Saturday, 24 December 2016

No 11886, Saturday 24 Dec 2016, Gridman

1  Fouls in race by dishonest society scrubbers (5,6) FALSE STARTS {FALSE} {S}{TARTS} Scrubber/Tart ?
9   Asafoetida ruled out – it's goose egg (7) NOTHING {NOT}{HING}
10 Is inclined to be in church to purify (7) CLEANSE {C{LEANS}E}
11 Gosh! These dismissed the fliers (5) GEESE {GEE}{theSE}
12 Sing about each district magistrate being routine (9) TREADMILL {TR{EA}{DM}ILL}
13 Croat resettles in south Indian city (5) ARCOT*
15 Bygone Beatles classic (9) YESTERDAY [DD]

18 Inset: Huns in makeshift shelter (6,3) NISSEN HUT* Our first house after marriage was in one of these!
21 South African rodent, playing hard to get, turns up (5) COYPU {COY}{UP<=}
22 Protester to turn down relatives coming back (9) REFUSENIK {REFUSE}{KIN<=}
24 Regretful feeling over road crash (5) PRANG {P{R}ANG}
26 Create crop (7) PRODUCE [DD]
27 Fighter intended to announce suffering (7) ALIMENT {ALI}{MENT}(~ meant) I think Gridman has made a mistake in the definition
28 Items strewn about Parliament (11) WESTMINSTER*

1  Excellent! Nearly excellent to have one quality that's desirable in a photograph (4-5) FINE-GRAIN {FINE}-{GRA{1}Nd}
2  Loiter around losing nothing out of liquid measure (5) LITRE LoITER*
3  Mostly spectacular, Union Government's focal point (9) EPICENTRE {EPIc}{CENTRE}
4  Drunk lay disheartened in a constricting way (7) TIGHTLY {TIGHT}{LaY}
5  Insects not originating affliction (7) RICKETS cRICKETS
6  Son and daughter besiege writer while away (5) SPEND {S}{PEN}{D}
7  Limitless puns please in a cruel manner (8) UNKINDLY {pUNs}{KINDLY}
8  Cad's command to dog (4) HEEL [DD]
14 Is this money always on the move, coming and going? (8) CASHFLOW [CD] Seems to have hit a roadblock in India nowadays!
16 Expect different leader coming up as special case (9) EXCEPTION {EXPECT}*{NO 1<=}
17 Solver, hoodlum's leaving Georgia as juvenile (9) YOUNGSTER {YOU}{gaNGSTER}*
19 Vandals remove top of fortifications and get hard (7) HUNKERS (-b+h)HUNKERS
20 Set one's sights and capture top-class military leader (4,3) TAKE AIM {TAKE} {A1}{Mi...y}
22 Revolutionary leader, on a target, is engrossed (4) RAPT {Re...y}{APT}
23 Native American wife's endless protest (5) SQUAW SQUAWk
25 Hail red Ford and Dodge (5) AVERT {AVE}{R}{T}



  1. Christmas special at 9:30 today.

    There will be no special tomorrow in view of the IXL Finals

    1. Best wishes to Ramki,Srividya & Ramesh and all other participants..may the best one win.

  2. +1for 27A..otherwise an entertaining puzzle this 11 letter grid from Gridman...
    Looking forward to Santa at 9.30

  3. 1 Fouls in race by dishonest society scrubbers (5,6) FALSE STARTS {FALSE} {S}{TARTS}

    Scrubber/Tart? - British & Australian slang (TFD)

  4. Apols to the goof-up. Escaped repeated checking.

  5. Except 27A, things are fine.
    Didn't try 23DN.
    For 14DN, depends upon the type of money. If it is black, it is barraged. Otherwise, it flows.

  6. Doubt about 19D-
    Hunkers link leads to the meaning as those who crouch, but vandal is one who destroys things. Am I missing something?
    Smooth going today, except this & squaw.

  7. Should it have been vendors instead of vandals..Gridman can clarify
    For squaw..i have a crossword dictionary that is very useful..under the heading of native american is listed various items related to native american alphabetically..wife is listed too..

  8. On line dic. or a book? If it is an on line one, I would be thankful for a link.