Thursday, 1 December 2016

No 11866, Thursday 01 Dec 2016, Arden

1   Everything's in my roll (6) WALLOW {ALL} in {WOW}
4   A river, old, winding (8) ARMATURE {A}{R}{MATURE}
9   Head cover allows worker to go back to sleep (6) CATNAP {CA{ANT<=}P}
10 It's acceptable for a male to enter, but must try very hard (4,1,3) BUST A GUT BUST {A}{G}UT Anno pending (Addendum - {B{U}{ST A G}UT} - See comments)
12 Part of obtuse triangle (8) INTEGRAL*
13 Created fear about work — it maybe felt (6) FEDORA {FEAR}* over {DO}
15 This red design on material is old fashioned (7,5) STUFFED SHIRT {STUFF}{THIS+RED}*
18 Not so sharp as say, a batsman (6,6) LETTER OPENER [CD?] Anno pending (Addendum - {LETTER} {OPENER} - See comments)
21 New notice boards don't feature dancer, only musician (6) OBOIST {nOTIce+BOardS}*
22 Give no clue when cloudy, overcast (8) CONFOUND {C}{ON}{FOUND}
24 Pest is found in shade (8) NUISANCE {NU{IS}ANCE}
25 Wife has it in her to look extra bright (6) WHITER {W}{H{IT}ER}
26 Maybe counterfeits, not sure they are colourful (8) CONFETTI {COuNTerFEITs}*
27 Issue about river will remain for a while (4,2) STAY ON {S{TAY} ON}

1   Tracking the bloated core in one direction is extremely foolish (8) WACKIEST {trACKIng} in {WEST}
2   Rare metal instrument — one inserted in stomach (8) LUTETIUM {LUTE}{T{1}UM}
3   “Nothing new in fashion release", they say in South Africa (6,4,5) ORANGE FREE STATE {O}{RA{N}GE} {FREE} {STATE}
5   Way to lose energy, leads to debacle (4) ROUT ROUTe
6   Going ahead of that port, just like that! (2,3,4,2,1,3) AT THE DROP OF A HAT {AHEAD+OF+THAT+PORT}*
7   Cheer operator for taking Sunday off (4,2) URGE ON sURGEON
8   Set up in a recent rape case (6) ENTRAP [T]
11 Order male escort (7) MANDATE {MAN}{DATE}
14 Transport — pick me up, trouble follows (7) CHARIOT CHA{RIOT} CHA/Pick me up? See comments
16 In sturdy condition for hard work (8) INDUSTRY*
17 Free press follows Government frame work (8) GRIDIRON {G}{RID}{IRON}
19 Can go about promoting a drink (6) COGNAC {CAN+GO+C}* (Correction - {CAN}{GO}{C}<= - See comments)
20 See, nothing rises, only the cream (6) LOTION {LO}{NO IT<=} What's the role of 'only the'?
23 Go for a bit of Jazz (4) SCAT [DD]



  1. 18AC: I think it is charade.
    A = Letter
    Batman = Opener

  2. ..or a life saver as it is sometimes called

  3. Sorry to go off topic..

    Yesterday,Magnus Carlsen has retained the title of the World Chess Champion as you would, no doubt, have noted was higlighted in my puzzle published in this blog on 20th November at

    1. Congratulations for predicting the tie break winner- heart stopper?

  4. 20D- The? Does it refer to 'It'?

    1. Nothing =no thing = no it. Anyway the appears after raises

    2. Ah, my replies go late today. the browser is creating trouble, I guess.

  5. Nice one from Arden..esp the letter opener clue isnt it ? :) in 1d.. what is the role of "bloated" core of tracking is "acki" anyway right? or is it to indicate not just the center two letters??

    1. Just the core is CK if you expand(bloat) it you get ACKI

  6. 19 Can go about promoting a drink (6) COGNAC {CAN+GO+C}*

    Cognac <<

  7. 14 Transport — pick me up, trouble follows (7) CHARIOT CHA{RIOT} CHA/Pick me up?

    CHA = Tea = "pick me up" = a tonic or restorative, esp a special drink taken as a stimulant

    1. You take cha, I am OK with cognac

    2. It is not a dosage that should be taken at prescribed times!

    3. Oops I forgot that I am a TT now :)

    4. Forgetfulness among TTs is forgiveable

  8. This is the season of being a TT temporarily.

  9. Wow!What a puzzle.Just loved it.