Monday, 5 December 2016

No 11869, Monday 05 Dec 2016, Arden

6   Let in while a seat is taken (5) LEASE [T]
7   Prepared pitches, a work of art (8) PASTICHE*
10 Admit it's American drug, nothing missing (5,2) USHER IN {US}{HER oIN}
11 Vessel takes on navy, it's kind of academic (7) DONNISH {D{ON}{N}ISH}
12 Joy all over a Muslim town in the Middle East (7) GALILEE {G{ALI}LEE} Town or Region?
13 Report — King's allowed in the Capital (7) BANGKOK {BANG}{K}{OK}
14 Can telecast row freely (5,6) WATER CLOSET*
19 Not often seen — piece of cheese on toast (7) RAREBIT {RARE}{BIT}
21 Polynesian, not any alien character (7) EPSILON POLyNESIan*
23 Copy twice — no work in bad weather (7) CYCLONE {CopY}{CLONE}
25 In Barcelona, agree to enter store and make some payment (7) DEPOSIT {SI} in {DEPOT}
26 Fancy dress in a dehydrated state (8) ARIDNESS*
27 To percolate, come change hands (5) LEACH (-r+l)LEACH

1   Auditor will expose without fail — banks have liquidity (4,4) CASH FLOW {CA}{SH {FaiL}OW}
2   Nervous, but nice on either side of mountain range (6) NEURAL {NicE}{URAL}
3   In one respect it's known to everyone (4,6) OPEN SECRET*
4   Not new but hired (4) USED [DD]
5   Doctor will go down, takes an hour (6) SHRINK {S{HR}INK}
6   Slouch and one gets into the ear regularly (6) LOUNGE {L(O)U(N)G(E)}
8   Wrongdoing from top to bottom — it's part of the game (7) INNINGS (-s)INNING(+s)S
9   Has about thousand Yen, feeling insecure (5) SHAKY {HAS}*{K}{Y}
13 Doesn't make sense — first born died in the Woods (10) BALDERDASH {B}{ALDER}{D}{ASH}
15 Come to boil wearing a bit of rag (7) TABLOID {BOIL}* in {TAD}
16 Capital is managed with a bit of charm (8) TALISMAN [T]
17 Follow the line (5) TRACK [DD]
18 It's different with new child — you can tell (6) SNITCH {ITS+N}*{CH}
20 Enter online (6) RECORD [DD] (Addendum - {RE}{CORD} - See comments)
22 Graceful Mary prepared maple syrup (6) SUPPLE {maPLE+SyrUP}*
24 Garden allows restricted entry (4) EDEN [T]



  1. Balderdash- ash from? I presume, 'In the woods' leads to alder.
    22D- reverse anagram?

    1. Alder and Ash are types of plants

    2. Thank you Col. Hard to get 2 words out of the woods.

    3. 22D:Compound anagram:Supple+Mary anagrammed(prepared) gives Maple syrup

  2. Very artful in some clues. Thanks Arden
    But didn't understand the role of Barcelona in 25 AC, although answer is known.

  3. 20D: Enter online
    I parsed it as on=Re; Line=cord

  4. Awesome Puzzle!Pure Magic.Just marvelled at the sheer mastery of the wordplay.Arden uses all the tricks to create this.
    Thanks Arden

  5. Nice puzzle. In 3d what is the anagrind? "In"?

    1. I think the clue lacks anagram ind, unless you see "in" as "fashionable", after which stretch it becomes one.