Thursday, 8 September 2022

No 13655, Thursday 08 Sep 2022, Incognito

Rangoli by Gowri

Solution to 26A has been deliberately left unsolved and is to be answered only by a non-regular / novice commenter, with proper annotation. Those who have answered earlier in the week, please give others a chance.

8   Heads of Japanese university departments overrate martial art (4) JUDO Acrostic
9   Reset traps to get fish (5) SPRAT*
10 Nursemaid from Malaya helped (4) AYAH [T]
11 Brine sprinkled around large city (6) BERLIN {BER{L}IN*}
12 Formally informed "Revised edition includes Foxtrot" (8) NOTIFIED {NOTI{F}IED*}
13 A bachelor despatched Earl with sweetheart? He is not an attender! (8) ABSENTEE {A}{B}{SENT}{E}{swEet}
15 Husband, having love, get annual recurring deposit started initially for moneys accumulated for future use (6) HOARDS {H}{0}{An...l}{Re...g}{De...t}{St...d}
17 Setter returned my ape injured; resulting in pus pocket (7) EMPYEMA {ME<=}{MY+APE}*
19 Agrees donkeys consumed book (7) ASSENTS {ASSE{NT}S}
22 Line on map is followed by wild boar (6) ISOBAR {IS}{BOAR*}
24 Sailor on ship carrying criminal duke runs away (8) ABSCONDS {AB}{S{CON}{D}S}
26 Forefather dances to reggae to some extent (8) ?N?E?T?R 
28 Pipe fitter disposes off piano, an unwanted piece taking up storage space (6) LUMBER pLUMBER
30 Mineral found hospital chamber (4) TALC [T]
31 Fighter has height and power (5) MIGHT {MIG}{HT}
32 Wrongly sue ring leader and consumer (4) USER {SUE*}{Ring}

1   Speechless and tailless mongrel has energy (4) MUTE {MUTt}{E}
2   Pass falsehood on railway in coal mine (8) COLLIERY {COL}{LIE}{RY}
3   1980s version of online discussion forums? American teen is confused! (6) USENET {US}{TEEN*}
4   Allowed dragnet to be cast (7) GRANTED*
5   Sutures its chest badly (8) STITCHES*
 Royal Air Forces initially flies incredible African fibre (6) RAFFIA {RAF}{Fl..s}{In...e}{Af...n}
7   Girl gets drink in strong wind (4) GALE {G}{ALE}
14 Things mobs explode around 6th of November (5) BOMBS {BOM{n...mBer}S*}
16 Old romantic encounter with daughter (5) DATED {DATE}{D}
18 Nautical item thrown after French queen endlessly (8) MARITIME {ITEM*}<=>{MARIe}
20 Very large mouse scampered around neck of rhino initially (8) ENORMOUS {E{Neck}{Of}{Rh..o}MOUS*}
21 Anger after prohibition results in continuous bombardment (7) BARRAGE {RAGE}<=>{BAR}
23 British arrive at gap in fortification (6) BREACH {B}{REACH}
25 Greeting Tesla when walking around youth centre (6) SALUTE {SAL{yoUth}TE*}
27 North eastern Arkansas is within reach (4) NEAR {NE}{AR}
29 Adam's mate gets new flat (4) EVEN {EVE}{N}

Reference List
Large = L, Foxtrot = F, Bachelor = B, Earl = E, Husband = H, Book = NT(New Testament), Piano = P, Fighter = MIG, Height = HT, Energy = E, Pass = COL, Railway = RY, Girl = G, Daughter = D, British = B, Arkansas = AR, New = N


  1. Col - Can u also post my Rangoli - mailed last night to you?

  2. 26A. Ancestor. Dances to some extent= to. Regge= r.ances+to+r= forefather

    1. Those who have answered earlier in the week, please give others a chance.

    2. Why struggle so much, it is (T)
      26A: forefather= ancestor
      Forefather dANCES TO Reggae to some extent.

    3. Sree sree garu, i answered becoz earlier day, my anno was not clear.😁

    4. The above is for Sathya's comment anout T.

    5. Paddy sir,
      You have replaced i with y!
      Or have you rechristened her?
      (in a lighter vein)

    6. What a typo! Apologies. Not qualified to christen.

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  4. Incognito HAS to bring in his fav.- MIG!

  5. Happy Onam, everyone! Bangalore based Malayalees usually go back to Kerala for Onam. This year rains have brought backwaters to Bangalore...

    1. There is a joke circulating in WhatsApp groups.
      " This year Onam festival boat race will be conducted in ORR Sarjapura road of Bangalore."

    2. For Onam
      Malayalees to Kerala by TRAINS
      Backwaters to Bangalore by RAINS!

  6. 17.a. pus pocket is usually named as abscess. Pus pocket in lung is named as empyema.

    1. Pus pocket- in general- alsonincludes one in lung?
      CW is sometimes leaving a bit to guess!

  7. I have heard my father saying an old adage-
    Either Mohammed goes to mountain or mountain goes to Mohammed!

  8. In Telugu literature there are 3 styles of writing. These are named (as the difficulty level increases) after banana, grape and coconut (as consuming them becomes more and more difficult).
    INCOGNITO's clues are like having the first - 🍌 (ΰ°•ΰ°¦ΰ°³ీΰ°ͺాΰ°•ం - kadaleepaakam). If you put small effort you can understand them and parse.
    Thank you for your puzzles Kishore garu! πŸ™