Wednesday, 7 September 2022

No 13654, Wednesday 07 Sep 2022, Incognito

Solution to 19A has been deliberately left unsolved and is to be answered only by a non-regular / novice commenter, with proper annotation. Those who have answered earlier in the week, please give others a chance.

8   Stud's superior officer (4) BOSS [DD]
9   Reject kilo-calories in Big Mac concoction? Only a sorcerer or witch can do it! (5,5) BLACK MAGIC {K CAL<=} in {BIG+MAC}*
10 Love going around college after a recess (6) ALCOVE {{L{C}OVE}<=>{A}
11 Military officer gets support for walking at Spanish educational institutions (8) COLLEGES {COL}{LEG}{ES}
12 Agitates in favour of exams (8) PROTESTS {PRO}{TESTS}
14 Second mentioned type of coffee recipe (6) LATTER {LATTE}{R}
16 Enjoyable daughter's bankroll (4) FUND {FUN}{D}
17 Musical instruments in possession of Bantu bassist (5) TUBAS [T]
18 Select small photo with king (4) PICK {PIC}{K}
19 8 by 10 workspace for 22?! (6) ?T?D?O (Addendum - STUDIO {STUD}[10} - See comments)
21 Happily eyed tall building (8) ELATEDLY*
23 Careful! Around Australia, coitus is improper! (8) CAUTIOUS {C{AU}TIOUS*}
26 Hints about European Union collaborations (3-3) TIE-UPS {TI{EU}PS}
27 Hamper men getting cleaning supplies (10) DETERGENTS {DETER}{GENTS}
28 Birds in wildlife museum (4) EMUS [T]

1   Apply lubricant wearing wrinkled bustier and coveralls in the US (6,4) BOILER SUIT {OIL} in {BUSTIER}*
2   Donkey trode violently and mixed (8) ASSORTED {ASS}{TRODE*}
3   A boy leads another boy on eastern ship to senior nun (6) ABBESS {A}{B}{B}{E}{SS}
4   In US, drug enforcement officer confines a ring leader in North Carolina (4) NARC {N{A}{Ring}C}
5   Oddly, Luke's in possession of electrical musical instruments (8) UKELELES {UKEL{ELE}S*}
6   Gift story book (6) TALENT {TALE}{NT}
7   Little Michael comes before November? (4) MIKE [DD]
13 Something rattled by belligerent person beginning to show animosity by refusing entreaties (5) SABRE Acrostic
15 Aptly cue about American type of tree (10) EUCALYPTUS {APTLY+CUE}{US}
17 Meticulous in spite of protecting officer responsible in the beginning (8) THOROUGH {TH{Of...r}{Re...e}OUGH}
18 Comes before decree is misrepresented in police station (8) PRECEDES {P{DECREE*}S}
20 Badly suited for responsibilities (6) DUTIES*
22 Creative person and revolutionary satirist is missing (6) ARTIST SATIRisT*
24 Partly decadent country (4) ADEN [T] Country or City?
25 Fiery object in sky in front of king drowned (4) SUNK {SUN}{K}

Reference List
Kilo-calories = KCAL, College = C, Spanishb = ES, Recipe = R, Daughter = D, King = K, Australia = AU, European Union = EU, Boy = B, Ship = SS, Electrical = ELE, Book = NT(New Testament), Police station = PS


  1. 19 A
    Answer STUDIO
    8 across STUD
    10 = IO
    So STUD + IO = STUDIO, workspace for artists (22 across)

  2. 22 down, not across, sorry for the error

  3. can't get Mike coming before Nov.?

    1. NATO code Alpha, Bravo......Mike, November, Oscar ...

    2. +1. New one for me.

    3. Dear esteemed Mr. Deepak Gopinath, the Alpha, Bravo...... Yankee & Zulu are not necessarily .NATO related or based but globally accepted phonetic codes in modes of communication as well as in aviation and maritime navigational operations.

    4. NATO Phonetic code is the origin for this. Read at the following link

  4. Thank you dear Mr. Kishore Rao for an entertaining grid. Personally, I was stuck with 3-D presuming the answer to be ABBOTS (BOAT for a ship in the clue) though aware that an abbot is male gender and can't pertain to a nun.
    Another lively and lovely brain-teaser, at least for me, was 17-D that I just could not ponder over and solve till I accessed this blog-site....

  5. As usual Incognito crossword is entertaining. I enjoyed the wordplay very much. Thank you Kishore garu

  6. My CoDs are the Charades or Additives - 12a & 27a.
    But STUDIO 19a is a master clue linking two othe clues!

  7. My first Hindu cryptic and only the second one I have ever been able to solve completely. Very entertaining. Thanks to Incognito!

  8. Thanks, everyone, for your comments.

  9. Lovely grid. As usual breezy & easy. My Cod - STUDIO.