Thursday, 13 October 2016

No 11824, Thursday 13 Oct 2016, Anon

1   Develop jet with rear propeller in it (6) SPROUT {p...eR} in {SPOUT}
4  Good man to start off sound recording at apartment (6) STUDIO {ST}{aUDIO}
9   Relax! Cut short visit to Bond’s boss (4) CALM {CALl}{M}
10 Raid extremely guarded duct, perhaps, for junkie (4,6) DRUG ADDICT {RAID+Gu...eD+DUCT}* Thanks to Ramesh
11 Protective clothing of head ranger overcome by love (6) ARMOUR {Ra...r} in {AMOUR}
12 Let Curie make handbag (8) RETICULE*
13 Southerner relished and devoured (9) SWALLOWED {S}{WALLOWED}
15 Drunk to advise heartless sentry (5) TIPSY {TIP}{SentrY}
16 End penultimate match in defeat (5) CLOSE {matCh}{LOSE}
18 Arranged nemesisphysical training in vacuum (9) EMPTINESS {PT} in {NEMESIS}*
22 Suspicious mother loses head gets old rifles (8) RUMMAGES {RUM}{MA}{aGES} Thanks to Ramesh
23 Amateur initially charges tax for entry (6) ACCESS {A}{Ch...s}{CESS}
25 Payment for bouquet of child (10) ADOLESCENT {A DOLE}{SCENT}
26 Lamented that rent initially was owed on return (4) RUED {Rent}{DUE<=}
27 Object to special excise initially being included in lease (6) RESENT {Sp...l}{Ex...e} in {RENT}
28 Ran awkwardly with aged English poet (6) ARNOLD {RAN}*{OLD}

1   In sadness, father replaced love for bird (7) SPARROW {S(-o+pa)PARROW}
2   Call sign of lover (5) ROMEO [DD]
3   Suffer downward journey (7) UNDERGO {UNDER}{GO}
5   Odd Tory performs these plots (6) TRACTS {ToRy}{ACTS}
6   The result of subtraction (9) DEDUCTION [DD]
7   Supernatural forces were, oddly, once obsessions (7) OCCULTS {OnCe}{CULTS}
8   He provides supplies to the station chief (13) QUARTERMASTER {QUARTER}{MASTER}
14 These mark the end for the condemned (4,5) LAST MILES [CD]
17 Wash load regularly below (7) LAUNDER {LoAd}{UNDER}
19 Renegade to taint one painting on return (7) TRAITOR {ROT}{1}{ART}<=
20 Arrest expenditure overwhelming America (7) SUSPEND {S{US}PEND}
21 Pushes, for instance, good boy... (4,2) EGGS ON {EG}{G}{S ON}
24 run after vehicle with consignment (5) CARGO {CAR}{GO}



  1. Not solved yet. Online version, clues are not visible but grid is. Anyone can help by sending to ?
    Thanks in advance

  2. In 24d is 'run' quite OK to get GO?

    1. Ditto. Ex: He would run to his doctor every time he sneezed.

  3. 22A- Is "Loses head gets old" for 'ges' ok? Order seems to be reversed.

  4. KKR,
    I think it is yesterday's grid, not today's. There is a link at bottom left for today's CW, but cannot be read since it is jumbled. TH does funny things- according to them today's CW is 11824A as per the link. The grid is for 11824- yesterday's!

    1. I was not concerned with the accuracy of numbers, Paddy. The grid relates to today's crossie only as I solved it on excel sheet with this. The link appeared in the main screen showed today's date with 11824 seems to be right. In good faith,
      Anyway, thanks to Col for timely supply of clues, which I solved just now.
      Happy to have solved it.

  5. Solved fast but had to struggle for Quartermaster,Sprout and Rummages.

    1. Yes, coincidentally, same here. Firt to fall in was sprout, followed by quartermaster and lastly rummages.
      Had the same doubt as Paddy, whether mother's head was lost!

  6. oops i should have asked for the clues too.. instead just read along today (did not solve).. adolescent .. havent seen that breakup and nice surface before.. very nice :)

  7. Replies
    1. Good observation by Cymothoid Crosswords!
      Sometimes, our eyes cheat. We take it for granted and don't care to see.
      Am I right Col?

    2. You are right. I too did not notice it until pointed out.

    3. Easily done :-) I only noticed when I tried to type it into the interactive version without realising myself!

  8. Ah, at last, the interactive grid is available online!

  9. 22 Suspicious mother loses head gets oldrifles (8) RUMMAGES {RUM}{MA}{aGES} 
    I suspect 'suspicious' to be 'odd' and 'odd' to be 'rum'...and I too thought mother has lost her head!