Saturday, 17 December 2016

No 11880, Saturday 17 Dec 2016, Afterdark

1 Over in Singapore, engineer makes a puppet (6) STOOGE {S{TOO}G}{E}
4 Longing for China to collapse on force (6) ACHING {CHINA}*{G}
9 Time over; release (4)  EMIT {TIME}<=
10 In travel, carry a container for hunger (10) MOTIVATION {MOT{I}{VAT}ION}
11 Go for a walk on road, then run (6) STROLL {ST}{ROLL}
12 Salt takes prostitute's fee (8) TARTRATE {TART}{RATE}
13 Dances with lover with daughter composing a song (9) FANDANGOS {FAN}{D}{A SONG*}

15 Reportedly you left friend for a fowl (5) BIDDY {B(-u+I}DDY}
16 Boor seen at southern port (5) SWINE {S}{WINE}
18 Notes for masonry (9) STONEWORK Rev anag of {NOTES}
22 Break at 11.51, player's break in the middle (8) SIDELINE {SIDE}{LI}{N}{brEak}
23 Japanese emperor married on a weekend, held a party (6) MIKADO {M}{I}{weeK}{A}{DO}
25 Frauds give false promises to suppress trade union (10) IMPOSTURES {PROMISES}* around {TU}
26 Cross over to exit (4) DOOR {ROOD<=}
27 Settled on road during exigency (6)  NESTED {NE{ST}ED}
28 Take off when caught at border (6) ASCEND {AS}{C}{END}

1 Art, amusement stores around an island (7) SUMATRA (T<=)
2 Somehow understood, nerds fly off to excel (5) OUTDO {UNDERSTOOD-NERDS}*
3 Orchestra's strategy is to avoid piano (7) GAMELAN {GAMEpLAN}
5 Secret believer has no name (6) COVERT {COnVERT}
6 Discussion on contest held in winter week later (9) INTERVIEW {(-w)INTER{VIE}(+W)}
7 Rejoiced in lodge building with a model (7) GLOATED {LODGE+A+T}*
8 Latest condition of model's heart... (5,2,3,3) STATE OF THE ART {STATE} {OF} {T}{HE ART}
14 ...primarily dicey and surgeon's report is critical (9) DANGEROUS {Dicey}{And}{SURGEON}*
17 American poet exposes wife's murderer (7) WHITMAN {W}{HITMAN}
19 Somehow made sense to eliminate Bill and opponents (7) NEMESES {{MADE SENSE}-{AD}}*
20 Communist party on return arrested warrant officer in a Californian city (7) REDWOOD {RED}{WO}{DO<=}
21 Selection of skirt, leggings and woman's dress (6) KIRTLE (T)

24 Pull ruler near line (5) KEDGE {K}{EDGE}


  1. I have a crib with 1D. Else good

    1. Yes, stores is odd. Should be some other word indicating reversal like back etc. would have been better.I was actually trying to fit an island in the middle of the word, taking around as the indicator.

    2. I don't see any problem with indicators but it's not hidden completely.

    3. Why hidden? It is a reversal.

    4. Stores supposed to be telescopic indicator and around reversal ind here

    5. The problem is not stores. It is an open-ended telescopic. That is not good convention

    6. 'Stores' means it's embedded, so how can we it open ended?

    7. There are no letters before the last A of Sumatra. That is the problem. A telescopic clue should normally have the answer beginning and ending somewhere in the middle and not at the beginning or end of the fodder.

    8. If instead of Art the word had been pop-art or some such word it would be okay.

    9. That's what I meant (that we can't leave it open ended)

    10. Oh, Ok. I was wondering what that typo was intended to be

  2. Q on 14a.. is report supposed to be the anagram indicator??

    1. Port in computer terminology is to transform a program such that it can run on another system. Report can be taken as port again. So report as anag ind seems fine.

  3. Reportedly you gives U. Replacement of U with I (from a?)

    1. A = one = I is indirect IMO and we have 3 instances of that usage. What's the role of in in 10A?

  4. Even with all the supposed problems cited above, I enjoyed this.Liked in particular state of the art, stonework,sideline..
    Thanks AD.