Saturday, 10 September 2022

No 13657, Saturday 10 Sep 2022, Lightning


1   Recognize one with depression, provided with therapy at last (8) IDENTIFY {1}{DENT}{IF}{t...pY}
5   One that steers person falling around river (6) DRIVER {D{R}IVER}
9   They may brighten up dilapidated pantries (8) PAINTERS*
10 Flag at Harlem veils writer (6) AGATHA [T]
12 Inexperienced environmentalist (5) GREEN [DD]
13 Dreadful haul needs to be released (9) UNLEASHED*
14 Universal and detailed subject on a place that is ideal (6) UTOPIA {U}{TOPIc}{A}
16 Mostly irritable and ordinary American comedian (7) GROUCHO {GROUCHy}{O}
19 It could destroy ship with diamondslive with missing one rig (7) ICEBERG {ICE}{BE}{RiG}
21 Favour to mention page upfront (6) PREFER {REFER}<=>{P}
23 Frantically consult one master writer for newspaper (9) COLUMNIST {CONSULT+1+M}*
25 Include nobleman (5) COUNT [DD]
26 European following English batting machine (6) ENGINE {E}<=>{ENG}{IN}
27 Fish wander around in jug at last (8) STINGRAY {ST{IN}{juG}RAY}
28 Group of fourthey regularly fall short in attempt these days (6) TETRAD {ThEy}{TRy}{AD}
29 Left inside to fritter away international diamondswonderful! (8) SPLENDID {SP{L}END}{I}{D}


1   I am with dog at national challenge (6) IMPUGN {I'M}{PUG}{N}
2   By mistake entice rep into the middle of a disaster (9) EPICENTRE*
3   Birda new giant (5) TITAN {TIT}{A}{N}
4   Sort of united with the French rule (7) FORMULA {FORM}{U}{LA}
6   Complicated procedure to destroy one oral germ (9) RIGMAROLE {1+ORAL+GERM}*
7   One tending to animals at Switzerland provides climbing plant (5) VETCH {VET}{CH}
8   Raise up bar around ordinary entry for passengers (4,4) REAR DOOR {REAR}{RO{O}D<=}
11 Fellow to fall behind standard (4) FLAG {F}{LAG}
15 It may cause distress upon one name change (9) PNEUMONIA {UPON+1+NAME}*
17 It's used to provide money by communist for alternating colour patterns (9) CHEQUERED {CHEQUE}{RED}
18 The way secret identity may be managed? (8) DISCREET {SECRET+ID}* Semi&lit
20 Grand and free network (4) GRID {G}{RID}
21 Where five may take a break? (3,4) PIT STOP [CD]
22 Resided at filthy place covering article with editor (6) STAYED {ST{A}Y}{ED}
24 Easy missing the first plane trip (5) LIGHT fLIGHT
25 Fire on old electronic boat (5) CANOE {CAN}{O}{E}

Reference List

Depression = DENT, River = R, Universal = U, Subject = TOPIC, Ordinary = O, Diamonds = ICE, Live = BE, Mention = REFER, Page = P, Master = M, European = E, English = ENG, Batting = IN, Wander = STRAY, Attempt = TRY, These days = AD(Anno Domini), Left = L, International = I, Diamonds = D
Dog = PUG, National = N, New = N, Sort of = FORM, United = U, The in French = LA, One tending to animals = VET, Raise = REAR, Bar = ROD, Ordinary = O, Fellow = F, Communist = RED, Identity = ID, Grand = G, Filthy place = STY, Editor = ED, Fire = CAN, Old = O, Electronic = E

Colour/Font Scheme

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  1. Lightning as usual.
    Though 21d isn't it convention in THC that reference should be 5 vs five!

  2. Where five may take a break? (3,4) PIT STOP [CD]. Where is Five here?

    1. Five here is the answer to 5 Across

    2. Oh. I need to quickly shed my "MANDA BUDDHI"..

    3. No such thing. These are the Aha moments to be savoured.

  3. IXL 2022 starts tomorrow at 11 AM with the practice round. Hope all of you have registered to participate, if not please do so today.
    Register at the following link


  4. Epicentre hit the Bull's eye today!!

  5. Col. You missed giving the solution word to 12A.
    Nothing for newcomers today?

    1. Is that perhaps a GREEN light for newcomers to solve?

  6. FORMULA, DRIVER, ENGINE, PIT STOP, FLAG, CHEQUERED, GRID, REAR DOOR(?), LIGHT(?) - do I see slight tendencies for this to be F1 themed to some extent?