Friday, 2 December 2016

No 11867, Friday 02 Dec 2016, Arden

1   Hatch back cross-section (8) TRAPDOOR {ROOD}{PART}<=
5   Part of sales made, reverts to the young lady (6) DAMSEL [T<=]
10 Knowing the history – a feature of Republic Day parade (7) FLYPAST {FLY}{PAST}
11 One nabs it anyway, don't go (7) ABSTAIN {1+NABS+IT}*
12 Woman that took off clothes in American city (5) OMAHA {wOMAn}{tHAt}
13 Attack not correct to allow endless mirth (9) ONSLAUGHT {LAUGHs} in {NOT}* S from? (Addendum - {lesS}{LAUGH} in {NOT}* - See comments)
14 Record soon broken, and others return feeling sad (12) DISCONSOLATE {DISC}{SOON*}{ET AL<=}
18 Salesman hating his work (12) REPRESENTING {REP}{RESENTING}Semi&lit
21 The boy by the way, went out with a PM once (9) GLADSTONE {LAD}{ST} in {GONE}
23 Leapt out of receptacle to look around (5) RECCE {RECeptaClE}*
24 Collecting rent could be toil in the capital (7) TRIPOLI {RIP} in {TOIL}*
25 Hired girl, taken in and shown the place (7) USHERED {US{HER}ED}
26 Return fire, cop becomes a lump (6) NUGGET {GUN<=}{GET}
27 Avoiding exercise (8) SKIPPING [DD]

1   Strangely felt no stickiness with it (6) TEFLON* &lit
2   However, one's gone across the city (6) ANYWAY {A{NY}WAY}
3   Reject prize – painter's limit (4,1,4) DRAW A LINE {AWARD <=}{LINE}
4   "Use scissor, lose toe" is a complaint (14) OSTEOSCLEROSIS*
6   Clueless as tea is poured (2,3) AT SEA*
7   Hair cut after criminal hangs for kidnap (8) SHANGHAI {HANGS*}{HAIr}
8   Boy and girl later stretch out (8) LENGTHEN {LEN}{G}{THEN}
9   Not taking responsibility as currency is changing hands (7,3,4) PASSING THE BUCK [DD]
15 How sniper gets the title? (9) OWNERSHIP*
16 Drive away, say as rain in the bog (8) FRIGHTEN {RIGHT} in {FEN}
17 Spreading – Carol's got to take part (8) SPLAYING {S{PLAY}ING}
19 Initially one computes true rate of interest for tax (6) OCTROI Acrostic
20 A day goes terribly for a sailor (6) SEADOG {A+D+GOES}*
22 Talked about one under stress (5) SPOKE [DD]



  1. Nice puzzle. Easier than yesterday. It was an enjoyble solve. Thanks Arden. :)

  2. Thank you Arden for the enjoyable flypast.
    Learned about 'Shanghaied' recently and was able to get it though I had to check carol as a verb.
    Very nice deletion from the receptacle in 23A.
    Currency changing hands assumes a different significance these days!

  3. 5Ac : Anno : Typo : reversal ind please.

  4. Woke up early to a foggy day up here in North.Nice puzzle despite the missing s in 13A.
    Thanks Arden

  5. An easy one from Arden, strangely!
    13AC could not parse yet

  6. Did he mean S moving up in 'Laughs'? But endless does not indicate it.

  7. 25A-Getting 'Her' from woman/ girl poses problems for me, though CV explained it once with a usage.

    1. Getting 'her' is not a problem Paddy, the problems start after getting her!

    2. Point taken, Ranger. But then it is rather late now!

    3. Where there's a will, there's a way! ;-)

    4. Aamam MB, you will have to write everything for her in your 'will' 😀