Thursday 22 December 2016

No 11884, Thursday 22 Dec 2016, Scintillator

1  It's a small distance, mum! (6) MICRON {mum} See comments
4  Crimes in the US reported from guards (8) OFFENSES {~ of fences}
9  Makes a case against supporters (6) FRAMES [DD]
10 All clips destroyed in part of gate (4-4) CLAP-SILL*
12 Remote chance of a sixer? (4,4) LONG SHOT [DD]
13 Groom's house talk picked up frequently with hesitation (6) OSTLER {hOuSe+TaLk}{ER}
15 Wheel's part, say (4) ROLL (~role) I still have one lying around!
16 Level urban ground's exposed to danger (10) VULNERABLE*
19 Field with fruit for marsupial (10) PADDYMELON {PADDY}{MELON}
20 Mistake to forget saucing cooked dish (4) GUAC sAUCinG* Cheated for this as it was the only one left
23 One snaps all relations with this (6) CAMERA [CD]
25 Be busy with meet (4,2,2) LIVE UP TO {LIVE} {UP TO}
27 Cross/in-between/hybrid ensuing castration (8) UNSEXING {X} in {ENSUING}*
28 Snake's fury to rise high (6) ASPIRE {ASP}{IRE}
29 Look to tuck into key piece of meat (8) ESCALOPE {ESCA{LO}PE}
30 Readily take excellent PC (6) LAPTOP {LAP}{TOP}

1  Obstinate person's right to include very loud noise suppressor (7) MUFFLER {MU{FF}LE}{R}
2  Failed, and hence student concentrated in US (9) CHANNELED {AND+HENCE+L}*
3  Generous servings – not gross but unworthy the second time (3-3) ONE-USE {gENErOUS}*
5  It could be a short and thin sheet (4) FILM [DD]
6  Exhibition certainly will get publicity (8) EXPOSURE {EXPO}{SURE}
7  Yet it is not moving! (5) STILL [DD]
8   Police novice yearning to overspend (7) SPLURGE {SP}{L}{URGE}
11 Makes a good image from costless utilities (7) FOCUSES FOC{USES}  Anno pending (Addendum - {FOC}{USES} - See comments)
14 No rift possibly can involve one that's committed (2,3,2) IN FOR IT {1} in {NO+RIFT}*
17 Sad? Drown worries essentially in beer – That's the plan! (9) BLUEPRINT {BLUE}{P{worRies}INT}
18 Unknown person sneaking in slyly, dryly...OH, OH! (8) HYDROXYL {X} in {DRYLY+OH}*
19 Get this to understand; see this for entertainment (7) PICTURE [DD]
21 Warring couples become silent (5,2) CLOSE UP*
22 A spire high in ancient Iran (6) PERSIA*
24 Bug bites us in harmony (5) MUSIC {M{US}IC}
26 Break utensils by dropping upside down (4) SNAP <=


  1. 11d foc=free of charge
    1d mum = mu m = micro meter = micron

    1. 1a .. still finding it diff to parse.. mu = micro.. why is m = meter = n?

    2. mu m = micro meter. micron is a synonym for micro meter.

    3. mum! -> silent (as oppose to vociferous) interjection ->um

  2. costless -> free of cost-> FOC

  3. Nice and interesting one. Some setters would have used 28A in 22D.

  4. I too didn't like the dish in 20AC, Col!

  5. Scintillating puzzle..difficult to pick COD..would be a choice between micron & hydroxyl..guac(eek!)was probably forced upon the setter..nice parsing by Ramesh & Prasad(a2z)..
    Thanks Scintillator