Sunday, 11 December 2016

The Sunday Crossword, Sunday 11 Dec 2016

1   Expert carrying weight right away (2,4) AT ONCE {A{T ON}CE}
4   Obstinate objections, on reflection, natural (8) STUBBORN {BUTS<=}{BORN}
10 Woeful gripe about wicked entitlement (9) PRIVILEGE {GRIPE}* around {VILE}
11 Recurring idea in myth emerging (5) THEME [T]
12 Church working to conserve condition with fine fabric (7) CHIFFON {CH}{I{F}F}{ON} (Correction - {CH}{IF}{F}{ON} - See comments)
13 Concoction of hot lemon lacking nothing in flavouring (7) MENTHOL {HOT+LEMoN}*
14 Match excludes gymnastic apparatus (8,4) PARALLEL BARS {PARALLEL} {BARS}
18 New sharpness in component causing complication (12) ENTANGLEMENT {E{N}{TANG}LEMENT}
21 Inspector left with novel problem (7) DILEMMA {DI}{L}{EMMA}
23 Fearful urge set in motion (7) GESTURE*
24 Work out sequence (5) TRAIN [DD]
25 Playing a viola, not without benefit (2,2,5) TO NO AVAIL*
26 Rabbit finally caught by a smarter animal (8) ANTEATER {A}{N{r...iT}EATER}
27 Cure obtained by me in revolutionary therapy finally (6) REMEDY {RE{ME}D}{f...lY}

1   Factor that's warped space and time (6) ASPECT {SPACE}*{T}
2   Source of old outfit at home (6) ORIGIN {O}{RIG}{IN}
3   Feature about free trade zone with one leader (9) CHIEFTAIN {EFTA}{1} in {CHIN}
5   The group protecting nation and millions with a good method of detection (7,7) THERMAL IMAGING {THE}{R{MAL I}{M}{A}{G}ING}
6   Stick to disrupting prohibition (5) BATON {BA{TO}N}
7   Wild dove, enthralling bird above (8) OVERHEAD {RHEA} in {DOVE}*
8   Pointers, small, not required (8) NEEDLESS {NEEDLES}{S}
9   A learner just foolishly assuming old man is philosopher (4-4,6) JEAN-PAUL SARTRE {A+LEARNER+JUST}*  over {PA}
15 Settles on sleeveless garment for painting (9) LANDSCAPE {LANDS}{CAPE}
16 Cheers after check about goal in dispute (8) VENDETTA {V{END}ET}{TA}
17 Loyal from outset, accepting poor law (8) STALWART {STA{LAW*}RT}
19 Signal to restrain renegade member of clergy (6) CURATE {CU{RAT}E}
20 Truly relating to partner (6) REALLY {RE}{ALLY}
22 Spiritual sustenance essential to human nature (5) MANNA [T]



  1. Special at 10:30 by Dr Satyen Nabar

  2. 12A- Is the second F from fine & the def. just fabric?

    1. Yes, condition with fine I(F)F
      Definition is FABRIC

  3. {CH}{I{F}F}{ON}
    The above needs a little tweking.
    {CH}{IF F}{ON}

  4. Shrikanth:Many happy returns of the day..have a great life ahead

  5. Happy Birthday, Shrikanth. Have fun after dark

  6. +1 ....before and after dark

    1. Joining the punsters in wishing Shrikanth a very happy Birthday & many happy returns of the day. Hoping to see many more CW's from you.

  7. Happy Birthday, Kishore & Shrikanth! 🎂

  8. Happy birthday, Srikant and Kishore. Many Happy snruter of the day . God bless you both.

  9. THERMAL IMAGING is the clue of my day ! keeping up with the modern developments in cryptic puzzles

  10. Thanks, everyone, for your good wishes