Thursday, 29 December 2016

No 11890. Thursday 29 Dec 2016, Buzzer

1   Leaving behind drab, and on men, tedious clothes (11) ABANDONMENT [T]
9   Face masks with international festival (6) DIWALI {DI{W}AL}{I}
10 One is very creative artily (8) SOLITARY {SO}{ARTILY*}
11 Take away from Times Square's ultimate (5) ERASE {ERAS}(s...rE}
12 Fantastic being in university to study? About right (7) UNICORN {UNI}{CO{R}N}
13 Naturally one wild is ferocious (2,6) OF COURSE FEROCiOUS*
15 When hot during November, not oddly picks West Indian city (6) NASHIK {N}{AS}{H}{pIcKs}
16 Daughter that is holding attention, a loved one (6) DEARIE {D}{EAR}{IE}
18 Giant live male insect (8) BEHEMOTH {BE}{HE}{MOTH}
20 Briefly sound hesitant interrupting POTUS in flight (2,3,2) TO SUM UP {UM} in {POTUS}*
21 Good acceleration to guzzle fuel (3,2) GAS UP {G}{A}{S UP}
22 Foreign educated, I am left to lead (8) IMPORTED {I'M}{PORT}{ED}
23 Prophet Samuel's teacher's pilgrimage is over (6) ELIJAH {ELI}{HAJ<=}
24 Gambler circling bar primarily looking for capital (5,6) BLOCK LETTER {B{LOCK} {Lo...g}ETTER}

2   Average commercial in Britain, nothing but bluster (7) BRAVADO {BR}{AV}{AD}{O}
3   Simple out-of-town aboriginal (5) NAIVE NAtIVE
4   Dark old book has deadly curse (7) OBSCURE {O}{B}{CURSE*}
5   May say divided by 49/51 yields a fraction (9) MILLIONTH {IL/LI} in {MONTH}
6   Isn't our setting consisting of Nitrogen? (7) NITROUS*
7   A genera seen together frequently? (4,5,4) TIME AFTER TIME {TIME} {AFTER} {TIME}
8   Use black band making ponytail (5,4,4) BRING INTO PLAY {B}{RING} {PONYTAIL}*
14 Creaky sounding room, attic? (9) RHEUMATIC (~ room attic)
17 Fragrance emanated from earth beginning to fade (4,3) ROSE OIL {ROSE} {sOIL}
18 Having two feet up in the air, piebald (7) BIPEDAL*
19 My service is huge (7) MASSIVE {MASS}{I'VE}
21 Visitor from east caught in a storm (5) GUEST {GU{E}ST}


  1. A superb puzzle as usual from Buzzer. My pick of the lot, a few of them...10ac SOLITARY, Down clues 4, 8 & 17.
    A small query though...what is the deletion ind for 'i' in 13 ac please?

  2. Superb puzzle!Buzzer entertains with some breath taking clues starting from the wonderfully concealed 1A..
    Thanks for the entertainment, Buzzer

  3. Paddy read my comments in yeaterday's blog & provide your email id

  4. No puzzle in online edition..had to SOS my niece in Chennai for sending the image in whats ap..

    1. I too find it missing though they show Buzzer's name ! Are they serious about their readers? Now I have to be content with reading the blog comments only !

  5. Vasant,
    Thank you. nice of you. I read the comments. My mail ID is

    1. Have sent you the grids of ET & THC(all setters).

    2. Thank you. Got it. Have sent you a mail.

  6. Raju,
    Read your comments as well. When you had mentioned it earlier I may not have paid attention to it since we are already doing it here. Just a few days ago, when I was googling something related to ET CW, I had stumbled on to it and I find it interesting w.r. to ET. Though it is extra workload for him, he gives 2 options- keyword & solution.

  7. Co.,
    A small typo in 21 A. The first A should be G.