Monday, 5 September 2022

No 13652, Monday 05 Sep 2022, Arden


Artwork by Prasanna

Solution to 26A has been deliberately left unsolved and is to be answered only by a non-regular / novice commenter, with proper annotation. Those who have answered earlier in the week, please give others a chance.

1   Ringtones are different (8) RESONATE*
5   Nail biting old woman in Malaysia (6) PENANG {PE{NAN}G}
10 Relinquish control, take day off in German city (7) HANOVER HANdOVER
11 A Romance language first cited in criminal action (7) OCCITAN {OC{Ci..d}ITAN*}
12 Carol sipping long cocktail (5) SLING {S{L}ING}
13 American trades done within minutes in the capital (9) AMSTERDAM {A}{M}{TRADES*}{M}
14 Being cruel, began having wild honey (5-7) STONY-HEARTED {ST{HONEY*}ARTED}
18 Difficult to carry a lay-by (4,8) HARD SHOULDER {HARD}{SHOULDER} 
21 Dolly took female into an ancient temple (9) PARTHENON {PART{HEN}ON}
23 Ferment in Asia, reportedly (5) YEAST (~east)
24 A gentle movement, so stylish (7) ELEGANT*
25 China gets support from the east at the conference (7) MEETING {M{TEE<=}ING}
26 Finally get there from bottom to top and tie-up (6) T?T?E?  (Addendum - TETHER {geT}{(+e)ETHER(-e)} - See comments)
27 Raised to become a space traveller (8) ASTEROID*

1   Share manipulation by the hour — it's the same old story (6) REHASH {SHARE*}{H}
2   It's transgression to take over mail (4,2) SEND IN {S{END}IN}
3   Russian set up, Bill negotiates (9) NAVIGATES {IVAN<=}{GATES}
4   Intricate organ, perhaps yet to be explored (5,9) TERRA INCOGNITA*
6   Master of ceremony's gone at last, I cover the church (5) EMCEE {gonE}{M{CE}E}
7   Six footer I love finds the remedy (8) ANTIDOTE {ANT}{I}{DOTE}
8   Satellite lost edge, had many problems (8) GANYMEDE {G{MANY*}EDE*}
9   "They're well known family" means something else (9,5)  HOUSEHOLD NAMES {HOUSEHOLD}{MEANS*}
15 EEC neatly managed to get some fuel (9) ACETYLENE*
16 Cargo for trendy males stopped mid way (8) SHIPMENT {S{HIP}{MEN}T}
17 Rupert in trouble for being lewd (8) PRURIENT*
19 It's local, I could source some material (6) CALICO [T]
20 Way mature people put up a show (6) STAGED {ST}{AGED}
22 Lug him on the way (5) HEAVE {HE}{AVE}

Reference List
Old woman = NAN, Day = D, Long = L, American = A, Minute = M, Support = TEE, Hour = H, Church = CE, Six footer = ANT, Trendy = HIP, Way = ST, Way = AVE


  1. 26ac.. is finally get
    Ther(e) bottom to top. . Is ETHER
    means tie up

  2. 26 A solved, let some other try

  3. Greetings to the blog who is our Guru for solving CW's.

  4. Liked the space traveller- an Aha moment after searching for astronaut etc.

  5. Thanx to all my Teachers here - for helping me traverse this long wordy trail!!!
    Special Thanx to CV & Dr. Nabar for their encouragement.
    Prasanna - πŸ‘

  6. 25A. Ming is a chinese dynasty. Or Ming is China???

    1. Always follow the link given by Col. It says Ming is a kind of Chinese pottery (also called china)

    2. As much as it may be synonymous , would you agree if potable water was clued bisleri!

  7. Greetings to all my teachers in this Blog, led by Col.πŸ€—

  8. 26a - A doubt.
    Isn't bottom to top used for a Down clue? Instead 'right to left' would have been better here?

  9. There was some discussion about this earlier and it was justified that it could be used in Ac clues as well, but I have my reservations.

  10. Finished Arden again. Nice grid. My cod - ASTEROID, NAVIGATES.

  11. Are Arden's crosswords getting easier or am I getting better :-)?

    1. Same doubt in my mind!!! 😊😊😊