Monday, 19 December 2016

No 11881, Monday 19 Dec 2016, Afterdark

1   Guy has issue going across one house... (7) MANSION {MAN{S{1}ON}
5   ...plagued with bitterness about one disagreement primarily (7) HAUNTED {HA{UN}TE}{Di...t}
9   For starters, Honeychile Rider joined Bond and had small type of fish (9) CHORDATES {C{Ho...r}ORD}{ATE}{S}
10 Have to take chlorine for lustre (5) ECLAT {E{CL}AT}
11 Note given after cooking samba rice (7) BASMATI {SAMBA}*{TI}
12 Sid returned with Jack to centre of bar to pull apart (7) DISJOIN {SID<=}{J}OIN Anno pending
13 Limits relaxed gestures partly (5) EDGES [T]
15 Learning to understand projection (9) KNOWLEDGE {KNOW}{LEDGE}
17 Uncle suffering with cold without money, managed at the end; settled (9) CONCLUDED {UNCLE+COlD}*{m...eD}
19 Small children at the beginning mock thin person (5) SCRAG {S}{Ch...n}{RAG}
21 Guess on Sunday, American Sweetheart will receive Oscar essentially (7) SUSPECT {S}{US}{PE{osCar}T}
23 Nobelium rays bring forth tetanus frequently; recently come into prominence (7) NOUVEAU {NO}{UV}{tEtAnUs}
25 Marks is zero; contradict endlessly (5) OBELI {O}{BELIe}
26 Perplexed that nobody gets advantage with head of department (9) NONPLUSED {NON{PLUS}E}{De...t}
27 Trees felled in Kuala Lumpur to get a bird (7) KESTREL {K{TREES*}L}
28 Issue application to registered consumer (3,4) END USER {END} {USE}{R}

1   Horrible club; confines a bishop and rabbi (7) MACABRE {MAC{A}{B}{R}E}
2   Alright to prevent boy being sent back to retreats (5) NOOKS {OK} in {SON<=}
3   One new leader instils bit of awareness in us (7) INDIANS {1}{N}DI{Aw,,,s}N Anno not clear
4   Edward gets preference after Minny frequently criticized (9) NITPICKED NI{T{PICK}ED} MINNY frequently is IN. How does it get reversed?
5   Member of Jewish sect gives birth to one daughter (5) HASID {HAS}{1}{D}
6   Device on middle stump, tracking edges, nicks primarily is rejected by league (7) UTENSIL {stUmp}{Tr...g}{Ed..s}{Ni..s}{IS<=}{L}
7   Formidable task to alter construction about God (4,5) TALL ORDER {ALTER}* over {LORD}
8   Journalist returns to camp to primarily ease and relaxing of tension (7) DETENTE {ED<=}{TENT}{Ease}
14 Criminals having empty guns in strange building (9) GANGSTERS {GunS} in {STRANGE}*
16 Order weapons to protect India (9) ORDINANCE {IN} in {ORDNANCE}
17 Caught ship commander stealing a knight's garment (7) CASSOCK {C}{A}{SS}{OC}{K}
18 First Lieutenant's scary, regiment is more suspicious (7) LEERIER {Li...t}{EERIE}{R}
19 A lake overflowing with marine creature that's disgusting (7) SQUALID {SQU{A}{L}ID}
20 Leaving a female for another girl, architect will become bankrupt (2,5) GO UNDER {(-f+g)GOUNDER}
22 Not turning; a rookie says about variations in pitch (5) TONAL {NOT<=}{A}{L}
24 Moderates from overseas escaped (5) EASES [T]



  1. What's the role of Rider in 10A?also why starters?
    15 A- thought knowledge comes from know
    Role of 'on' in 21A and 6D?
    Does 'overflowing with' suggest A L inside squid?
    Role of another in 20D?
    I think about variations in pitch is definition but 'says'?
    We have only 3 primarily and 2 frequently today :)
    4D perhaps frequently from right side

    1. Maybe just to create the James bond link

    2. Yeah but no role in wordplay

  2. Though it was a quick solve, there was a vague sense of something amiss which has been well put by Col & Ajeesh

  3. Surfaces are not interesting and a bit jarring, if I may say so. Cryptically correct but not able to make out what the surface reading means in some clues.