Friday, 16 December 2016

No 11879, Friday 16 Dec 2016, xChequer

7   Shed in swamp (6) SLOUGH [DD]
8   Risk of cook poaching duck egg in order to get a thrill (3,5) FOR KICKS {CK} in {RISK+OF}* Anno for CK not clear (Addendum - {RISK+OF+CooK}* - See comments)
9   Corrupting element condemned extremely bold appeal (3,5) BAD APPLE {BolD+APPEAL}*
10 Lament transferred role (6) MANTLE*
11 Union members shutting shop in anger (5) WRATH {W}{RAT}{H} Anno pending - See comments
12 New plan is to retreat like a monkey (6) SIMIAN {N}{AIM}{IS} <=
14 Frozen to doorpost, teeth chattering (6,2,3,4) ROOTED TO THE SPOT*
17 Roughly handled a slipper covered with diamonds (6) MAULED {M{A}ULE}{D}
18 Tremor alarms ringing, meaning … (5) MORAL [T]
22 … counsel wife in bed (6) LAWYER {LA{W}YER}
23 Tend to get rash, with virtue occasionally falling prey to change (8) ERUPTIVE {VIRTUE+PrEy}*
24 Walker showing way with a wave (8) STROLLER {ST}{ROLLER}
25 Turn at bowling for skipper? (6) TRUANT*

1   Essentially place no more contaminated? (5,4) CLEAN ROOM {pLACe+NO+MORE}* &lit
2   Sport perhaps, where dog collects article (6) MUTANT {MUT{AN}T}
3   Son having joint at school gets sent out (5) SHIPS {S}{HIP}{S}
4   Bottom pinched in grope, quite tacky (8) FRUMPISH {F{RUMP}ISH}
5   Proceeds in public wearing arms (8) WINNINGS {W{INN}INGS}
6   Section indisposed to control limit in bank facility (5) SKILL {S}{banK}{ILL}
8   Rocket seen, for alien, a signal (4,2,4,3) FLEA IN ONES EAR*
13 Small pastry dish, value not very high (3-2-4) VOL-AU-VENT*
15 British soldier climbing hill? Absolute nonsense (8) TOMMYROT {TOMMY}{TOR<=}
16 Peculiar part of amusing paradiddle perhaps (4,4) DRUM ROLL {RUM} in {DROLL}
19 Production in public place (6) OUTPUT {OUT}{PUT}
20 Used to be terrible, heartlessly delivering blow (5) WASTE {WAS}{Te...lE}
21 Relish having son in tow, over and over again (5) GUSTO {GU{S}T<=}{O}



  1. 11AC Union members : Husband and Wife H and W

  2. 8 A Risk of cook poaching duck egg in order to get a thrill (3,5) FOR KICKS

    {RISK OF COOK}* - O,O (duck, egg)

  3. Badly mauled by exchequer today...couldnt get vol au vent, frumpish & for kicks....high level puzzle that was a treat as well as instructive..

  4. Happy Birthday, Deepak. May there be many more.

  5. FB says Col's bday is on Sunday

  6. Thanks for the greetings. Vasant is right in a way. On paper officially my birthday is on 18th whereas the actual date is 16th. Since my younger son was born on 16th VB the celebrations take place on 16th

    1. Double celebrations!
      Many Happy Returns Of The Day to you & your son..Have a Wonderful Life

    2. Col & progeny: many Happy SNRUTER of the day. No confusion in the retirement age a -la- Sinha in your case I s'pose?
      God bless you and your son !

      Exchequer continues to beguile like a FLEA IN ONE'S EAR ! No 9 across at all in this basket .

  7. Belated Birthday Wishes, Col. and Many Happy returns of the day. May your service to the CW enthusiasists continue forever.
    Welcome to the December club. It seems we have quite a few.

  8. Wish you a very Happy Birthday, Deepak