Saturday 31 December 2016

No 11892, Saturday 31 Dec 2016, Arden


1. Basically watching if girl can hold a drink (7)  CHALICE {watCHing}{ALICE]
5. Give market review – showing nervousness (7) ELASTIC {SALE<=}{TIC}
9. Express pain initially during attack (5) RAPID {RA{Pain}D}
10. Found one at opening rate (9) CASTIGATE {CAST}{I}{GATE}
11. Relatives gang up and throw things at her (4,5) AUNT SALLY {AUNT S}{ALLY}
12. He has the choice to get new replacement (5) OWNER {O{NEW*}R}
13. Japan gains by saving Yen (4) PANG (T)
15. Soil on top, not bottom for North Indian chili (8) BESMIRCH {BESt}{MIRCH}
18. Return – keep out damn politician (8) DEMOCRAT {D{COME<=}RAT}  Addendum {RETURN} = {COME BACK}. It took me some time to figure that one
19. Show no interest to return via Greenways road (4) YAWN (T<=)
22. Corner occupying the minimum (3,2) HEM IN (T)
24. Service is sacrosanct, no point getting killed (9) MASSACRED {MASS}{sACRED}
26. Affect American interest? Put one back in office (9) REINSTATE {A+INTEREST}*
27. For one with sex drive, not to perform is an excuse (5) ALIBI {A}{LIBIdo}
28. Number of deaths – it makes way to take fifty lethally (7) FATALLY {FATAL(-it+L}Y}
29. American priest intervenes, rejecting immoral behaviour (7) KNAVERY {Y{REV}ANK}<=


1. Grain stored before in state (6) CEREAL {C{ERE}AL}
2. Attachment will take place, husband will go with daughter on time (9) APPENDAGE {hAPPEN}{D}{AGE}
3. Most people in India pluck the top of Hibiscus flower (5) INDUS {hINDUS}
4. Old dog guards 27's short sword (9) EXCALIBUR {EX}{C{ALIBi}UR}
5. Try paper (5) ESSAY (DD)
6. Being so huge, another Independence day takes place (9) ADIPOSITY  {ADI{POSIT}Y*}
7. Coach in singular or plural is the same (5) TRAIN (DD)
8. Keen to take her fruit (6) CHERRY {C{HER}RY}
14. Unwanted growth, reasons for central help (9) GROUNDSEL {GROUNDS}{hELp}
16. Drunk so upset – get high if you will (2,2,5) SO TO SPEAK {SO T}{O S<=}{PEAK
17. Noel's cool, showing the white feather (9) COWARDICE {COWARD}{ICE}
20. Small woman provided for the Arab dignitary (6) SHERIF {S}{HER}{IF}
21. Every other thing's unknown – isn't it strange? (6) ODDITY {ODD}{IT}{Y}
23. Wet and only limited visibility outside (5) MOIST {M{O}IST}
24. Tuck into my fleshy part (5) MEATY {M{EAT}Y}
25. Lizard caught climbing over a magazine (5) AGAMA (T<=)


  1. The regular blog tomorrow will be posted at 7:30 AM and at 8:30 AM, I will be posting a 25 x 25 Special by a new setter

  2. Thanks Arden. I enjoyed it although I had startup trouble.
    Col, looking forward to your special tomorrow.

  3. Tough going! Managed to solve 60% only. :(

  4. Below that level- among lots of distractions. Anyway, a little tough and devious today.
    I will have to stifle a yawn next time I pass through Greenways Road!

  5. Could get to solving the puzzle in the noon..huffed & puffed my way to completion..although after completion realised the cluing was immaculate..the cryptic instructions very clear.

  6. A very Happy New Year to ye-all out there. Cheers and have a CHERRY brandy when you raise a toast to 2017. How come very few visits here today? Festivity mood has kicked in already?

    I found today's Arden very agreeable and very ardenisque. in particular, PANG and Besmirch, being a good lead for Punjabi Mirch. Elastic as bit of a stretch whereas,didn't get hemmed in at all with 23 across .

    Deva raja, aur deva in New Year !