Tuesday, 27 December 2016

No 11888, Tuesday 27 Dec 2016, Gridman

1   Promiser put out flower (8) PRIMROSE*
5   Almost everybody uttered falsehoods to be in something together (6) ALLIED {ALl}{LIED}
9   One who chooses loses his head but still remains one who chooses (7) ELECTOR sELECTOR
10 Endure TV news segment (7) WEATHER [DD]
11 Italian dairy product Tamil leader put in italic all round appropriately (9) LATTICINI {Ta..l} in {IN+ITALIC}* Guess work confirmed from Google
12 Mark ace leaving out detail that's confusing (5) TILDE DETaIL*
13 Pretence produces endless embarrassment (4) SHAM SHAMe
14 They give minute warning before breakfast serving (3,6) EGG TIMERS [CD]
17 Having given details, son calmed down, seeing a vowel-change (9) SPECIFIED {S}{P(-a+e)ECIFIED}
19 Frequently goes after society that's not strict (4) SOFT {S}{OFT}
23 Anni, 24, at gateway of education, is silly (5) INANE {ANNI}*{Ed...n}
24 Embarrassed by late sale I managed (3,2,4) ILL AT EASE*
25 Heavily defeat leaders of terrorists' ring with little weight (7) TROUNCE {Te...s}{Ring}{OUNCE}
26 We lot squirm uneasily/approve sexy kind of scene in our films (7) WETLOOK {WE+LOT}*{OK}
27 Strip guy going round the mid-section of Vienna (6) DENUDE {D{viENna}UDE}
28 He struggles often to get out of a hold (8) WRESTLER [CD]

1   Don't look that much! It's without equal! (8) PEERLESS {PEER}{LESS}
2   I somehow retain staying power (7) INERTIA {I}{RETAIN*}
3   Give an account of a sort of trade (6) RETAIL [DD]
4   Storing away, away from ' Rocks', thanks to which deliveries are made properly (7,6) SORTING OFFICE {STORING}* {OFF}{ICE}
6   The French somehow made it in preparation period (4,4) LEAD TIME {LE}{MADE IT}*
7   It is used while suffering from cold – one's now beginning to get more healthy (7) INHALER {1}{Now}{HALER}
8   Obscure boat in hiding place (6) DARKEN {D{ARK}EN}
10 Tell-all referee? (13) WHISTLEBLOWER [DD]
15 Checked for being shown in a theatre (8) SCREENED [DD]
16 One who runs out of clothes (8) STREAKER [CD]
18 Philosopher on a group of soldiers (7) PLATOON {PLATO}{ON}
20 Doing well – how a ball thrown down may be (2,1,4) ON A ROLL [DD]
21 Suitable man given the equipment (6) FITTED {FIT}{TED}
22 Now America reveals rank (6) STATUS {STAT}{US}



  1. All fine except the dairy product. Indeed guesswork worked.

    1. Looks like Gridman was caught in "filling"-the grid trouble

  2. Nice puzzle this 13 letter grid..was looking for a theme..whistleblower..wrestler..on a roll..trounce...but couldnt find any more

  3. I wonder how many know/ remember mobile sorting offices. They were on trains (Boat mail for one) and on mobile post offices on vans in days when snail mails were the ONLY mails.

  4. 15D- I was trying to fit in censored and lost a lot of time until I screened my choices.

  5. 2D- Is inertia power or powerless? I thought stamina would be more apt fro staying power. Of course wordplay takes you ineretia without a doubt.

    1. My first instinct was to go for 'stamina' but the wordplay proved otherwise!

  6. It was a smooth ride but for 11 across LATTICINI. Overall a nice puzzle. Enjoyed solving.

  7. Hat-trick of CDs today. Could get 28ac & 16dn easily and the third one 14ac with the help of crossings.
    And here is one from me that I came across recently.

    One who discriminates between U and non-U? (4,6)

    1. What I tried to put in for 15D- Film censor!
      Good one. For a moment I was thinking about you, but then it dawned on me.

    2. Thank you MB, but it was too leading in the context.

    3. Nice clue MB; well solved Paddy!

  8. Egg timers and sand clocks have been setters' favourites for long.
    An aside about sand timer-
    It was the time before the advent of cell phones when we were dependent on land lines and those were days of joint family too and no wonder there was always queue for phone usage and they developed the idea of using a sand clock designed for 3 minutes to restrict the time of each phone call. But then it was difficult when children start the discussion about home work or more interesting things when a fight would erupt!

  9. Liked the clueing of 23ac (INAN)*E, its anind shown in 24ac as ILL AT EASE.

  10. I felt ill at ease by the def. 'Embarrassed. It is more uneasy or awkward.Anxious might have suited better.

  11. Replies
    1. I just got back home. Removed it thanks

  12. Here is another good clue:
    "It normally comes with two others,hips first" (5)

  13. Cheer. Hip hip hooray is the cheer!

  14. Vasant,
    Are you doing only the Sundy TOI CW or daily ET CW?

    1. Both but since about last 15 days not doing the latter

    2. I have also started reading Times for times blog..the clues of The Times xword are quite outstanding