Thursday, 15 September 2022

No 13661, Thursday 15 Sep 2022, Afterdark

Solution to 11A has been deliberately left unsolved and is to be answered only by a non-regular / novice commenter, with proper annotation. Those who have answered earlier in the week, please give others a chance.

1   Upheavals due to jerk holding power backup (5-3) SHAKE-UPS {SHAKE}{UPS}
5   Arbitrary need? On the contrary, no (6) WANTON {WANT}{NO<=}
10 Hope for getting a wife, best and prettiest finally (5) AWAIT {A}{W}{A1}{p...sT}
11 Cherishing two speeches in nude (9)  A?O?A?I?N (Addendum - ADORATION {ADdress+ORATION - See comments) 
12 Sixteen runs over, boundaries flayed by Broad (9) EXTENSIVE {SIXTEEN}*{oVEr}
13 Nothing outstanding, almost some eggs and fat (5) OBESE {0}{BESt}{Eggs}
14 She returns to feed; make it warm again (6) REHEAT {HER<=}{EAT}
15 Second, second thought to gain muscle (7) TRICEPS {TRICE}{PS}
18 Set to send a letter to military base, perhaps (7) OUTPOST {OUT}{POST}
20 Enquire inside, procure a seal (6) GASKET {G{ASK}ET}
22 Emma halfway to get garden plant (5) EMBED {EMma}{BED}
24 Small rabbit at green retreat, primarily enjoying the free program (9) SHAREWARE {S}{HARE}{RAW<=}{En...g}
25 I'l go manage virtual treatment outside for a spine condition (9) CURVATURE {C{ViRTUAl}*URE}
26 Compound has a bovine girdled every now and then (5) OXIDE {OX}{gIrDlEd}
27 Passage in a vessel on Nile flowing without current (6) TUNNEL {TUN}{NiLE*}
28 Each theologian outside dies at cul-de-sacs (4,4) DEAD ENDS {D{EA}D}{ENDS}

1   Players domesticated inside to produce a reproductive organ (6) STAMEN {S}{TAME}{N}
2   Fit to have painters perhaps in flat (9) APARTMENT {AP{ART MEN}T}
3   Two teens dancing having a drink? An alliance perhaps (7,8) ENTENTE CORDIALE {TEEN+TEEN}* over {CORDIAL}
4   Musician Ani in programme, left out for Premji in the beginning (7) PIANIST {(-l+p)PI{ANI}ST}
6   Perhaps synthetic hormone is mentioned in notice boards Ali put up (8,7) ANABOLIC STEROID*
7   Two times at the end of feast, wife provides water that's frozen (5) TWICE {f..sT}{W}{ICE}
8   Oneness sabotaged by the entry of player? Rubbish (8) NONSENSE {NO{N}SENSE*}
9   Trouble for medic in case (6) MOLEST {MO}{LEST}
16 Delight in procuring electric vehicle on promotion (9) ELEVATION {EL{EV}ATION}
17 Team's comeback ends in grimace as there is disturbance in supply (5,3) POWER CUT {CREW<=} in {POUT}
19 Bet drunk will return to get another drink (4-2) TOSS-UP }SOT<=}{SUP}
20 Good boy, I hear is squint (4,3) GLAD EYE {G}{LAD}{(~I)EYE}
21 King gets tax break (6) RECESS {RE}{CESS}
23 Fool of a man replaced with boy to procure chemical (5) BORON (-m+b)BORON

Reference List
Wife = W, Best = A1, Second thought = PS, Small = S, Current = I, Each = EA, Theoligian = DD, Players = S,N(South and Nortth in Bridge), Left = L, Good = G, King = RE, Man = M, Boy = B


  1. I'l/ I'll. First usage suits cryptic reading, but surface?

  2. 11 A Two Speeches - ADDRESS + ORATION, without dress (in nude) ADORATION

    Didn't get the anno for ADORATION till I saw the blog.
    Thanks Col and AD!

  4. Ramki also 'adores' it. One more feather in Srikant Sri's cap.

  5. Padmanabhan is always very generous and encouraging πŸ‘

  6. Should we not be when it is deserving?