Monday, 26 December 2016

No 11887, Monday 26 Dec 2016, Gridman

1  Sanctimonious and greedy lapping up last drop of sambar (8) PRIGGISH {P{s...aR}IGGISH}
6  Father's old panel (4) DADO {DAD}{O}
9  Officer in an apartment keeping self-sufficient (6) AFLOAT {A}{FL{O}AT}
10 Correspondence arising from a record in a city (7) ANALOGY {A}{N{A}{LOG}Y}
13 That's being simple – lacking meaning in any manner, we hear (9) INNOCENCE (~ in no sense)
14 Police officer with 50 per cent of money around to organise things (3,2) RIG UP {IG} in {RUPees}
15 Expressed regret orally for having been impolite (4) RUDE (~rued)
16 Is cluing it in a different way related to language? (10) LINGUISTIC*
19 Fine chest in part of football ground (7,3) PENALTY BOX {PENALTY} {BOX}
21 Fine radish woman discarded for lady's fingers (4) OKRA {OK}{RAdish}
24 Cards that can be telling, predictably (5) TAROT [CD]
25 Homes were relocated in unspecified place (9) SOMEWHERE*
26 Put up with very big, endless squeeze (7) BEAR HUG {BEAR} {HUGe}

27 Old pottery with the French mix (6) MINGLE {MING}{LE}
28 Animal doesn't complete dash (4) ELAN ELANd
29 Troublesome girl, losing head, flirting lightly (8) ANNOYING {ANN}{tOYING}

2  Whistleblower in Beed regularly got rid of dirty elements (7) REFINED {REF}{IN}{bEeD}
3  Chronic complainer's great cry of pain (6) GROUCH {GR}{OUCH}
4  Means to let daughter go out provided you initially pick up (9) INTENSIFY {INTENdS}{IF}{You}
5  Toss the man on road (5) HEAVE {HE}{AVE}
7  Mingling with doctor overwhelmed by unsettled feeling (7) AMONGST {A{MO}NGST}
8  GO simply came to put together a sporting event (7,5) OLYMPIC GAMES*
11 Fearful of Air Force attack (6) AFRAID {AF}{RAID}
12 Controversial to have protected centre of harems. Scandalous! (12) DISREPUTABLE {haREms} in {DISPUTABLE}
17 Wedding attendant gives neat appearance to fellow (9) GROOMSMAN {GROOMS}{MAN}
18 Big group on church in a big spot (6) BLOTCH {B}{LOT}{CH}
20 Blissful state in which grandmother embraces one former President (7) NIRVANA {1}{RV} in {NANA}
22 King disoriented limner in a Russian citadel (7) KREMLIN {K}{LIMNER*}
23 Twin ends typing beginnings of score (6) TWENTY {TWin}{ENds}{TYping}
25 Black mark leaving out model Greek letter (5) SIGMA StIGMA


  1. For those who missed this yesterday

    Photographs of the IXL Finals can be seen at the THCC Families blog at the following link IXL-2016 Finals

  2. A bitterly cold Mondat morning here warmed by this classic 12 letter Gridman takes long years of practice to write such simple beautiful clues..Thanks Gridman

  3. Had written to Shuchi yesterday wishing her the festive is her reply(thought of sharing as we were all wondering where she was):
    Dear Vasant, Thanks and same to you! All is well, thanks for asking :) Have been living out of suitcases and plane hopping too much in the last few months...haven't found the space to connect with crossword friends. I remember it is IXL finals today. Had just pinged Kishore to convey my good wishes to everyone at the venue. Have a fantastic 2017! - Shuchi

  4. A gentle start to the week! Thanks GM. :)

  5. 2D- a small correction- IN to be as it is (not without I)- Ref (IN)ed

  6. Thank you GM for the enjoyable start for the week.
    20D- Got Nirvana from blissful state and started eliminating and finally arrived at nanny to get the grandmother.
    23D- Nicelyscored!
    21A- Had a smile for the discarded(!) dish.