Thursday, 8 December 2016

No 11872, Thursday 08 Dec 2016, Incognito

8   Wish that man has small operation (4) HOPE {H{OP}E}
9   Princess's hot in Indian dress (5) DHOTI {D{HOT}I}
10 Kiss priest before commencement of Eucharist with Catholic king (4) PECK {Pr...t}{Eu...t}{C}{K}
11 American Depository Receipt has zero income tax – that is ingenious (6) ADROIT {ADR}{O}{IT}
12 – in relation to 1728 (4,4) CUBE ROOT Definition by example
13 Become Jerome Silberman and bemuse (8) BEWILDER {BE}{WILDER}
15 Curie's bizarre journey at sea (6) CRUISE*
17 Ox of large size found around the Line of Control (7) BULLOCK {BUL{LOC}K}
19 Second hand vehicle made with US cedar (4-3) USED-CAR*
22 Maiden danced to city with The Gates' Mansion (6) MEDINA*
24 Indian fires and irritates (8) INFLAMES {IN}{FLAMES}
26 Scrawl: "Crush blackberries after throwing away broken rake" (8) SCRIBBLE BLaCkBerRIES*
28 A couple of sailors make some sauce (6) TARTAR {TAR}{TAR}
30 Nude changed sides leaving package (4) BALE BA(-r+l)LE
31 Sloop goes around – goes around in circles (5) LOOPS*
32 Primarily contraption accommodating gorillas etc. (4) CAGE Acrostic &lit

1   Cross river hiding gold in female's dress initially (4) FORD {Fe...e}{OR}{Dr..s}
2   Monument built by me using technique and Gulf money (8) MEMORIAL {ME}{MO}{RIAL}
3   Journalists with oomph prepared material for publication (6) EDITED {ED}{IT}{ED}
4   Study a scientific institution and worry (7) CONCERN {CON}{CERN}
5   Ask if NBC harmed whales (8) FINBACKS*
6   Copy royal copper and get immediate, intuitive insight (6) APERCU {APE}{R}{CU}
7   Sound return before foxtrot (4) ECHO E comes before F
14 Escape from duel rescheduled before start of Easter (5) ELUDE {DUEL}*{Ea...r}
16 Excuse slender substitute (5) SPARE [MD]
18 Priest enters empty chapel yard displaying bad temper (8) CRABBILY {Cha{RABBI}peL}{Y}
20 Transvestite ethnic group's hot rod contest (4,4) DRAG RACE {DRAG} {RACE}
21 Get rid of animal – it is used for browsing (7) FIREFOX {FIRE}{FOX}
23 Setter gets up for flowers (6) IRISES {I}{RISES}
25 Obsession of alien inhabiting marine creature (6) FETISH {F{ET}ISH}
27 Talk of French building without French water (4) CHAT CHATeau
29 Gargoyles have a mythical boat (4) ARGO [T]


  1. Arden continues to rule the roost in the online version, leaving Neyartha (yesterday) and Incognito (today) really as incognitos!

  2. Belated Birthday wishes KKR. saw it only this morning. Many happy returns of the day.
    Yes, I also noticed Arden's name being etched on the TH online version.
    Nice one as usual from Incognito, thank you. It was almost confirmed after I did 8A & 1D and fully confirmed after I did 12 cubed!

  3. Loved the broken rake & the nude change.
    Thank you Col. about the tartar sauce down under- I was wondering about it.

  4. Parsing of 'echo' still not clear to me- E comes before F?

  5. There's a theme. Has anyone identified it?

  6. Replies
    1. Now it is my turn Paddy. Happy Birthday!!!

    2. Thank you Col., Kishore & KKR( on time unlike me)
      Offshoot of Facebook.

  7. Theme is Hollywood stars :
    Bale, Peck, Ford, Hope, Bullock, Cruise,Cage

  8. Many Happy Returns Of The Day Paddy

  9. Enjoyable fare from Incognito..Loved cube root & Bewilder..could recognise Gregory Peck, Tom Cruise & Sandra recognised by SM(rare vistor here but her clues in 1A are very good)
    Thanks Incognito

    1. Second Vasant's comments regarding SM's clues

  10. Belated birthday wishes KKR Sir :)

    Paddy sir, happy birthday :)

  11. Happy birthday to two of our stalwarts .. KKR and Paddy .. wishes for a most wonderful year ahead...

    1. This comment has been removed by the author.

    2. Thanks Mrs. Srividya,
      I deny the charge!
      I think the word stalwarts will not apply for crossword sovers. Wordplay can make even an ace solver searching for solution for minutes to hours.

  12. Thank you LV & Srividya.
    One small correction, however. I am far from a stalwart. At best, I may be called a regular, no more.

  13. Happy birthday Paddy and KKR

  14. Happy Birthday Paddy ! Pad, Pad, Pad along for many more years !!!God bless you !