Sunday, 9 October 2016

The Sunday Crossword, Sunday 09 Oct 2016

1   Very hot, newsworthy? About right (8) TROPICAL {T{R}OPICAL}
6   Cut made by journalist (4) HACK [DD]
9   Emperor possessed by new manner after revolution (7) HADRIAN {HAD}{AIR<=}{N}
10 Lucky start in combat, then injured (7) CHARMED {Co...t}{HARMED}
12 Come prepared, correct in food suggestions (15) RECOMMENDATIONS {R{COME*}{MEND}ATIONS}
13 Break in Croatian resort (5) SPLIT [DD]
15 Mistrusted heads of state unite with alacrity, holding court (9) SUSPECTED {State}{Unite}{SPE{CT}ED}
17 Artist is overwhelmed by shock valuation (9) APPRAISAL {APP{RA}{IS}AL}
19 One among copies turned brown (5) SEPIA {1} in {APES<=}
21 Film, with fine plot bard concocted, receiving study (9,6) FORBIDDEN PLANET {DEN} in {FINE+PLOT+BARD}*
24 Journals with depth I sign (7) DIARIES {D}{I}{ARIES}
25 Getting rid of most of our pain (7) OUSTING {OUr}{STING}
26 Thin list (4) LEAN [DD]
27 Magician's awful errors probed by church (8) SORCERER {CE} in {ERRORS}*

2   Fundamental carbon in tyre (7) RADICAL {RADI{C}AL}
3   Solid figure, proper, protecting son (5) PRISM {PRI{S}M}
4   Agreement arranged once sun's beginning to set (9) CONSENSUS {ONCE+SUNS}*{Set}
5   Copper getting up, breaking cover? That's clear (5) LUCID {CU<=} in {LID}
6   Cold as shelter in ruinous condition (9) HEARTLESS*
7   Fertiliser in firm mass on display (7) COMPOST {CO}{M}{POST}
8   Start off badly in cast below strength (5-7) SHORT-STAFFED {START+OFF}* in {SHED}
11 Weakness, regrettable in singer, worried agent (12) DISADVANTAGE {DI{SAD}VA}{AGENT*}
14 Commercial appeal in group with northern heritage (9) TRADITION {TR{AD}{IT}IO}{N}
16 Incentive to secure advance with love for glory (9) SPLENDOUR {SP{LEND}{O}UR}
18 Share skill with a thousand during exercises (7) PARTAKE {ART}{A}{K} in {PE}
20 Writes four essays, initially thoughtful (7) PENSIVE {PENS}{IV}{Es...s}
22 Acts involving singular measures (5) DOSES {DO{S}ES}
23 Material used in trial is legal (5) LISLE [T]


  1. How come solvers who are impatient and can't wait overnight for solution to THC don't care about the sol to the Sunday crossword appearing a week later? What conclusions can we draw?

  2. I think most of us solve the Guardian Sunday Crossword online. Since the Hindu lags behind, solvers have no interest in the solutions.

  3. CV is asking from the TH angle. If they are posting the solution on the same day for daily CW's, they should do the same for Sundays as well since this will be a longer wait. Glorious uncertainties- to borrow a term from cricket commentaries.

  4. We don't have to wait. Deepak is there

  5. There is also the solution at Fifteensquared for reference.

  6. 9A (N+AIR) has to be reversed

  7. Vasant: I did a booboo as you did last week ! One letter was inserted wrongly only to be discovered while the crossword being transmitted but I intervened , corrected and then pressed ''submit'' again . However, the first one had already been picked up and transmitted as I could see from the solution for Round 4. My bad !!

    You can remind me of the exam rules now !! hahaha ! silly me !

    Whoever is or are compiling, is trying hard to throw red herrings all over. This week again, on first sight, the grid looked daunting and menacing but once on the job, the run was smooth.

    Some annotations are peculiar and I wonder, post result announcement can we discuss on the same ?

    1. Answer for VvV is Five a side?

    2. Raju,

      We all do booboos. Only the rounds numbers vary. Ha ha! I too made such blunder yesterday. One thing is clear. We are not fit to take exams!

      Ajeesh, is it wordplay? I don't think I have seen such clue in IXL

  8. Ajeesh: You're spot on ! Good guessing !

    KKR: That was a poser I had put in a couple of days sgo, for others to cold solve. Does it not sound like coleslaw?) It was an unusual clue I came across in the Business Standard crossie.

    1. Raju,
      You made me to check your comments made on Saturday, which I missed to see.
      Ajeesh, great solve.