Wednesday, 7 December 2016

No 11871, Wednesday 07 Dec 2016, Neyartha

It's tennis again

7   Gear, spoilt after immersion in oils, returned to the harem (8) SERAGLIO {GEAR}* in {OILS<=}
9   Handsome young man with a number to get rid of trouble in the game (6) TENNIS {TEN}{adoNIS} As per the clue this becomes {adoNIS}{TEN}
10 Cue redcoat broadcast in getting readied for battle in the US (10) ACCOUTERED*
11 Such a customer could be difficult to deal with (4) UGLY [CD]
12 Reportedly require early closing of a joint (4) KNEE (~ need)
13 Rusticate and dispatch the soft fine feathers (4,4) SEND DOWN {SEND} {DOWN}
16 Stiff and coarse fabric from a gymnastic horse and an adult male sheep (7) BUCKRAM {BUCK}{RAM}
18 Blunt British leader participating in the launches has been sent back (7) STUBBED {Br...h} in {DEBUTS<=}
20 Cook, aggressive, abandons ship to cause pain (8) AGGRIEVE AGGREssIVE*
21 Bad mood's a result of the letters from the Mosul Kurds (4) SULK [T]
23 Pirate's card game (4) CRIB [DD]
24 Avail offer to break up the romance (4,6) LOVE AFFAIR*
25 Noise from a sports implement on the radio (6) RACKET (~racquet)
26 Centre's arrangement to secure Ohio is logical (8) COHERENT {OH} in {CENTRE}*

1   Tied score? Come to the conclusion that one of the Democrats needs to escape (5) DEUCE DEdUCE
2   Hard to get under an ark? Nab kangaroo adapted to the region in Azerbaijan (7-8) NAGORONO-KARABAKH {ARK+NAB+KANGAROO}*{H}Would never have got this without Google
3   Traps avoided by the locals? (7) TOURIST [CD]
4   Time to trade places with the son after clean up to get a large-headed nail (4) STUD {DUS<=>T}<=
5   Funnel-shaped uniform bin? Fluid has messed it up (15) INFUNDIBULIFORMGoogle to the rescue again
6   Slicker catching sound of a bovine that is more gracile (9) WILLOWIER {LOW}in {WILIER}
8   Beverage found in a shallow dish with the edges removed (5) LATTE pLATTEr
14 Revolutionary X's trap? (3) NET <=
15 Boor from Rhode Island supports university student over Georgia breaking into a camper (9) VULGARIAN {U}{L}{GA}{RI} in {VAN}
17 Expert's bracelet concealed (3) ACE [T]
19 Work of the bridge opponents supported by the king facing evil (7) SERVICE {SE}{R}{VICE}
21 Cut the student out for the maiden's success (5) SMASH S(-l+m)MASH
22 Well-wisher gets rid of the castle's evil spirit (5) FIEND FrIEND
24 Departed behind schedule (4) LATE [DD]


  1. I am with you Col.
    I thoroughly hated 2D/5D. Ha ha!

  2. +1
    No point in having words like 2D & 5D. Even if comes up in another CW, you still have to google them.
    TH Online version credits the CW to Arden.

    1. I solved the entire puzzle thinking the clues looked odd for an Arden puzzle

  3. Col. 25A- Racket also part of the theme.
    BTW, does it need 'On the radio'. Both Racket & racquet are used for the bat.

  4. As pointed out by Col..required Google to prise out the two long ones...found the puzzle quite tough..Neyartha back to his old ways testing us on Geography..GK & with a theme to

    1. Yes, Vasant. The grid was tough and remained clueless till the 15-lettered ones were googled. After that, I didn't remember them and completed the remaining ones easily.

    2. I really wonder whether we all know the constituents of CIS, leave alone 2D! Ha ha!!

  5. Black December for TN & India.
    Cho is no more.

    1. Yes, Cho was one of the best writers. As an actor too, I like his accent. I liked his role in Kaadhalaa Kaadhalaa

  6. An impartial and bold writer. Had a unique style of presentation, whether they were articles or cartoons in Thuglak. His crticisms were so real and impersonal that most of his victims were so friendly with him.

  7. KKR Sir: Many Happy Returns Of The Day.

  8. Many happy snruter of the day: KKR> God bless with a long and healthy life to be able to do more crosswords.

    Why do you ''hate'' words? They're our friends here. More new ones ; more research; more knowledge- albeit academic.

    I love words and wordplays !

  9. KKR : I'm sure you love the word CRUCIVERBALIST ?

    1. Thanks Raju.
      Hope you are enjoying your stay.
      Yes, I love all the words but not those which just help in filling the gaps.