Saturday, 3 September 2022

No 13651, Saturday 03 Sep 2022, Arden


6   Specific action to allow some growth (5) CACTI [T]
7   Evergreenonly boss gets named (8) OLEANDER {O}{LEA{N}DER}
10 Information over wearing cap in the country (7) SENEGAL {SE{GEN<=}AL}
11 See those wandering in the country (7) LESOTHO {L{THOSE*}O}
12 First one to involve Netherlands in tragedy (7) OTHELLO {One}{T{HELL}O}
13 Arab people in the desert mostly (7) SARACEN {SA{RACE}Nd}
14 I let Carlson exchange a white knight, perhaps (3,8)  SIR LANCELOT*
19 Cut tested over a short distance (7) TRIMMED {TRI{MM}ED}
21 Intelligence gathering, oddly, Nepal's in shock (7)  NONPLUS {NO{NePaL}US}
23 Democratic country's review of convention on nobility (7) DUKEDOM {D}{UK}{MODE<=}
25 Come back for rent, Bill loses cover (7) RIPOSTE {RIP}{pOSTEr}
26 Sad day, have to throw away (8) DOWNCAST {D}{OWN}{CAST}
27 Fast runner finds direction on ground (5) ELAND {E}{LAND}


1   One therefore supports electric plant (8) ACANTHUS {AN}{THUS}<=>{AC}
2   Watch over royal bard (6) VIRGIL {VI{R}GIL}
3   Playwright's Christmas chicken (4,6) NOEL COWARD {NOEL}{COWARD}
4   Ring oddly prevails (4) PEAL PrEvAiLs
5   Explicit pessimism brings up something rotten (6) SEPTIC [T<=]
6   Vehicle covers way only on one wheel (6) CASTOR {CA{ST}{O}R}
8   Nothing to sort out inside air passage (7) NOSTRIL {N{SORT*}IL}
9   Crazy only protects, only crazy (5) LOONY {LO{O}NY*}
13 Back on rail, obviously not the best (6,4) SECOND RATE {SECOND}{RATE}
15 A month to raise and another to fast (7) RAMADAN {A}{MAR}<={AND*}
16 Nicaragua's capital is Managua, it has its own charm (8) TALISMAN [T]
17 Go through class report, you should identify the finalists (5) STUDY Tail Acrostic
18 Army division's final rise (6) ASCEND {ASC}{END}
20 Stationery item turns to pink (6) INKPOT*
22 Big city makes one sleepless, in short (6) NAPLES NAPLESs
24 Second time going around a water body (4) MOAT {MO}{A}{T}

Reference List

Only = O, Named = N, Information = GEN, Cap = SEAL, See = LO, Netherlands = HELL, People = RACE, Desert = SAND, Short distance = MM< Democratic = D, Convention = MODE, Bill = POSTER, Day = D, Direction = E(East)
One = AN, Electric = AC, Watch = VIGIL, Royal = R, Christmas = NOEL, Chicken = COWARD, Back = SECOND, Rail = RATE, Second = MO, Time = T

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  1. Come back for rent, Bill loses cover (7) RIPOSTE {RIP}{pOSTEr}. Where is comeback for rent ? RIP?

    1. Rent is tear,rip.
      Come back (as you can see from the marking) is the def.
      Riposte is a quip,a sharp reply/ come back.

  2. Is Netherlands=Hell, okay? It is generally called Netherworld. We can even make it netherland, but adding an S?

    1. This comment has been removed by the author.

    2. mmm... again split. Nether lands in. 'in' is confusing. Involve is already there to insert hell in 'to'. Agreed it is needed for surface.

  3. ASC comes easy for the setter and the blogger- both ex servicemen!

    1. I have also observed the same thing. Terms from navy , airforce and artillery and words from other units cross here regularly.

  4. Since the IXL is arriving I thght I will republisj this
    That coveted long list

  5. Thrilled to finish Arden
    Just one doubt - Eland is not a fast runner. I googled to check.

  6. It is infact mentioned to be the slowest antelope