Thursday, 29 December 2016

No 11890. Thursday 29 Dec 2016, Buzzer

1   Leaving behind drab, and on men, tedious clothes (11) ABANDONMENT [T]
9   Face masks with international festival (6) DIWALI {DI{W}AL}{I}
10 One is very creative artily (8) SOLITARY {SO}{ARTILY*}
11 Take away from Times Square's ultimate (5) ERASE {ERAS}(s...rE}
12 Fantastic being in university to study? About right (7) UNICORN {UNI}{CO{R}N}
13 Naturally one wild is ferocious (2,6) OF COURSE FEROCiOUS*
15 When hot during November, not oddly picks West Indian city (6) NASHIK {N}{AS}{H}{pIcKs}
16 Daughter that is holding attention, a loved one (6) DEARIE {D}{EAR}{IE}
18 Giant live male insect (8) BEHEMOTH {BE}{HE}{MOTH}
20 Briefly sound hesitant interrupting POTUS in flight (2,3,2) TO SUM UP {UM} in {POTUS}*
21 Good acceleration to guzzle fuel (3,2) GAS UP {G}{A}{S UP}
22 Foreign educated, I am left to lead (8) IMPORTED {I'M}{PORT}{ED}
23 Prophet Samuel's teacher's pilgrimage is over (6) ELIJAH {ELI}{HAJ<=}
24 Gambler circling bar primarily looking for capital (5,6) BLOCK LETTER {B{LOCK} {Lo...g}ETTER}

2   Average commercial in Britain, nothing but bluster (7) BRAVADO {BR}{AV}{AD}{O}
3   Simple out-of-town aboriginal (5) NAIVE NAtIVE
4   Dark old book has deadly curse (7) OBSCURE {O}{B}{CURSE*}
5   May say divided by 49/51 yields a fraction (9) MILLIONTH {IL/LI} in {MONTH}
6   Isn't our setting consisting of Nitrogen? (7) NITROUS*
7   A genera seen together frequently? (4,5,4) TIME AFTER TIME {TIME} {AFTER} {TIME}
8   Use black band making ponytail (5,4,4) BRING INTO PLAY {B}{RING} {PONYTAIL}*
14 Creaky sounding room, attic? (9) RHEUMATIC (~ room attic)
17 Fragrance emanated from earth beginning to fade (4,3) ROSE OIL {ROSE} {sOIL}
18 Having two feet up in the air, piebald (7) BIPEDAL*
19 My service is huge (7) MASSIVE {MASS}{I'VE}
21 Visitor from east caught in a storm (5) GUEST {GU{E}ST}


  1. A superb puzzle as usual from Buzzer. My pick of the lot, a few of them...10ac SOLITARY, Down clues 4, 8 & 17.
    A small query though...what is the deletion ind for 'i' in 13 ac please?

  2. It is a reverse anagram.

  3. Superb puzzle!Buzzer entertains with some breath taking clues starting from the wonderfully concealed 1A..
    Thanks for the entertainment, Buzzer

  4. Paddy read my comments in yeaterday's blog & provide your email id

  5. No puzzle in online edition..had to SOS my niece in Chennai for sending the image in whats ap..

    1. I too find it missing though they show Buzzer's name ! Are they serious about their readers? Now I have to be content with reading the blog comments only !

  6. Vasant,
    Thank you. nice of you. I read the comments. My mail ID is

    1. Have sent you the grids of ET & THC(all setters).

    2. Thank you. Got it. Have sent you a mail.

  7. Raju,
    Read your comments as well. When you had mentioned it earlier I may not have paid attention to it since we are already doing it here. Just a few days ago, when I was googling something related to ET CW, I had stumbled on to it and I find it interesting w.r. to ET. Though it is extra workload for him, he gives 2 options- keyword & solution.

  8. Co.,
    A small typo in 21 A. The first A should be G.