Saturday, 10 December 2016

No 11874, Saturday 10 Dec 2016, Lightning


1 Returned it for a break? (4-4) HALF-TIME {IT<= } TI=Half of time
5 Open my new sandwich, say (6) EPONYM {OPEN MY}*
9 Persistent criminal worker framing saint (8) CONSTANT {CON}{ST}{ANT}
10 Lawyer in Venice spent one fifty for website? (6) PORTAL {PORTiA}{L}
12 Snow leopard’s powerless jump (5) OUNCE {pOUNCE}

13 Pain had us turning to a sacred text (9) UPANISHAD {PAIN HAD US}*
14 Bishop becoming lively (6) BRIGHT {B}{RIGHT}
16 Train bowler showing promise (7) RAINBOW (T)
19 Forced to take over new ship resulting in insanity (7) MADNESS {MAD{N}E}{SS}
21 Gave one lira for pulse (6) LENTIL {LENT}{I}{L}
23 Explosive about clumsy team, going in to get remedy (9) TREATMENT {T{RE}{TEAM*}NT}
25 Train daughter to displace Thailand’s royal family (5) TUDOR {TU(-t+D)OR}
26 Presently could go crazy for starters over drink (6) COGNAC {{CAN}{GO}{Crazy}<=} Presently could=Present tense of could=can
27 Resistance to split bill on time leading to rift (8) BREAKAGE {B{R}EAK}{AGE}
28 Hassle rookie engineer to follow demand (6) NEEDLE {NEED}{L}{E}
29 Confused without lead upfront (8) CLUELESS {CLUE}{LESS}


1 Check story essentially revealing old warrior (6) HECTOR {cHECk}{sTORy}
2 City bombed, left in danger (9) LENINGRAD {L+IN+DANGER}*
3 Name (Tesla) inscribed in slab (5) TITLE {TI{T}LE}
4 This search could be for a lady too! (7) MANHUNT (CD)
6 Plan for plan (9) PROVISION {PRO}{VISION}
7 Cut about three times hundred (5) NOTCH {{H}{C}{TON}}<=
8 Disaster at stock indexmove up to dissolve essential bonds (8) MELTDOWN {MELT}{DOW}{boNds}
11 Just a carnival (4) FAIR (DD)
15 Our neighbour’s wonder celebrated with everyone (5,4) GREAT WALL {GREAT} {W}{ALL}

17 Social engagement not just for those lacking vision (5,4) BLIND DATE (CD)
18 State of mind passed around cellphones primarily (8) EMOTICON {EMOTI{Cellphones}ON} &lit
20 Stock letters from last emperor (4) STEM (T)
21 Side after a lake (7) LATERAL {LATER}{A}{L}
22 Short and essentially basic legal documents (6) BRIEFS {BRIEF}{baSic}
24 Hunting dog decapitated bird (5) EAGLE {bEAGLE}                 
25 Sketch by artist thrown away in fierce competition (5) TRACE {raT RACE}

Criminal=Con, Worker=Ant, Saint=St,  One=I, Fifty=L, Power=P, Bishop=B, New=N, Ship=SS, Lira=L, Explosive=TNT, About=RE,  Daughter=D, Thailand=T, Resistance=R, Rookie=L(Learner),  Engineer=E
Left=L, Tesla=T, For=Pro, Hundred=H, Hundred=C, Hundrend=Ton, With=W, Lake=L, Artist=RA

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  1. Lovely crossword..Notch my cod..others equally good especially emoticon, clueless, cognac, provision.Thanks Lightning.
    Super blog too Ramesh.Thanks.

  2. Weekend comments till now?

  3. I am joining you Vasant- to keep company and to second what all you said. Perfect- both the CW & the blog.
    Coulkd not parse a few, eg., 1A,1D,three times hundred(!)
    Meltdown (chernobyl?),Portia etc. very well done. Thailand in Tudor was a nice distraction.
    Had a chuckle for 'manhunt'. Have they not yet come out with a gender neutral term for that like chairperson?

  4. Looks like we need Mahesh to come back :-)

  5. Times was when old timers like Richard used to keep the comments going..Kishore, CV Sir, Suresh, all used to comment..
    Sigh..miss those times

  6. Nice puzzle though we have 3 essentially :). Looks like cognac is favorite for setters and solvers. Emotion and emoticon share same root so that clue is hardly cryptic

    1. Ajeeah, please explain why it isn't cryptic

    2. What he probably means is that emoticon is derived from emotion. But as long as emotion is not mentioned in the clue and has to be derived from 'state of mind', it is still cryptic. I see no issues.

    3. Emoticon is a word derived from emotion. So basically clue is only for C

    4. There was a nice post in crossword unclued regarding this..etymology crossover..worth reading..

    5. BTW not hearing from Shuchi for a long time & missing the posts in CU..any news of her?

    6. I thought Only I am not getting it for some reason. Kishore/ Col. would be able to confirm why.

    7. She is busy on some project somewhere in Indonesia/Singapore I think

    8. Last post was from Indonesia..a cw in indonesian & a fb pic from one of the islands of Indonesia..
      Hope she is well & in fone health

  7. Thoroughly enjoyed Lightning's grid. Some were really outstanding.
    Went out to attend an engagement function of close relative. Back home just now.