Monday, 12 September 2022

No 13658, Monday 12 Sep 2022, Dreamer

Solution to 16D has been deliberately left unsolved and is to be answered only by a non-regular / novice commenter, with proper annotation. Those who have answered earlier in the week, please give others a chance.

8 Poor lad is maltreated to some extent (6) DISMAL [T]
9 Top trips? (8) OUTSTRIP {TRIPS}* [RA]
10 An imaginary place of great opportunity located in Chesterfield or Adoni (8) EL DORADO [T]
11 Dismisses energy flow outside cold surfaces, at first (6) EJECTS {E}{JE{C}T}{Su...s}
12 Locality in Virgin Islands — popular in town (8) VICINITY {VI}{C{IN}ITY}
13 Start counter around end of duel (6) BLENCH {B{dueL}ENCH}
14 Faint area outside borders of Yemen (7) SYNCOPE {S{YemeN}COPE}
17 You primarily google "rocks" in study of the Earth (7) GEOLOGY {You+GOOGLE}* 
20 Hot pepper from a raised area of land in Ivory Coast (6) CHILLI {C{HILL}I}
22 Volunteer heartlessly abandoned sweetheart (8) TRUELOVE VOLUnTEER*
25 Move bishop and risk a piece (6) GOBBET {GO}{B}{BET}
26 Tailored grey coat for class (8) CATEGORY*
27 Retake from same user (8) REASSUME*
28 Part with wife at home for the time being (6) WINNOW {W}{IN}{NOW}

1   Crime made by very sick American Indian near Yorkshire, originally (8) VILLAINY {V}{ILL}{Am...n}{In...n}{Near}{Yo...e}
2   Doctor enthralled by sources of excess organic lipids in blood clots (6) EMBOLI {MB} in {Ex...s}{Or...c}{Li...s}{In}
3   Aluminium, potassium and the greatest soluble base (6) ALKALI {AL}{K}{ALI}
4   "Mopy town" — possibly not weak for name of a place (7) TOPONYM {MOPY+TOwN}*
5   A man breaks piping in a shaking state (8) ATREMBLE {A}{TRE{M}BLE}
6   Spiritual English gangster hides in that place (8) ETHEREAL {E}{THERE}{AL}
7   Computer program tackles independent chip relating to living organisms (6) BIOTIC {B{I}OT}{IC}
15 College graduate sadly smuggles crown of hazel tree (8) CALABASH {C}{ALA{BA}S}{Ha..l}
16 Hard copy obtained from top rut? (8) P?I?T?U? (Addendum - PRINTOUT {PR} in {TOUT}={TO{P R}UT} - See comments)
18 Regulator with extra plugs? Ignore after unwrapping (8) GOVERNOR {iG{OVER}NORe}
19 Industrious person using small watch (7) STICKER {S}{TICKER}
21 Violent young person and editor having half closed heavy eyelids (6) HOODED {HOOD}{ED}
23 "Now! Put crackers in residential area in city!" (6) UPTOWN*
24 Stop following member's story (6) LEGEND {END}<=>{LEG}

Reference List
Energy = E, Cold = C, Popular = IN, Bishop = B, Wife = W, At home = IN, Very = V, The greatest = ALI, Weak = W, Man = M, English = E, Gangster = AL, Independent = I, Chip = IC, College = C, Small = S, Editor = ED


  1. 16D Printout
    Definition: Hard copy

    Printout can be parsed as
    PR IN TOUT which is TOP RUT (PR inside TOUT)

    1. Well done Veena. You are hereby promoted to the Regulars list

    2. Thank you Colonel. Honoured to be identified as a regular in this group

  2. Very good solve. Promotion imminent.

  3. 10A- El Dorado- enu given as 10 (and not 2,8) in print copy.

    1. Sorry I lost count. It should be 2,6 and not 8.

    2. Hi Paddy,
      I meant (8)
      From Chambers
      2 (also eldorado) any place where wealth is easy to accumulate.

      From Collins
      2. Also: eldorado
      any place of great riches or fabulous opportunity

    3. (also) is what got me! I knew it as El Dorado. Thank you for the clarification as well as the wonderful puzzle. Good start for the week.

  4. A good CW given by Dreamer. Syncope and atremble(actually tried to fit tremble) are new one. I thought printout as hard copy was a DD, till I saw in the blog. Overall enjoyable clues.
    With regards,

  5. 2.d.....blood clots are usually named as thrombi.if thrombi gets dislodged it is named as emboli.

    1. So A dislodged blood clot is not a blood clot but a lump of mass (floating around in the blood vessel until it gets stuck in a narrower vesel)

    2. Doc must be right about the accurate medical definition. But I used the one from dictionaries. Chambers online has the below
      embolus noun (plural emboli) pathol any obstruction in a blood vessel, especially a blood clot.