Wednesday, 12 October 2016

Holiday, Tuesday 11 Oct 2016, Raju Umamaheswar

No paper today as well, which means the regular fix is not available.

I am posting below some clues sent to me by Raju. As these are in a 25 x 25 grid which he sent me I cannot make an Acroos Lite version.

Each commenter may answer 2 per head and provide annotations with your answers. After 6 PM this restriction is null and void.

Questions, brickbats if any be directed towards Raju.

Please be warned the answers are literally a mouthful in some cases.

2   If you don't like this crossword, you suffer from it! (10)
5   Not a dislike for Shah Rukh Khan! (7)
7   King in a part for this recent separation (6)
8   Tree grown in the city periphery?  No, here the elderly found predominantly (11)
9   This does not mean that you are somnolent about crosswords! (7)
12 To girdle the loins?  No let the man wear this for a slimmer look (6)
16 He create his millions by choosing stock (10)
17 Blessing containing the last word? A single unit to denote that you are unable to solve this! (5)
18 From TT to alcohol back! (5)
19 Locum material? (5)
22 Setter is serious, what a head ache! (6)
24 Not jallikattu but a harried child who commits suicide (9)
26 Not half the French world but fringe elements (9)
28 The insect in your hearing aid that refuses to get unstuck-- song syndrome (7)
29 Can Kejriwal's rule be termed thus? (13)
30 Manliness turns out little and drops in for greenliness (8)
31 Law against whistle blower? Go - GAG GA! (2-3)
32 Old hag wants a get into a Management degree for this abbreviation in the reverse (8)

1   Exclaim without the fifth letter and hurl (8)
3   Continental poison related to 39 across (11)
4   Jet set- highly string! (10 )
6   To  embrace like mad , muggers rule the country (10)
10 Use this to produce low temperature (7)
11 Can this US PresIdential contestant be called one? (12)
13 Not  overhang  but  to peruse  but to do so over the head of another. (9)
14 Not an illness catalogue? Yes? No!  but a literary genre (7)
15 Irrationsl fear without one's cell (10)
20 Not a pyromaniac but poisonous quality (9)
21 Ageing degeneration (10)
23 Dodge out of trickery (7)
25 Not threetimes per gratefulness-but a collection of petty data (8)  :
27 Father laced with soft drinks? (7)


PS: Don't curse me :-)


  1. The Chennai edition has a grid by Vulcan today (THC 11823)- and online link is also available.

  2. Yes, I too got it in the Chennai print edition, but when I try TH site it shows the earlier one by Lightning!

    1. Try again now - I think it needs a refresh of the page. It does show the grid by Vulcan.
      The link is:

    2. But I am not seeing the name of the setter as before

  3. Now it shows the new grid. I am solving it.

  4. I put this up as I didn't get the crossword in the e-paper as well. My print edition came in after 8 AM!!.
    I have now changed the Title and given it yesterdays date.
    The CW for today I shall put a blank post each commenter can add two answers in the comments section with annotations.
    As I am going out now I will update the main post later today