Wednesday, 14 September 2022

No 13660, Wednesday 14 Sep 2022, Vidwan

Solution to 20D has been deliberately left unsolved and is to be answered only by a non-regular / novice commenter, with proper annotation. Those who have answered earlier in the week, please give others a chance.

1   Almost 'sleepless' city (6) NAPLES NAPLESs
5   First point made in an open court perhaps (7) FIFTEEN [CD]
10 John's operating principle (5) CANON {CAN}{ON}
11 Argument results after agent gets high with this drink (3) RUM aRgUMent
12 Staff working for nobleman (5) BARON {BAR}{ON}
13 Just don't start to panic! (5) RIGHT fRIGHT
14 Getting used to run-in and meet sorts (9) INUREMENT {RUN+IN+MEET}*
15 Engagement with that trouble making, striking trade union (9) BETROTHAL {THAT+tROuBLE}*
16 Shakira's ex is hurt (5) PIQUE [DD]
18 Remdesivir usually limits this microbe (5) VIRUS [T]
19 Charm is about living in a sin as part of destiny (9) FASCINATE {F{A}{S{C}IN}ATE}
21 Reed wrung out, had come up from beneath (9) UNDERGREW*
23 Buyer wanting large piece of rock (5) CLINT CLIeNT E/Large? Something wrong here See comments
24 No-limits party lingo (5) HINDI sHINDIg
25 Basically atmosphere is route to relay (3) AIR Acrosic
26 British Royal having fresh air of a wild rose (5) BRIAR {B}{R}{AIR*} (Correction - {B}{AIR*}{R} - See comments)
27 R = Archie (3,4) RED HEAD {Red}
28 Spent days around the empty stable (6) STEADY {S{ThE}ADY*}

2   One who gives up hate is disheartened, overcomes pessimism halfway (9) ABNEGATOR {ABh{NEGATivity}OR}
3   7 letters for years spent in office (6,2,7) LENGTH OF SERVICE (Service has 7 letters)
4   Heterosexual, progressive and uncomplicated (15) STRAIGHTFORWARD [MD] (Correction - {STRAIGHT}{FORWARD} - See comments)
5   Big claim proven wrong like Zyzzyva and Zythum (6,5,5) FAMOUS LAST WORDS [DD]
6   Brief topic about 600 feet of high speed data connection (5,5,5) FIBRE OPTIC CABLE {BRIEF+TOPIC}* CABLE 
7   Eagle may shelter here finally, around one's nest (5) EYRIE {e..lE}{maY}{s...eR}{herE} over {1}
8   Free internet not right for this girl (7) NINETTE {INTErNET}*
9   Small vehicle with a black Egyptian symbol (6) SCARAB {S}{CAR}{A}{B}
17 One field managed and led by frauds partly with competence (9) QUALIFIED {1+FIELD}*<=>{QUAcks}
18 Pass over such headless liberal (7) VOUCHER {OVER+sUCH}*
20 Trading volume at every diner (6) E?T?R? (Addendum - EATERY {E9-v+at)ATERY} - See comments)  
22 Not having energy, refused to return, had lunch (5) DINED DENIeD<=

Reference List
John = CAN, About = C, British = B, Royal = R, Right =- R, Small = S, Black = B, Volume = V, Energy = E


  1. 20d. EATERY.. E(-V+At) instead of V( olume ).. means diner

  2. 4d heterosexual- straight
    Progressive- forward
    Uncomplicated - straightforward

  3. Good morning.

    Two typos
    23A Buyer wanting extremely large piece of rock (5)

    5D The enumeration should be (6,4,5)

    Sorry for the same.

  4. Very nice clues given by Dreamer.
    Aerie is eagle's nest and couldn't imagine a variant eyrie. I got stuck, because I didn't get Fifteen and ninette. Overall, an enjoyable CW.
    With regards,

    1. It is not Dreamer. It is Vidwan. ๐Ÿ˜Š

  5. Enjoyable crossword especially the long ones , Yours politely Vidwan. Thank you

  6. 10A As a novice would like to know how is John the same as Can? Please elaborate, thanks.

  7. John=loo=can are various slang words for toilet.

  8. The British call it the small room!

  9. Glad to have completed Vidwan. That too, in under an hour.
    Many nice clues. RED HEAD, FIFTEEN, LENGTH OF SERVICE - my fav.
    Thank you Vidwan.

  10. Replies
    1. Stick with it. Daily look up the blog & learn from it. Before u know it, u would have improved in leaps & bounds.
      I did. ๐Ÿ˜Š

  11. How is Naples a sleepless city? (This is my first time solving crossword but I hope this community will help me along the way.Thanks!!)

    1. Napless is sleepless.
      Almost means most of the word. Drop the last letter.
      Hence Naples - a city.