Wednesday, 21 September 2022

No 13666, Wednesday 21 Sep 2022, Dr. X

Solution to 19D has been deliberately left unsolved and is to be answered only by a non-regular / novice commenter, with proper annotation. Those who have answered earlier in the week, please give others a chance.

1   Trying book to tackle anger issues finally (8) TIRESOME {T{IRE}{i...eS}OME}
5   Kid about to taste largely pungent bulb (6) GARLIC {RAG<=}{LICk}
10 Endless confrontation, having knocked back drink in European country (7) BELARUS {B{ALE<=}RUSh}
11 Prohibition during Christmas withdrawn in Middle Eastern country (7) LEBANON {LE{BAN}ON<=}
12 Girl turning down fellow is blunt (5) GRUFF {G}{FUR<=}{F}
13 What conjuror says as the rope levitates magically at last, perhaps (3,6) HEY PRESTO {THE+ROPE+l...eS+m...lY}*
14 Wake up! Get going, like the Sun? (4,3,5) RISE AND SHINE [DD]
18 Company people concealing hard evidence (12) CONFIRMATION {CO}{N{FIRM}ATION}
21 Experiencing difficulties like panic attacks (2,1,6) IN A PICKLE*
23 National party backing gangster in city of Zambia (5) NDOLA {N}{DO}{AL<=}
24 Criminal is arrogant, embodies evil (7) VILLAIN {V{ILL}AIN}
25 Honour ensemble touring city in Spain (7) OURENSE [T]
26 Bit of damage in more primitive steering mechanism (6) RUDDER {RUD{Da...e}ER}
27 Howled as outstanding person backtracked, breaking date (8) ULULATED {LULU<=}{DATE*}

1   Proceed after boat's repaired in Caribbean island (6) TOBAGO {GO}<=>{BOAT}*
2   Arrive in bar without date, turn to entice (4,2) ROLL UP {ROd}{PULL<=}
3   Small ornate gift, one incorporating greatly revolutionary decorative techniques (9) SGRAFFITI {S}{GIFT+1}* over {FAR<=}
4   Action of stirring up trouble by foremost among imams irritated ruler (8-6) MISCHIEF-MAKING {MIS{CHIEF}MA*}{KING}
6   Yellow marble rolling out of line (5) AMBER MARBlE*
7   Want model possessing posh, outstanding quality (4,4) LONG SUIT {LONG}{S{U}IT}
8   Disregards racket by Mafia bosses smuggling ecstasy (8) CONDONES {CON}{DON{E}S}
9   Enthralled by pot, plan wild night with English female for messing around (7,3,4) PLAYING THE FOOL {P{LAY}{NIGHT*}{E}{F}OOL}
15 Rascal removing the underclothes naughtily (9) SCOUNDREL UNDERCLOtheS*
16 Pain to control one extremely immature performer (8) ACHIEVER {ACH{1}E}{VERy}
17 Resulted in detective finding bit of evidence in conclusion (8) ENTAILED {EN{TAIL}{Ev...e}D}
19 Musical instrument in my bag (6) ?O?N?T (Addendum - CORNET - {COR}{NET} - See comments)
20 Fancy dope inside stub of cigarette (3,3) FAG END {FA{GEN}D}
22 Frivolous associate in bar getting drug (5) INANE {IN{A}N}{E}

Reference List
Book = TOME, Kid = RAG, Christms = NOEL, Girl = G, Down = FUR, Fellow = F, Company = CO, National = N, Party = DO, Gangster = AL(Capone), Date = D, Small =S, Line = L, Model = SIT, Posh = U, Racket = CON, Ecstasy = E, Pot = POOL, English = E, Female = F, My = COR, Dope = GEN, Associate = A, Drug = E


  1. 19D. Musical instrument = CORNET. My = COR (as in the exclamation). Bag = NET


    This ENTAILED in his being taken away in an AMBER van.

    The VILLAIN, was he IN A PICKLE?

    Ha ha.

    The DA seen wearing a LONG SUIT, CONDONES him.

    What happened next?

  3. Great to have you back dear Dr. Bhargav....

  4. Doctor of Limericks. D.Lim
    Nice grid. Took an hour to solve.
    Thanx Doc.