Sunday, 25 December 2016

The Sunday Crossword, Sunday 25 Dec 2016


1   Scan some card involved in method of finding data (6,6) RANDOM ACCESS*
9   Compel prisoners to join procession (9) CONSTRAIN {CONS}{TRAIN}
10 Main artery, part of great road to the west (5) AORTA [T<=]
11 Secretary with variable income (3) PAY {PA}{Y}
12 A eulogy a man arranged for poet (4,7) MAYA ANGELOU*
13 Mediterranean port tests limits of trade (7) TRIESTE {TRIES}{TradE}
15 Before noon I moan, ordered to get cleaning fluid (7) AMMONIA {AM}{I+MOAN}*
17 Worked together in trouble, back with struggling side (7) LIAISED {AIL<=}{SIDE*}
19 Under half of energy used to fill tub (7) BENEATH {B{ENErgy}ATH}
20 Subversive motive in chart (11) TREASONABLE {T{REASON}ABLE}
22 Used to be necessary to know a subject (3) WAS [T]
23 Fine area, quiet one for ruminant (5) OKAPI {OK}{A}{P}{1}
24 Lecture from ruler occupying total broadcast (7-2) TALKING-TO {KING} in {TOTAL}*
25 Failing doctor with desire reflected in notes (7,5) FOLDING MONEY {FOLDING} {MO}{YEN<=}

1   Summary concerning surrender (14) RECAPITULATION {RE}{CAPITULATION}
2   City with character portrayed in Oliver Twist (5) NANCY [DD]
3   Chooses to screen one film for hopeful people (9) OPTIMISTS {1}{MIST} in {OPTS}
4   Break down in twisting lane, say (7) ANALYSE*
5   Hypocrisy at heart of grand choral composition (7) CANTATA {CANT}{AT}{grAnd}
6   Good to follow inclination, having no time for jargon (5) SLANG {SLANt}{G}
7   Larks in a changing nation (3,5) SRI LANKA*
8   Understandable background for scientific study (7,7) NATURAL HISTORY {NATURAL} {HISTORY}
14 Year's aid distributed, presumably (1,4,3) I DARE SAY*
16 Chap raised alarm over minute quirk (9) MANNERISM {MAN}{SIREN<=}{M}
18 Old-fashioned hugs about to be given (7) DONATED {D{ON}ATED}
19 Little left, nothing new, in ancient place (7) BABYLON {BABY}{L}{O}{N}
21 County fielder endlessly on move (5) SLIGO {SLIp}{GO}
22 Vehicle secured with load of silver (5) WAGON {W{AG}ON}



  1. Merry Christmas to all!
    Hope we have fun the whole year with active participation of all commentators here.

  2. Best Wishes not only for a Merry Christmas, but a winning one to all participants for today's Finals, with particular reference to our bloggers. Of course the best will win.

  3. Col.
    Keep us updated. I had to back out at the last minute due to some unforeseen development. All the best to all participants!

  4. Paddy:missed seeing your query about the crossword dictionary.
    It is a American one..but is extremely useful..A-Z Crossword Dictionary compiled by Edy Garcia Schaffer

    1. Thank you Vasant. I will try to get it with the help of my daughter from U.S.

    2. You can get it in Chennai will be available in all leading book stores

    3. Checked out at Amazon. Costs around Rs.500. I am sure it must be worth it- I mean in addition to all stuff available on the net.

    4. I got it for Rs.300 a couple of years back.

  5. Merry Christmas to all !
    All the best to IXL finalists !

  6. Top 6 on stage from the 15 participants
    Arvind Ramaswamy
    Abhay Phadnis
    Jose Abreu
    Vinoo Sanjay

  7. Ramki leading by a mile at the moment

  8. Scores after the two on stage CWs
    Ramki 115
    Arvind 50
    Abhay 45
    Jose 55
    Srividya 40
    Vinoo 60

  9. Ramki has done it again. Congrats to him, he was a winner all the way today

  10. Congrats Ramki for the hat-trick! Great achievement.

  11. Final scores
    RAMKI 135
    Arvind 60
    Abhay 45
    Jose 65
    Srividya 40
    Vinoo 70

  12. Congratulations Ramki on getting a tough hat trick against quality opposition. Col. put it right- he won by miles- more than the combined scores of 2nd & 3rd places! No mean achievement.
    Keep up the good work.

  13. Photographs of the IXL Finals can be seen at the THCC Families blog at the following link IXL-2016 Finals

  14. Col.
    Were Star Performer certificates awarded this year also and souvenir released?