Monday, 3 October 2016

No 11816, Monday 03 Oct 2016, Arden

Arden is like old wine, he gets better as he ages! Found it tough going. Stumped by 13A.

1   Storm fit to carry current (7) RAMPAGE {R{AMP}AGE}
5   Craved for easy and free movement, but not safe (7) YEARNED {EAsY+aND+fReE}*
9   Unknown insect's back­biting (5) TANGY {Y}{GNAT}<=
10 Part settlement online will hinder movement (9) HAMSTRING {HAMlet}{STRING}
11 Notice period? Nothing, just a fixation (9) OBSESSION {OB}{SESSION}
12 Nice back up for the rodent (5) COYPU {COY}{UP<=}
13 It maybe hard to find, isn’t over (4) ?I?C (Addendum - DISC DISCover - See comments)
15 Plot for one grand acquired – incorrect (8) INTRIGUE {IN}{TR{1}{G}UE}
18 Nurse may treat the swelling in the artery (8) ANEURYSM*
19 Boy loses head in a swirl (4) EDDY tEDDY
22 It's about say, money owed as a trainee (5) CADET {CA}{DET) (~ debt)
24 Sermon on hell – swear it's empty (9) DISCOURSE {DIS}{C{O}URSE}
26 Lands on nose, gets eaten (4,5) DROP SCONE {DROP S}{CONE} Had to cheat for this one
27 Follow a call – could be an eye opener (5) ABIDE {A}{BID}{Eye}
28 Get rid of beer in cans without a final glance (7) CLEANSE {C{aLE}ANS}{g...cE}
29 Attempt to protect the old – it's pathetic (7) TRAGEDY {TR{AGED}Y}

1   Inform one about quota (6) RATION {1} in {RAT ON}
2  ­ - Stranded? Misunderstandings resolved (5,4) MINUS SIGN MISUNderstandINGS*
3   A fool gets by the black hole (5) ABYSS {A{BY}SS}
4   Race riot they covered was mostly good thing (9) ETHNICITY {THEY}* over {NICe}{IT}
5   Currency note in the country (5) YEMEN {YE{ME}N}
6   Stunt over rope on rock formation (9) ANTICLINE  {ANTIC}{LINE}
7   Curious case of his heart beating very loud (5) NOISY {NO{hIs}SY}
8   Excavated wooden craft (6) DUGOUT {DUG OUT} &lit
14 As an entertainer she is able to take other routes (9) COURTESAN {ROUTES}* in {CAN}
16 Swollen up with initial excitement – must order some change (9) TUMESCENT {Ex...t+MUST}*{CENT}
17 Money for fur – no force can subvert (9) UNDERMINE {fUND}{ERMINE}
20 Spies promotion lets snoopers get sour (6) ACIDIC {CID} in {CIA<=}
21 Calling one's attention, for example – not a stray thought (6) HERESY {HERE}{SaY}
23 Finished, but kept reading on a killer in the sky (5) DRONE {D{R}ONE}
24 Hold out the last wild dog (5) DHOLE {HOLD*}{thE}
25 Asian city lost its soul going by another name (5) OSAKA {lOSt}{AKA}


  1. Replies
    1. +1.
      It seems the minus sign was not copied.

    2. Thanks Ramesh. I inadvertenly deleted the minus sign while copy-pasting and formatting the clues for the blog

  2. Quite a great one. Starting trouble is the key with Arden

  3. KRK @ 8.35-Not just the key, but seems everything! Found it tough- even understanding after seeing the blog.
    Loved the minus sign. Glad I was able to get it.

  4. Do we see the 'dugouts' outside the football & (nowadays0 cricket field? Rather upside down.

    1. Yes, we see in football grounds. But in cricket, being a very posh players' game, we see them sitting comfortably in covered areas.

  5. Replies
    1. Adding to the woe, the online version also created trouble to me. It got hanged as soon as I typed a letter in the grid. I closed the browser three times and ultimately decided to do it in excel sheet.

  6. Minus sign was great :) also liked surface for Yearned.. yep had 13a is Disc (-over) .. initially was quite blank..yep like KKR, bit of a starting trouble.. since one cannot cold solve many of the clues. First to dawn was Tangy..and then Ration...etc.. not fully sure of the Discourse clue.. took me longer than usual but worth it :)

    1. Sermon = Definition = DISCOURSE
      hell = DIS
      swear = CURSE
      it's = it has
      empty = O