Tuesday, 11 October 2016

No Post, Tuesday 11 Oct 2016

No CW in the online edition

Detox today without the daily fix.

PS: Too busy at the Golden Jubilee celebrations of my Army unit at Secunderabad, so cannot post a Holiday special.


  1. As mentioned earlier Bhavan will be in Bangalore on 12th and 13th Oct and we are meeting him at RSI on MG Road. Those interested to attend may call me and confirm attendance

  2. Had a great time yesterday with Bhavan,Bhala,CV, Ramki and self at Chennai. Enjoy the Bangalore meet.

  3. I have a photo of the grid used for the Crossword contest in Mumbai conducted last Saturday.. perhaps we can post this for those who want it?

    1. I think this will be put up as Sunday Special

  4. Happy dussehra to all of you. Stay blessed. :)

  5. Happy Dussehra sans our favourite crossie. The best way for The Hindu management would have been to keep their ONline Column going , since it is pan- Indian or is it? I have no gripe since I keep myself busy with the clippings I have brought along and am able to clear quite a few number, in between minding the double dhamaka babies . Quite a two-handfuls - that they are !

    With the Col being away in Secunderabad , we miss the Special too !