Friday, 9 December 2016

No 11873, Friday 09 Dec 2016, Incognito

Plenty of individuals seen today. Actors ruling the roost again?

1   GB's eggy bait decomposed (8) GIGABYTE*
5   Passes away with the Spanish inventor (6) DIESEL {DIES}{EL}
10 French lover uses protective covering without right (5) AMOUR ArMOUR
11 Act on Paul's mistake and get a fruit (9) CANTALOUP*
12 Saturn III's old ocean (6) TETHYS [DD]
13 Former African president’s country has a couple of tenors (8) KENYATTA {KENY{A}{TT}A}
15 Orlando's flower (5) BLOOM [DD]
17 Rushed, fired and rifled (9) RANSACKED {RAN}{SACKED}
19 Scotsman has birds and small animals (9) MONGOOSES {MON}{GOOSES}
20 Mathematician's base rule is wrongly stated (5) EULER {E}{RULE}*
21 Photograph show around old town (8) EXPOSURE {EXPOS{UR}E}
23 Tenders chests, without a bit of care (6) OFFERS cOFFERS
27 Revolutionary Parsee's subject of study (9) CHEMISTRY {CHE}{MISTRY}
28 Jewish person found in Arab bishopric (5) RABBI [T]
29 Town officials' female birds (6) REEVES [DD]
30 She/he has concocted a narcotic (8) HASHEESH*

1   Allow American general (5) GRANT [DD]
2   Abandoned burg where spirits might be served? (5,4) GHOST TOWN [CD]
3   Fruit (half-African) seen online (5) BERRY {berBER}{RY}
4   Friar's food (4) TUCK [DD]
6   Notwithstanding that, a lawyer wants victory in this (2,3,4) IN ANY CASE [DD]
7   Thick drink (5) STOUT [DD]
8   Northern European army occupies Eagle, for instance (9) LAPLANDER {LA{PLA}NDER}
9   Trainee initially – becomes a type of doctor (9) INTERNIST {INTERN}{1ST}
14 Bow down for Saint on merit (9) PROSTRATE {PRO}{ST}{RATE}
15 One of the dodgems in the US has a fender in front of the vehicle (6,3) BUMPER CAR {BUMPER} {CAR}
16 He! Son, I'm on distilled illicit liquor (9) MOONSHINE*
18 Insect that may be like rebel (6,3) KILLER BEE*
22 American revolver part (5) PIECE [DD]
24 Conifer next to the endless inlet of sea (5) FIRTH {FIR}{THe}
25 He might strike while the iron is hot – with German in vacant stagecoach (5) SMITH {MIT} in {St...cH}
26 Setter's North American bird (4) MYNA {MY}{NA}


  1. Nice puzzle..loved 27A (a very controversial Parsee nowadays),15D & 18D. Learnt a few thing on the way
    Thanks Incognito.

  2. Incognito makes it a point to teach us a few things,hitherto unknown.
    I had a few iffy fills and for the first time had a few blanks- Tethys for example. Enjoyed it all the same.

  3. Sad to read about Rudolph Diesel in the link. I recently came to know about Diesel as an inventor.

  4. Tuck and Stout were not intended to be themed words. Grant, however, is on double duty (Cary and Hugh), while I am told that there are around half a dozen actors called Smith, though my eye was on Will Smith

  5. Good night, all. Thanks for yesterday and today

  6. Kenyatta's photo at 19 Across should come below 13Across

  7. THCC Online gives me an AFTERDARK compilation ? What I see here is fo INCOGNITO? A new avatar ?Whats all the confusion about?