at solving this very instructive puzzle..thanks Arden

  8. Would 'crap', being listed as vulgar slang in the dictionary, be acceptable language in a cryptic crossword?

    1. Normally, vulgar slang shouldn't find a place here.
      However, in this case, probably, we have to consider the three words "cut the crap" as a whole, which is slang but may not be vulgar.
      Besides, crap also means a gambling game.

  9. Completed Monday's puzzle now..
    Typical Arden puzzle that one too
    So now Im finally up to date as far as THC & IXL are concerned..though have to complete Sunday Times..

  10. That's comparatively easy this time.

    1. Quite easy..Typical Rufus puzzle

  11. Very good puzzle. Thanks Arden

  12. A scintillating puzzle by ARDEN.
    ARTICHOKE - Globe artichoke is a plant; however, where is the indication in the clue for that?

    SHIRLEY TEMPLE : I have observed that all setters use the names of yesteryears stars and movies. Does it mean that such setters are of that geriatric extraction? Or is it that old movies and stars are well remembered whereas the current crop is eminently forgettable?

    1. Probably, the current crop is no better than crap, in their view!

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