Tuesday, 25 October 2016

No 11834, Tuesday 25 Oct 2016, Gridman

1   Fine fabricit's destroyed in rage (7) BATISTE {IT}* in {BASTE} (Addendum - {ITS}* in {BATE} - See comments)
5   Note Sue's wrong – it's improper handling (6) MISUSE {MI}{SUES}*
9   Doctor and scholar go over a play (5) DRAMA {DR}{A}{MA}
10 Contact in watchful attention of ornamental tablet (9) CARTOUCHE {CAR{TOUCH}E}
11 One, with a couple of maids, by word of mouth, is unprincipled (7) IMMORAL {1}{MM}{ORAL}
12 US limit set out for action preceders (7) STIMULI*
13 Unhealthy girl's let out and facilitated (5) EASED di'sEASED
14 Father very bold, dismissing eastern dance (4,5) PASO DOBLE {PA}{SO} {BOLD}*{E}

16 Tasteless articles also in good impressive display (9) TATTOOING {TAT}{TOO}{IN}{G}
19 European's analysis reported (5) CZECH (~check)
21 Union administrator getting a power plant apparatus (7) REACTOR {RE{A}CTOR}
23 Dance we tots executed to get a bit of popularity (3-4) TWO-STEP {WE+TOTS}*{Po...y}
24 Stress is evident in printing unit's stage of development (9) EMPHASISE {EM}{PHAS{IS}E}
25 Worker begins improving rates of speed (5) TEMPI {TEMP}{Im...g}
26 Family divisions almost vague (6) GENERA GENERAl
27 Completely committed to group that's passed away (4,3) DEAD SET {DEAD} {SET}

1   Retirement accounts? They might let children go to sleep (7,7) BEDTIME STORIES [CD]
2   Emotional shocks with girl bumping into dancing star (7) TRAUMAS {UMA} in {STAR}*
3   Pole and Russian shadow-boxed (7) SPARRED {SPAR}{RED}
4   English University typical in regeneration of medicinal trees (9) EUCALYPTI {E}{U}{TYPICAL}*
5   Stains old foreign currency (5) MARKS [DD]
6   One in Fourth Mart is celebrated (7) STORIED {STOR{1}E}{D} D being the fourth alphabet? But Fourth Mart will be {D}{STORE} See comments
7   Such endless crumbs – dole out rupees and give in! (7) SUCCUMB {SUCh}{CrUMBs}
8   Being close to a certain fielder is immaterial (6,3,5) BESIDE THE POINT {BESIDE} {THE POINT}
15 Play music suddenly, voice relief and walk on (5-4) SIGHT-READ {SIGH}{T-READ}
17 Disorientated pirates walk aimlessly (7) TRAIPSE*
18 In the open, Pondy's top champion to excel in speed (7) OUTPACE {OUT}{Po..y}{ACE}
19 Spy group to go over corruption overwhelming head of administration in European country (7) CROATIA {CIA} over {RO{Ad...n}T}
20 Buries motherboard among scattered notes (7) ENTOMBS {Bo..d} in {NOTES}*
22 Indian dish for one aboard Indian chariot (5) RAITA {RA{1}TA}



  1. 6 One in Fourth Mart is celebrated (7) STORIED {STOR{1}E}{D} D being the fourth alphabet? But Fourth Mart will be {D}{STORE}

    Fourth Mart (not sure what's with the initial capitals) is STORE D if you consider STORE A as first ...

    1. We don't write book I, part II ... We write Book I, Part II ...

  2. Typical Gridman puzzle..this 14 letter grid..Batiste..Cartouche..Pasodoble..Sight Read all new words but very much doable(!!) because of impeccable wp
    But what has happened to Exa? No puzzle since two runs.

  3. I was thinking about the fourth estate and got nowhere. Also, 'tat' as tasteless & cartouche were new to me.
    Loved the retirement accounts!
    Got the point in 8D with a smile.
    Enjoyed solving. Thank you Gridman.

  4. 1A. I parsed it thus: it's + bate. Bate has the meaning of rage. Dictionary.com does not give the meaning of rage for baste.

    1. I think you are right, although the line of difference is thin.
      Baste means striking violently and Rage means behave violently. (as per Freedict)
      However, looking at the wp, it is quite possible that GM intended IT'S in BATE.

    2. The intended anno was as Prasad and MB sirs have indicated.

  5. I couldn't relish the Indian dish in 22DN!
    I think Indian chariot is RATH (even Chambers confirms it) and Indian dish in question is also pronounced as RAITHA.
    Probably, GM had change of mind after submission. Any views?

    1. All I would say is: Indian words have spelling variants.
      Raita is recorded in English dictionaries.

    2. Sorry Sir,
      I am not talking about the spelling of Raita. Both raita and raitha are in use.
      My question was on the Indian chariot.
      Where can I find RATA for Indian chariot?

    3. I agree rath and ratha are more common.
      I did check the other spelling - what I've used - but I am not able to cite it immediately.

  6. ACROSS1   Fine fabric – it’s destroyed in rage (7)BATISTE {IT}* in {BASTE}
    Can we anagram a two letter word please?

    1. Why not? It is also just another rearrangement, right?
      But, popularly, setters use reversal.

    2. That's what I was thinking. ..reg reversal
      Indicaor for two lettered words.

  7. I always associated CARTOUCHE (etym: from French) with a bullet , since it is more commonly used. It is also used in Hindi or Hindustani as Kartoos, made more popular by Sholay's '' Kitne aadmi The '' . This is the first time I have seen a different meaning and usage.

    It also brings to my mind of Karthaasi , a paper, used so by east africans and tamilians as a meSsage- letter from the postman ! English language has lent itself and accommodated many derivatives from other languages and of late, got them onto their dictionaries .

  8. knew this had some sortaold world charm.. cartouche, batiste,,paso doble etc.. batiste had me stumped but filled in with xings.. Sight read.. !! oh lord that is sooo difficult for someone like me.. i am trying but somehow unless i put down the letters (pref) i am sorta lost.. or takes me ages :( guess thats why i am in this group of wordsmiths :)