Friday, 21 October 2016

No 11831, Friday 21 Oct 2016, The Phantom

8   Beam knowing opponent’s trapped (10) CANTILEVER {C{ANTI}LEVER}
9   Rifle's mechanism recoils (4) LOOT <=
10 Star's talent seen in both her flicks (5-5) HEART-THROB {ART} in {BOTH+HER}*
11 ... upset me talking in a very loud manner (4) MIFF (~me){MI}{FF}
12 Big man's height: over six feet (6) FATHOM {FAT}{M} has {H}{O}
14 A setter works without independence for paper (8) TREATISE {A+SETTER}* around {I}
15 Indecency about sitcom often showing pervert (7) DISTORT {DI{SiTcOm}RT}
17 European ship's about the best in speed (7) RUSSIAN {SS}{A1<=} in {RUN}
20 Effeminate: delicate possessing queer mien (8) FEMININE {F{MIEN*}INE}
22 One's outstanding dues released (6) ISSUED {1'S}{USED*}
24 Arrest bribe taking head of treasury (4) STOP {S{Tr...y}OP}
25 A small fear triggered a cry of wolf (5,5) FALSE ALARM*
27 Curtail growth? (4) CROP [DD]
28 Simple man using us? Nonsense! (10) UNASSUMING*

1   Online journal’s up and ready (4) GAME {E}{MAG}<=
2   Young son told to bend gets stiff (6) STARCH {Son}{Told}{ARCH} Young as indicator to take first letters?
3   Veteran told to remove cap, rejects orders (3-5) OLD-TIMER {tOLD}-{REMIT<=}
4   Gorged on dates endlessly (7) OVERATE {OVER}{dATEs}
5   Productive staff hauled up gets bitter? On the contrary! (6) ARABLE {BAR<=} in {ALE}
6   Plant needs varying climates (8) CLEMATIS*
7   Grab criminal one’s caught in end (10) CONFISCATE {CON}{F{I'S}{C}ATE}
13 Concerned with nutrition, order meal in tray (10) ALIMENTARY*
16 Follow musician's endless exhaust tube (8) TAILPIPE {TAIL}{PIPEr}
18 A French poem's about unity of the world (8) UNIVERSE {UN}{1}{VERSE}
19 Unpleasant female's violent act after ordeal (7) HELLCAT {HELL}{ACT*}
21 Large numbers of arrivals reportedly flew into India at the start (6) INFLUX {IN}{FLU(~flew)}{X} Anno for X not clear See comments
23 Losing regularly, should Edmond become glum? (6) SOLEMN {ShOuLd+EdMoNd}
26 File’s open, folio is missing (4) RANK fRANK



  1. 5DN:
    Should it not be: bitter gets staff hauled up?

    1. 'On the contrary!' indicates that it is the other way round

  2. 21 Large numbers of arrivals reportedly flew into India at the start (6) INFLUX

    IN: India
    FLU: ~ flew
    X: into

  3. Good job @a2z_iima and Sandhya.

    But, I think "flu" in influx is not pronounced as flew but as flú

    1. I don't think that is a problem. The pronunciation of the resultant word is not of concern here. Here 'flew' gets 'flu'. If in another wording, it had been, say, 'reported mistake' getting 'fla', that would have been a mistake not leading to the answer.

  4. Nice puzzle...loved the compact clues..x=into...nice one

  5. Rather neat set of clues from Phantom today... particularly enjoyed cantilever and false alarm (which seems like &lit to me)... in starch..use of Young to indicate frist letter .. i havent seen this before and it doesnt seem right to me.. is that what its meant to be?

  6. 2 Young son told to bend gets stiff (6) STARCH {Son}{Told}{ARCH} Young as indicator to take first letters

    Young: not old. Told-old

    1. That would work if 'son' was not there between young and told

  7. Substituting 'Not old'

    Not old son told to bend gets stiff (6) STARCH. What's wrong? 'old' in told is in the same order as the not 'old'.

    1. These examples picked from

      Times 23516: Watered animal died – that’s not right (5) HOSED
      (HORSE + D) minus R

      FT 14152 (Dogberry): Basic source of mould removed from the Spanish cheese (9) ELEMENTAL
      M deleted from (EL + EMMENTAL)

    2. In these two case what is to be removed is specified. Whereas here we have to first get Not old from Young

    3. young: early stage of (son told)