Friday 23 December 2016

No 11885, Friday 23 Dec 2016, Gridman

1   Being senior to father, I would receive much (8) OVERPAID {OVER}{PA}{I'D}
5   Early in the morning almost broke into a bit of poetry (6) IAMBUS {1 AM}{BUSt}
9   "___ ___, the centre of my sinful earth" (Shakespeare) (4,4) POOR SOUL [GK]
10 Fellow with more ancient case (6) FOLDER {F}{OLDER}
12 Rescue command some beginning to hail (4) SAVE {Some}{AVE}
13 Notice aura issuing out of plane navigation (10) AERONAUTIC*
15 Taking on without notice is an alternative (6) OPTION adOPTION
17 Message the cinema ill-advisedly put out (5) EMAIL [T]
20 Cab doesn't start without maiden – that's taken for granted (5) AXIOM {tAXI}{O}{M}
21 Strike outdaughter chose not to accept CD (6) DELETE {D}{ELEcTEd}
24 Literary assistant is a fellow with uses in working order (10) AMANUENSIS {A}{MAN}{USES+IN}*
27 German wife's deceit falls short (4) FRAU FRAUd
29 21 initially complaining lance's broken (6) CANCEL {Co...g}{LANCE}*
30 Remarks old boy starts a volley (8) OBSERVES {OB}{SERVES}
31 Autographed and gestured everybody to leave (6) SIGNED SIGNallED
32 Lots of secreted stuff former girlfriends take out heartily (8) EXUDATES {oUt} in {EX}{DATES}

1   Stand against operation on model (6) OPPOSE {OP}{POSE}
2   Woman takes a little book to develop (6) EVOLVE {E{VOL}VE}
3   Put up sentry's station (4) POST [DD]
4   Intercourse disorderly rector ignored, being otherwise engaged (2,3) IN USE INtercoUrSE
6   Gypsy people follow a sweet smell (5) AROMA {A}{ROMA}
7   Deb's date changed furniture for sleeping (8) BEDSTEAD*
8   Rigorously cagey, having swallowed a near-ploy by Tamil leader (8) STRICTLY {S{TRICk}{Tamil}LY}
11 American university cut tree (6) CORNEL CORNELl
14 Unwanted messages bring up charts (4) SPAM <=
16 Order set right (6) INDENT [DD]
17 Consumes salami and pastrami, e.g., without a dash of mayonnaise (4) EATS mEATS
18 Adjusts bank figures (8) BALANCES [DD]
19 Encounter a problem as a thing falls (3,1,4) HIT A SNAG*
22 Credit a girl model for fancy neckwear (6) CRAVAT {CR}{AVA}{T}
23 Care-givers lose head getting President’s top prize amounts (6) PURSES (-n+p)PURSES
25 You finally seem to be pliable: "I can assist" (3,2) USE ME (yoU}{SEEM}*
26 One new seating area from where to clear papers (2-3) IN-BOX {1}{N}-{BOX}
28 Sailor's first objective's to ship out (4) SEND {Sa...r}{END}



  1. I didn't attempt to fill 9AC!
    I didn't sove 11DN either!
    I felt both are GK.

    American University never heard before and Shakespeare is not my cup of tea!

  2. Across, Down and Away.
    Santa Claus has commissioned a Christmas Special CW, the same will be posted on this blog at 9:30 AM tomorrow.

    1. Yipee!unfortunately i wouldnt be able to solve as its a working day tomorrow for us..maybe shall cold solve my quota of 3..

  3. This is a classic puzzle with a modern theme(computer & computer related terms)..all clue types including one quotation..thanks Gridman

  4. Col:need to highlight the theme words

  5. Thanks for catching the theme! Of course, I planned and set it. But, believe me, when I was re-checking this puz yesterday prior to publication, the theme didn't come to my mind. When you look at the whole, you miss the finer point. When you keep looking at the finer point, the whole is outside of your ken.

  6. A nice start for the season from Gridman- enjoyable as usual. Thank you. I too missed the theme, but after mention it sticks out!
    a small correction in 8D-L is left out.
    I think it is 'sly' for cagey, right? We take only T from Tamil or Tamizh ,as it is pronounced.
    I stumbled into the Shakespeare answer with the help of crossings ( not my cup either)

    1. Ah, computer basics taught easy by Gridman!
      Thanks GM for this session. Look forward to tougher tutorials on the subject.

    2. KKR,
      Cornell is one of the top universities in U.S. and well known.