Monday, 10 October 2016

No 11822, Monday 10 Oct 2016, Lightning

1   Sort of is a charm (8) CHARISMA* &lit
5   Disease extremely painful, with a fit of shivering (6) PLAGUE {Pa...uL}{AGUE}
9   Powerless supporter seconds skilled workers (8) ARTISANS {pARTISAN}{S}
10 Threaten international politician with axe (6) IMPEND {I}{MP}{END}
12 One in action picture (5) MOVIE {MOV{1}E}
13 Crate also damaged in conveyor belt (9) ESCALATOR*
14 Weapon essentially made on a fleet (6) ARMADA {ARM}{mADe}{A}
16 Occupied angry king overthrown by German (7) ENGAGED EN(-r+g)GAGED
19 See old boy at the start of a rally (7) OBSERVE {OB}{SERVE}
21 Matinee performance essentially at 11 or 12, say (6) MATRIX {M+p...oRm...e+AT+XI}* &lit
23 He farms at sea with one net primarily (9) FISHERMAN {HE+FARMS+1+Net}* &lit
25 Treasure in small bay sought at last (5) COVET {COVE}{s...hT}
26 Boon perhaps, key (6) OPENER [DD]
27 Caretaker of plants to pull back English king (8) GARDENER {DRAG<=}{EN}{ER}
28 Attempt to have accommodated pact (6) TREATY {TR{EAT}Y}
29 Rescue second chance, knight at last replacing pawn (8) RETRIEVE RE(-p+t)TRIEVE

1   Calls for hundred sorted mails (6) CLAIMS {C}{MAILS*}
2   This protects a computer from getting cold? (9) ANTIVIRUS [CD]
3   Publish edition (5) ISSUE [DD]
4   This man led a movement (7) MANDELA {MAN}{LEAD*} &lit
6   Fruit has relatively fewer calories – it may be hogged (9) LIMELIGHT {LIME}{LIGHT}
7   Welcome cry (5) GREET (~ great) (Addendum - [DD] - See comments)
8   Madly adore old mythical place (8) ELDORADO*
11 Regularly accorded 4840 square yards (4) ACRE AcCoRdEd
15 Are 7 men taken inside to make a deal? (9) AGREEMENT {A}{GREE{MEN}T}
17 Faulty care given becomes a cause for complaint (9) GRIEVANCE* &lit
18 Face criminal head (8) CONFRONT {CON}{FRONT}
20 For starters, extensive landscape missing special trees (4) ELMS Acrostic
21 Miles below, for the most part adopting a new routine (7) MUNDANE {M}{UND{A}{N}Er}
22 Missing the first harvest by mistake, go hungry (6) STARVE hARVEST*
24 Report observed view (5) SCENE (~ seen)
25 Decide recipe to extract juice (5) CIDER [T]



  1. Nice fast one, but I was bowled by the matrix and did not hog the limelight. Nevertheless enjoyed.

  2. Good crossword.

    7D I feel is a DD.

    1. Probably is a typo by as I don't think Col meant it as a homophone

  3. Simple and elegant. Had trouble in annotating MATRIX. Overall a happy solve. Thanks Lightning!

  4. My favourite clue: This man led a movement (7) MANDELA {MAN}{LED A*} &lit

  5. Simple xwords are hard to set..lovely surfaces & now Lightning is a master of & Lit and semi & Lit clues(remember the washing machine clue)

    1. Washing machine clue was by Vulcan

    2. Right Sir.I stand corrected.

  6. Col.,

    No TH tomorrow. Holiday declared in today's print issue. Any special?

  7. I am sure,more and more new enthusiasts will join us,what with the ready solution appearing along,thereby they can easily grasp the the methods employed to get at the solutions.In other words,they can strike while the iron is hot.May our tribe increase!

  8. In the MATRIX clue, didn't get the anno fully. What is the anagrind?

    1. I took it as Matinee=Mat, performance essentially=r, at=positional Indicator, 11=IX, Or=Connector, 12=Movie=Defn

    2. I took performance as anagrind

    3. Vasant @ 7:11 pm

      From Free Dic.

      Noun 1. Performance - a dramatic or musical entertainmentperformance

      Some of the synonyms given ... copy pasted are...

      Routine, number, act, bit, 'turn'

      So why not 'turn' 11 = XI into IX ? Here 'performance' could have been a reversal ind, a bit far fetched, I believe!

    4. Matrix is an incorrect clue from my side. I had the anno of Ramesh @ 6:44 in mind when I wrote the clue with "about" in there for the reversal. But I did not submit with the right clue.

      Matinee performance essentially at about 11 or 12, say (6)

    5. Thanks for the clarification Lightning. Enjoyed the grid - MANDELA and FISHERMAN were my favourites!

  9. Yep Matrix had me flummoxed - fit the crossings but could not parse... hee hee.. not surprising...since i could barely follow the movie series as well :)

  10. KKR: What does Kolluru stand for? you village? If so, is there a Kolluri too? I had a friend while in Kenya by name Kolluri Venkateswara Rao.

    1. Thanks Raju for the question. Normal practice in Telugu families is to have their surname connected to the village/place from where they originated. I guess our ancestors had lived in this village and later on migrated to other places for living. Yes, there are two/three villages by this name in AP and with variants Kolluri and Kollur. Interestingly, these surnames are seen in all castes.

  11. A good solve... Matrix was confusing, a bit... for me atleast.
    14A... How does 'essentially' become a strip indicator? Does it come from 'bare essential'? thx.

    1. Essentially made means take the essential or center of made i.e. the letters ad(mADe)

    2. Thx Vasant. Appreciate your response.