Sunday, 18 September 2022

The Sunday Crossword No 3220, Sunday 18 Sep 2022,

1   Contrived neologisms bringing misery (10) GLOOMINESS*
6   In conversation, all initially relieved by Everyman giving promise to pay late (4) CHIT CH(-a+i}IT
9   In tent, forces on manoeuvres finding kind of chocolate (4,6) SOFT CENTRE*
10 Surrounded by flipping dull Austria (4) AMID {DIM}{A}<=
11 Abundance, supply: holy, kind Amen (4,3,5) MILK AND HONEY*
15 Turned right away, or changed gradually (7) EVOLVED rEVOLVED
16 Clever clogs (Sting, that is) (7) SMARTIE {SMART}{IE}
17 Go off with – largely – the quality of a ninja (7) STEALTH {STEAL}{THe}
19 Source of veal increasingly florid Earl's swallowed (3,4) RED DEER {REDD{E}ER}
20 According to Spooner, ornamental edging peculiar, needing cash (7,5) FOLDING MONEY (~ moulding phoney to folding money)
23 Recess taken from rap session (4) APSE [T]
24 Declaration: 'It's a career' (10) PROFESSION [DD]
25 Poet's boring in retirement (4) BARD<=
26 They dance and sing about Egyptian god's ancestry (6,4) CHORUS LINE {C}{HORUS{LINE}

1   German tree that's cut (4) GASH {G}{ASH}
2   Lounges not opening for louts (4) OAFS lOAFS
3   Very fast with classic greeting, Lord Lieutenant is not half conniving type (11) MACHIAVELLI {MACH 1}{AVE}{LL}{Is}
4   Kind son re-fitted safer kind of tyres (3-4) NON-SKID*
5   Therapists' contracts (7) SHRINKS [DD]
7   In the U.S., aim to alter history, etc. (10) HUMANITIES*
8   Rest day arranged with bed and cuddly companions (5,5) TEDDY BEARS {REST+DAY+BED}*
12 That man's attention is on capital investments? (11) HEADDRESSES {HE ADDRESSES}
13 Ultimately daring, tucking in to the French duck, briefly flambé meaty hunks (4,2,4) LEGS OF LAMB {LE{d...nG}S}{0}{FLAMBe}
14 Near Cram finally, Coe's overtaking: Cram's first runner-up? (4,6) COME CLOSER {CO{craM}E}{Cram}{LOSER}
18 Greedy type, earthy, stripped off for artist (7) HOGARTH {HOG}{eARTHy}
19 Former Test captain getting boundary, loudly cheer on (4,3) ROOT FOR {ROOT}{(~four){FOR}
21 What gives seemingly intelligent robotic intonations, primarily? (4) SIRI Acrostic Semi&lit
22 Stuart monarch, somewhat mannered (4) ANNE [T]

Reference List
Austria = A, Right = R, Earl = E, About = C, German = G, Lord Lieutenant = LL, The in French = LES