Sunday, 18 December 2016

The Sunday Crossword, Sunday 18 Dec 2016

1   Good article following treatment of blue whale (6) BELUGA {BLUE}*{G}{A}
4   Ratings for hosts (6) SCORES [DD]
9   Irregular amendment of moral ban (8) ABNORMAL*
10 Tip by university relating to experience (6) ENDURE {END}{U}{RE}
12 Guy in memo creating unusually close control (15) MICROMANAGEMENT {MAN} in {MEMO+CREATING}*
13 Stick fish next to chips initially (5) CLING {Chips}{LING}
15 Handle contest, entertaining one with type of diagram (5,4) GIVEN NAME {G{1}{VEN N}AME}
17 Unconvincing in praise? Not guilty (9) BLAMELESS {B{LAME}LESS}
18 Check odd elements of diet theory (5) DETER {DiEt+ThEoRy}
20 Park in New York, driving with difficulty in street (8,7) FLUSHING MEADOWS {FLUSHING} {ME{ADO}WS}
23 Settled problem about dye (6) LITMUS {LIT}{SUM<=}
24 Increase in sentimentality, resistance turning low (8) MUSHROOM {MUSH}{R}{MOO<=}
25 Ridicule some wilder ideas (6) DERIDE [T]
26 Reveal stake and beam (6) BETRAY {BET}{RAY}

1   Porcelain, once cracked, ending in rubbish in bin area (4,5) BONE CHINA {B{ONE C}*{r...sH}IN}{A}
2   Slow learner on legendary ship (5) LARGO {L}{ARGO}
3   Writer in terrible rage about meat, unseasoned (6,6) GRAHAM GREENE {HAM}{GREEN} in {RAGE}*
5   Criticised trick with tips for magician in action (9) CONDEMNED {CON}{DE{Ma...aN}ED}
6   Beginning in sound way (5) ROUTE (~ root)
7   Disc covered by crest designed to be symbol of sovereignty (7) SCEPTRE {CREST}* over {EP}
8   Surface in time and supply account (6) TARMAC {T}{ARM}{AC}
11 Rodent, hot and bothered rat, moves with purpose (7,5) HARVEST MOUSE {H+RAT+MOVES}*{USE}
14 Dog dry enough after a shake (9) GREYHOUND*
16 Soldier perhaps on boat occupied by journal with collection of poems (9) ANTHOLOGY {ANT}{HO{LOG}Y}
17 Ran away after great upset, confused (7) BAFFLED {FAB<=}{FLED}
19 Carry on with venture without pawn (6) RESUME pRESUME
21 Absolute state (5) UTTER [DD]
22 Broach reforms, ignoring cold hate (5) ABHOR BROAcH*


  1. 3D:Remember reading stories of Graham Greene in school days & also remember his legendary friendship with R.K.Narayan

  2. 13A is clued in The Sunday Times of today as Many fish act like limpets(5)