Tuesday, 6 December 2016

No 11870, Tuesday 06 Dec 2016, Arden

1   Silly of them, latch on to a minister? (3,2,3,5) MAN OF THE CLOTH*
10 Guess there's no pressure on the bull (5) EDICT prEDICT
11 Home study gets true agreement (9) INDENTURE {IN}{DEN}{TRUE*}
12 Tried the German food (9) PROVENDER {PROVEN}{DER}
13 The Spanish deficit goes against growth (5) ELDER {EL}{RED<=}
14 Initially cast in two films, will choose once more (7) REELECT {REEL}{E{Cast}T}
16 Watch turnover involving our stock exchange (7) OBSERVE {BSE} in {OVER}*
18 Graeme Anderson's got to go all round the place (7) MEANDER [T]
20 Extremely simple to move in a waistcoat... (7) NAIVEST {IN+A}*{VEST}
22 ...under, lower, high? (5) NEATH {NEAT}{H}
24 Battle scene once more – not a residence (9) AGINCOURT {AGaIN}{COURT}
26 Countryman briefly enters another country (9) AUSTRALIA {AL} in {AUSTRIA}
27 Presentation – usher Mussolini out (5) INTRO INTROduce
28 Company has an edge in record – it's difficult for the investigator (13) CRIMINOLOGIST {C{RIM}{IN}O}{LOG}{ITS}*

2   Essentially trading – sit and become fat (7) ADIPOSE {trADIng}{POSE}
3   Two overs to restrict those people – getting better (2,3,4) ON THE MEND {ON} {THE M}{END} Anno pending - See comments
4   Go up, move fast, arrest Italian criminal gang (5) TRIAD {I} in {DART<=}
5   Outdone by weird kind of comforter (9) EIDERDOWN {DONE+WIERD}*
6   Dive last time after a breather (5) LUNGE {LUNG}{timE}
7   Hundred not out! Don goes – clap (7) THUNDER {HUNDREd+noT}*
8   Paint like crazy, given to mood swings (13) TEMPERAMENTAL {TEMPERA}{MENTAL}
9   Response as Charlie goes around the far east – a change in direction (13) REORIENTATION {ORIENT} in {REAcTION}
15 Sailor boy chosen to keep things dry (9) TARPAULIN {TAR}{PAUL}{IN}
17 Changing troll over one carrying a broom (9) SWITCHING {S{WITCH}ING}
19 Perhaps same as Rupee he collects (7) AMASSER {SAME+AS+R}*
21 Corresponds to half the shares – a reversal (7) EQUATES {EQUity}{A}{SET<=} Reversal = Setback
23 Women in Jeddah are made to stay indoors here (5) HAREM [T] &lit
25 To sum it up, finally clipped the wings (2,3) IN ALL fINALLy



  1. 3 Two overs to restrict those people – getting better (2,3,4) ON THE MEND

    {ON} {THE M}{END}
    ON: over [above]
    END: over [concluded]

  2. +1 Sandhyaji.
    Thanks Arden for some good ones.

  3. Nice puzzle & an equally nice blog..I was struggling for some annos like 21D..Thanks Arden & Col

  4. TN in mourning as CM passes away. May her soul Rest in Peace.
    Nice CW- came out fast except a few annos, cleared thanks to blog.

  5. Two overs nicely done by SP. not misled by the obvious cricket term.

  6. I loved the 13 letters cluing as only Arden can do !

    Everyone in mourning mode ? Why only 7 comments on such a clever and classy cluing ?

  7. 26A I think, is annotated with the first 'country' as the definition.