Tuesday, 20 September 2022

No 13665, Tuesday 20 Sep 2022, Dr. X

Solution to 24D has been deliberately left unsolved and is to be answered only by a non-regular / novice commenter, with proper annotation. Those who have answered earlier in the week, please give others a chance.

1   Vehicle with princess chased by a vehicle! Stop — it could be fatal (7,6) CARDIAC ARREST {CAR}{DI}{A}{CAR}{REST}
8   Sepulchre in mountain, terrifying (5) INTER [T]
9   Caught in photos misbehaving with child in playground game (9) HOPSCOTCH {HOPS{C}OT*}{CH}
11 Commander hands over gangster giving orders for imprisonment (10) COMMITTALS {COM}{MITT{AL}S}
12 Quell riots after queen's assassinated in last Jewish month (4) ELUL qUELL*
14 Intoxicated hags in retro bar chatter in Scottish dialect (7) NASHGAB {HAGS}* in {BAN<=}
16 Receive subtle hint to hold back anger (7) INHERIT {INH{IRE<=}T*}
17 Stage of deterioration after consuming second alcoholic drink (7) ROSTRUM {RO{S}T}{RUM}
19 Allowed to include extravagant French dance (7) GAVOTTE {GAV{OTT}E}
21 Expresses pleasure well, I hear (4) OOHS (~ooze}
22 Container ordered online, filled with large tubes of pasta (10) CANNELLONI {CAN}{NEL{L}ONI*}
25 English miss, most apologetic about one handling defeat badly (4,5) SORE LOSER {SOR{E}{LOSE}Ry}
26 Giving the thumbs-up to relatives enthralled by knocking back spirit (5) OKING {O{KIN}G<=}
27 Cooked foie gras paste for ceremony marking a milestone (4,2,7) RITE OF PASSAGE*

2   Promiscuous mates having sex in retreat every so often (2,5) AT TIMES {AT{IT<=}MES*}
3   Pistols shown by rebellious communist groups without hesitation (10) DERRINGERS {RED<=}{RING{ER}S}
 A royal headgear for enlightened monk (5) ARHAT {A}{R}{HAT}
5   Awful programme's irksome, not good (9)  APPALLING {APP}{gALLING}
6   Lively gleam after entertaining century (4) RACY {RA{C}Y}
7   Colonist's dog biting criminal's butt (7) SETTLER {SETT{c...aL}ER}
8   Inappropriate racket conducted by guru is on reels (11) INCONGRUOUS {CON} in {GURU+IS+ON}*
10 What best man will do to monitor a dispute without getting involved in it? (4,3,4) HOLD THE RING [DD]
13 Heroic champion turned saviour protecting many (10) CHIVALROUS {CH}{IVA{L}ROUS*}
15 Using bubbly boys to entertain miserable female (2,5,2) BY MEANS OF {BY{MEAN}SO*}{F}
18 Lively movements by special songstress with endless energy (7) SCHERZI {S}{CHER}{ZIp}
20 Blowing horn excessively can get annoying finally (7) TOOTING {TOO}{TIN}{a...nG}
23 Water wheel is working, rotated by breeze from the south (5) NORIA {NO<=}{AIR<=}
24 Bond girl, naughty, going topless (4) ?L?E (Addendum - GLUE {G}{bLUE} - See comments))

Reference List
Princess = DI, Caught = C, Child = CH, Commander = COM, Gangster = AL(Capone), Queen = Q, Second = S, Extravagant = OTT(Over the top), Large = L, English = E, Spirit = GO, Sex = IT, Hesitation = ER, Royal = R, Programme = APP, Century = C, Good = G, Racket = CON, Champion = CH, Many = L, Female = F, Special = S, Excessively = TOO, Girl = G


  1. 24d. GLUE.. G(b)LUE.. girl is G.. blue is naughty. Topless blue is lue.. means Bond

  2. Thank you Doc.for the brainstorming session. Enjoyed it.

  3. loved 1A for its depiction of the manner in which Diana was killed in a Paris(?) subway! beautiful

  4. The OOHS stopped.
    So also the hooting and TOOTING.
    The scene turned APALLING. Far from
    being RACY.
    On the ROSTRUM stood a helpless Bouncer. He could not HOLD THE RING.
    Then there appeared a cop.
    Vladimir, the SORE LOSER, was taken away.
    What happened next?

  5. Noticed Col giving even synoyms in the ref list(for the sake of new gen starters, I guess). In our times of leeaning we were challenged to find out from dictionaroes.
    True spirit of a teacher. 👏

    1. You said it.... Indeed, the grid set by Dr. X is always pretty tricky in the sense countless words of global relevance that actually sound Greek to persons like me. For instance, in today's grid, HOPSCOTCH, CANNELLONI, DERRINGERS, GAVOTTE, NASHGAB and SCHERZI are some of such words.
      Of course, in the process of attempting and finally accessing this blogsite to know where I had erred or was ignorant, I did learn the essence of such terms and new terms. Thank you dear Dr. Satyen Nabar despite the fact that personally I feel your crossword compilations are ideal for weekends like Saturdays and Sundays when one is somewhat free from regular tasks, be they at home or in the office.

  6. Nice grid Doc. Finished. Didnt know BLUE is naughty.