Thursday, 15 December 2016

No.11878, Thursday 15 Dec 2016, xChequer

The hardest part of an xChequer crossword for me is choosing a favourite clue. Today is no different with the customary brilliance of many - MUTINY, MANILA, RICTUS, MISSED THE POST, NOT RIGHT, EWE LAMBS. Thank you. 

7 Micro-mini causing revolt (6) MUTINY [micro=MU + TINY=mini]
8 Unproductive activity, clock golf holing not any different (4,4) MUGS GAME [clock=MUG + Golf inside SAME=not any different]
9 Short comedies being draws (8) SKETCHES [DD]
10 Twists in wide circles (6) WRINGS [Wide + RINGS]
11 Angle needs to be obtuse (5) DENSE [NEEDS]*
12 Imagine wanting a dire sign (6) GEMINI [IMaGINE]*
14 Enter kind of huge building to have surgery (2,5,3,5) GO UNDER THE KNIFE [ENTER KIND OF HUGE]*

17 Subjects ready to return across border (6) THEMES [ready=SET<= outside HEM=border]
18 Reduce a retrospective energy bill (5) ABATE [A + Energy + TAB=bill <=]
22 Obsession to hold liquid capital (6) MANILA [obsession=MANIA outside Liquid]
23 Quick review after meeting finished (4,4) ONCE OVER [after=ONCE + OVER=finished]
24 Ban for joint without parking spot (8) PROHIBIT [for=PRO + joint=HIp + spot=BIT]
25 Snugly sheltered, relaxed king turning normal (6) NESTED [relaxed=RESTED with R=king becoming Normal=N]

1 Fruit menu, so one missing milk shakes (4,5) MUSK MELON [MENU SO MiLK]*

2 Strict, usually maintaining fixed expression (6) RICTUS [Hidden]
3 Tales of winged creatures extinct over years gone past (5) MYTHS [winged creatures=MOTHS with Years for Over]
4 Dessert ingredient in trifle, folded in say, from either side (3-5) EGG-WHITE [trifle=WHIT inside say=EG + GE] 
5 Firing leader can upset police officer at the top (8) IGNITION [police officer=IG + leader=NO.1 + can=TIN<=]
6 Full-blown bug back after one month (5) IMAGO [1 + Month + AGO=back]
8 Letter didn't quite make it, Spooner's irked more than others? (6,3,4) MISSED THE POST [~PISSED THE MOST]
13 Get hope, screaming very loudly inside, contrary to custom (3-3-3) OFF-THE-PEG [very loudly=fortissimo=FF inside GET HOPE*]
15 Wrong number, operator at one end disconnecting fast (3,5) NOT RIGHT [number=NO. + operatoR inside TIGHT=fast]
16 Young sheep casually ambles across wire fencing (3,5) EWE LAMBS [AMBLES* outside WirE]
19 Say top or head of burrowing parasite (6) BLOUSE [Burrowing + LOUSE=parasite]
20 Dog endlessly racing around (5) CAIRN [RACINg]*
21 Track call forwarded (5) SCENT [~SENT=forwarded]


  1. Xchequer is at his usual best. As you said it, these are very good. Thanks for the early morning entertainment!

  2. A bit difficult but very good clues.

  3. Difficult, of course, as is to be expected. Somehow I was able to better today since I got the two long ones in the middle. Still found wanting for a few annos. Cleared thanks to a nice blog by Bhavan. Long since we had him blogging.

    1. Sorry Bhavan, I didn't notice. I thought it was Col, customarily.

  4. Curiously had the same mother's advice in a Dennis the menace cartoon. It says-
    " Margaret would be a terrible doctor! She thinks the way to a man's heart is through his stomach!"

    1. Very happy to find a Dennis fan. My day is incomplete if I don't see at least one Dennis comic strip. He is followed by Pickles.

    2. happy too.Most of us have some common factors like cartoons, PGW etc.

  5. Couldnt agree with Bhavan's byline..super crossword, tough no doubt..struggled for the most part except the two long ones..ya!even the spoonerism went in easily..mugs game was the last one in..
    Thanks Bhavan..nice to see you back blogging..hope this is not a one off case & you will regularly blog

  6. Thanks for standing in Bhavan. Left home at 3 AM to catch a 6 AM flight to Delhi for my 40th year of commissioning celebrations

  7. Have a good time and enjoy the company of old friends and the Delhi fog.
    How long since you retired,Co;.?

  8. (un)fortunately it is a one-off :)

  9. :-)
    Wish you have the time to do it once a week like before.

  10. Excellent by Exchequer ! However, the fun of doing online is taken away by the streaming, skipping, popping of too many ads and at times the screen just hangs ! Hang it all !! Looks like the crossword section must be giving a lot of revenue for the Hindu and hencem, can we be choosers as beggars? Miss the pen on paper experience. Tends invariably to be a MUGS GAME !!