Wednesday, 19 October 2016

No 11829, Wednesday 19 Oct 2016, Afterdark

1   Grant given to founders of Israel perhaps, to reject leader of musicians (13) ACCORDIONISTS {ACCORD}{zIONISTS}
10 Rule of cricket tournament described by king's son (9) PRINCIPLE {PRINC{IPL}E}
11 Dismissed on one run; son cries (5) ROARS {RO}{A}{R}{S}
12 Siva leaves achievers breaking into applause (5) CHEER aCHiEaERs
13 Understand Inspector General by mistake evicted harassed planter (9) RECOGNISE  {InSpECtOR+GENernl}*
14 Ignore learner in show (6) SLIGHT {S{L}IGHT}
16 Almost consider eliminating source of animal (4) MULE {MULl}{El...g}
19 Low jacket sailor took out (4) BLUE Anno pending
20 Suspend without charge, dozens essentially (6) FREEZE {FREE}{doZEns}
25 Inmates read publicity given to one boy's frequent regress (9) PRISONERS {PR}{1}{SON}{rEgReSs}
26 Case opened to keep posh dressing (5) SAUCE {U} in {CASE}*
27 Selection of scumbag revaluated to give the go ahead (5) AGREE [T] Appears to be a typo in the fodder
28 Thinking about one issue in midnight... (9) REASONING {RE}{A}{SON}{IN}{niGht}
29 ..contraceptives provided by European landlords (6,7) FRENCH LETTERS {FRENCH} {LETTERS}

2   Conditions to review setter in Times (8) CRITERIA {CRIT}{ER{I}A}
3   Turn up at gate outside coronary care unit (5) OCCUR {OR} over {CCU}
4   Pull out arrow trapping sweetheart Penny (6) DEPART {D{swEet}{P}ART}
5   Best company closed earlier might end first (8) OVERCOME {OVER}{CO}{Might}{End}
6   One road's good; bypassing road at Eastern Ural's terribly bumpy (9) IRREGULAR {1}{R}{R}{E}{G}{URAL*}
7   Pathetic jerk holding kid (6) TRAGIC {T{RAG}IC}
8   First sauté, cool under pressure, add a bit of salt and seasonings (6) SPICES {Saute}{P}{ICE}{Salt}
9   Requested to take lid off barrel to get some eggnog and drank first (5) ASKED {cASK}{Eg...g}{Dr..k}
15 Let man out receiving guarantee at the end on 1st November or 31st October (9) HALLOWEEN {H{ALLOW}E}{g...tE}{No...r}
17 Analysis of cars here redone (8) RESEARCH*
18 Exceptional training given to Copper to catch false witness (8) PECULIAR {PE}{CU}{LIAR}
21 Spirit of English queen's gloomy, disheartened (6) ENERGY {EN}{ER}{Gl..mY}
22 Talk with police officer before breakup essentially (5) SPEAK {SP}{brEAKup}
23 Reflection on uncontrolled terrorism set out (6) MIRROR teRRORIsM*
24 Quest at England to reveal standing (6) ESTATE [T]
26 Kill ducks silently before time (5) SHOOT {SH}{OO}{T}



  1. 27AC Probably typo RE-EVALUATED may have been there.

  2. 19 Low jacket sailor took out (4) BLUE

    BLOUSE - OS [ordinary seaman]

    1. But OS is not in the same sequence in BLOUSE

    2. could it be Blue jacket....USS Navy ship.

    3. In my opinion OS should have appeared as OS in the word from which it was to be deleted

    4. Bluejacket seems to be logical, on second thoughts

    5. blue·jack·et (blo͞o′jăk′ĭt)
      An enlisted person in the US or British Navy; a sailor.... thefreedic

      But the wp considering this seems awry (sailor took out?). "Sailor's lost" perhaps?

  3. After the tough cw of yesterday's, this was quite easy & enjoyable..which makes me wonder why cant Hindu arrange the puzzle as per difficulty levels on particular days a la Guardian puzzle..easier ones on Mondays & Tuesdays(Incognito, Lightning,Anon)..Medium ones on wednesdays & Thursdays..tougher ones on Fridays & Saturdays(xCh..Scintillator)

    1. A tall order in the existing circumstances!

  4. Well the online version i see.. shows this puzzle with yesterday (18th) date :( donno what thats about.. rather nice puzzle from AD.. could not parse criteria.. thanks for the crit meaning. new to me.. thought a few wps a bit heavy and did it from crossings rather than strictly by wp.. but overall rather enjoyed..

  5. 4 Down Pull out arrow trapping sweetheart Penny (6) DEPART - It seems more like, DEAR for sweetheart , T rom trapping and P from penny..DE{P}AR{T}

    1. Pull out = Definition = DEPART
      arrow = DART
      trapping = Containment indicator
      sweetheart = E (heart of swEet)
      Penny = P