Saturday, 29 October 2016

No 11838, Saturday 29 Oct 2016, Neyartha

Happy Deepavali


1 Encounters swarm from the east with a disfigured sign (8) MEETINGS {MEET<=}{SIGN*}
5 Incentives after commencement bring unwelcome obligations (6) ONUSES {bONUSES}
9 Fortify retreat as eccentric Aslam goes around with some musical compositions (9) MADRIGALS {ASLAM*} around {GRID<=} {GIRD<=} See comments
11 Heard almost half of Ceylon is getting a synthetic fibre (5) NYLON {~NIGH}{ceyLON}
12 Divert letters from the admirer outed... (7) REROUTE (T)
14 the cunning cowherd to get the thick soup (7) CHOWDER {COWHERD*}
15 Aristocrat seizes strangely wan container for the Frenchman's oil and coal, say (12) NONRENEWABLE {NO{N{RENE}WA*}BLE}
17 Shutting away the queen's tigers after review (12) SEQUESTERING  {QUEEN'S TIGERS}*
20 Trimmed space-suit design presents a favourable sign (7) AUSPICE {sPACESUIt}*
22 Sanitised old record for the church of the holy man (7) ASEPTIC {AS(-ce+EP)IC} {AS(-ce+EP)TIC} See comments
23 In the pan, success might be difficult to reproduce (5) FLASH (CD)
24 Run over to prepare for the warm season, reportedly (9) SUMMARISE {~SUMMERISE}
26 Plan to return notice after shortening the backer's name at the wrong place (6) AGENDA {A(-n)GE(+N)l}{DA<=}
27 Sweet-talk? That is a cover for the Nevada police officer with the Spanish revolutionary (8) INVEIGLE {I{NV}E}{IG}{LE<=}


1 Tribute to the storage in a computing system (6) MEMORY (DD)
2 Gift, including almost all of the stock farm, shows the strength... (9) ENDURANCE {ENDU{RANCh}E}
3 ...hidden in the vision of a Pakistani agency (1,1,1) I S I (T)
4 Doctor Green's classes show a lack of co-ordination and elegance (13) GRACELESSNESS {GREEN S CLASSES*}
6 Storage that is unaffected by loss of power? (3-8) NON-VOLATILE (E)
7 Firm's dependable (5) SOLID (DD)
8 Guard's right about providing protection for the books by the king (6) SENTRY {SE{NT}{R}Y<=}
10 Note about knight on watch with the son (a nut) losing the tail of the North Pacific fish (7,6) SOCKEYE SALMON {SO}{C}{K}{EYE} {S{{ALMONd}
13 Desperately hungry peacekeepers attached to New Orleans (old city) are in a single hut (11) UNNOURISHED {UN}{NO}{UR}{I}{SHED}
16 Newton participates in ignition to generate an electric storm (9) LIGHTNING {LIGHT{N}ING}
18 The French get overwhelmed by the Iowa lottery for a palm tree (6) RAFFIA {RAFF(-le+IA)}
19 Plan by the leaders of some conservative Hungarians ends my embarrassment (6) SCHEME (Acrostic)
21 Condition of the son going to the top in appreciation (5) STATE {(+S)TA(-s)TE}
25 One out of a job might have received it (3) AXE (CD)

Frenchman=Rene, Old record=EP, Church=CE, Notice=Ad, That is=IE, Nevada=NV, Police Officer=IG, The Spanish=EL
The books=NT (New Testament), King=R (Rex), Note=So, About=C, Knight=K, Son=S, Peacekeepers=UN, New Orleans=NO, Old City=UR, Single=I (One), Newton=N, The French=Le, Iowa=IA

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  1. Wishing every one out there in this blog a very happy and colourful Deepavali . Krishna Sweets in Coimbatore has been featured in a Book of Records for the maximum sale of their famous Mysurpak : can anyone give the etymology for this ? I reckon it should be Mysore Paahu or a sweet that has been matured ?

    1. Indians hate mysurpak because it has pak in it!
      Probably, that is why Krishna Sweets calls it as mysurpa...

  2. Thanks Raju. Wish you all the same.

  3. Excellent analysis Ramesh.
    I think the following need relook:
    9AC: around GIRD<
    22ac: T is missing in Ascetic

  4. If there is no paper tomorrow I will post a special by Raju at 7 AM

  5. Thanks to all of you who have wished us earlier and it is my turn now to wish a happy, colourful & safe Deepavali to all bloggers, setters and their families.

    Col., Chennai edition has a holiday announcement. So looking forward to Raju special tom.
    Thank you Ramesh for the nice blog.

    1. There is going to be confusion as the e-paper has the following announcement

      On account of Diwali, ePaper of THE HINDU all editions will not be available on 30-10-2016. Hyderabad and Delhi editions will not be available on 31-10-2016. Mumbai edition will not be available on 01-11-2016.

  6. 11A- Never thought of 'Nigh' as a separate word- it's well nigh impossible!

  7. Happy Deepavali to all here!
    Nice puzzle & blog..thanks Neyartha & Ramesh...

  8. The clues today are quite a mouthful!!

  9. Happy Deepawali , Happy Naraka chaturdasi.

    We celebrate Deepawali tomorrow But The Hindu has a holiday today in Vizag. Maybe the staff here are largely from TN.

  10. Happy Deepavali to setters and bloggers.

  11. Happy Deepavali 😄 Lovely puzzle for the day thanks to Neyartha. Btw someone pleAse explain the Flash CD

  12. Neiyappam fry from Neyartha on those long words ! Sweet for the deepavali? Dil maange more of melting-in-the-mouth Mysurpa ! Cholesterol has no role to play any more in our health ! So says the latest findings .