Wednesday 21 December 2016

No 11883, Wednesday 21 Dec 2016, Aspartame

1   Scab to hit vessel with small rod (13) STRIKEBREAKER {STRIKE}{B{Rod}EAKER}
8   Pressure on Legolas to make black money (4) PELF {P}{ELF}
9   Misinformed one devised all pointless actions (3-7) ILL-ADVISED {1+DeVISED+ALL}*
10 First-born parent steps down from pedestal being relocated (6) ELDEST pEDESTaL*
11 One watching a show for the second time? (8) REVIEWER [E]
12 Instrument to yield highest returns (9) ACCORDION {ACCORD}{NO1<=}
14 Lunar effect about to change (4) EDIT<=
15 Industrialist armies (4) TATA {TA}{TA}
16 The Spanish editor travels west to meet informed reporter found in the Alps (9) EDELWEISS {EL}<=>{ED}{WEISS}(~wise)
20 Fruit family – primarily lychee put in oven (8) LIMEKILN {LIME}{KI{L}N}
21 Deliveries done halfway? That's overstated (6) OVERDO {OVER}{DOne}
23 Ashram icon is brewing liqueur (10) MARASCHINO*
24 Team mixed up right with left end of sail (4) CLEW C(-r+l)LEW
25 Band producing on sets (7,6) ROLLING STONES {ON+SETS}*

1   Resin exterior starts to accumulate crud (7) SHELLAC {SHELL}{Ac...e}{Crud}
2   Search thoroughly for gun (5) RIFLE [DD]
3   Shivering kitten got tiny dress that's stitched (7) KNITTED {KITTEN}*{Dr..s}
4   Mob Anglican lord practising Samba (8,7) BALLROOM DANCING {MOB+ANGLICAN+LORD}*
5   Plant in Kiev I'd need to take back (6) ENDIVE [T<=]
6   Cut corners, keep a bit of savings aside – the situation could go either way (5-4) KNIFE-EDGE {KNIFE}{EDGEs}
7   Film on oriental cat oddly to win in votes again (2-5) RE-ELECT {RE-EL}{E}{CaT}
13 Alert like Messi during a match? (2,3,4) ON THE BALL [DD]
15 Agitated son lost in North Sinai going nowhere (4,3) THIN AIR {noRTH+sINAI}*
17 Beware of guard (7) LOOKOUT [DD]
18 Son overcomes onset of insanity, misery (7) SADNESS (-m+s)SADNESS
19 Fruit extracts control itching (6) LITCHI [T]
22 Start to leave renting out one encyclopedia for one who served time (2-3) EX-CON lEXiCON



  1. Nice puzzle.Aspartame serves out a melange after the dessert offering of last time..was stuck forever for the anno of edelweiss & got it while sipping hot coffee on a very cold morning here
    Thanks Aspartame

  2. Remembering MB: 5D requires reversal indication

  3. Edelweiss:remembered the eponymous song sung by captain von Trapp in the climactic scenes from the memorable movie "The Sound Of Music"

  4. Col:The litchis look quite delicious & the picture of Parts of sail is very useful especially for setters

  5. Solvers too, if we can manage to remember.
    Smooth flow. hardly required external assistance except for the liqueur.

  6. Yes, the picture is as delicious as the grid. Thanks Aspartame!