Thursday, 22 September 2022

No 13667, Thursday 22 Sep 2022, Hypatia

Solution to 1D has been deliberately left unsolved and is to be answered only by a non-regular / novice commenter, with proper annotation. Those who have answered earlier in the week, please give others a chance.

7   English parliamentarian interrupts trials to cause commotions (8) TEMPESTS {T{E}{MP}ESTS}
9   Must hold us at fault (6) SHOULD*
10 Roasts in pots (4) PANS [DD]
11 Presently approach and question Spooner (4,3,3) HERE AND NOW (~ near and how to here and now)
12 People from South failing Hindi (6)  SINDHI {S}{HINDI*}
14 Support group hires new criminal lawyer for contract killer? (8) ANACONDA {A{N}A}{CON}{DA}
15 Pretty simple ones, yet he struggles (4,2,3,4) EASY ON THE EYES {EASY}{ONES+YET+HE}*
18 Not possible to store dill without covers or fresh leaves (8) CILANTRO {C{dILl}ANT}{OR*}
20 Graceful female close to you donated clothes (6) FLUENT {F}{L{yoU}ENT}
21 Possibly in fun, setter's set about that lady - It's not done! (10) UNFINISHED {IN+FUN}*{I'{SHE}D}
22 Poor Anarkali initially separated from her lover (4) SLIM SaLIM
23 Contents of cellar can expose secret (6) ARCANE [T]
24 Study about concealed weapon brought in focus (8) NARROWED {N{ARROW}ED<=}

1   Perhaps Uncle, about 50, had drip injected (8) ?E?A?I?E (Addendum - RELATIVE {RE}{L}{AT{IV}E} - See comments))
2   Discharge after old work (4) OPUS {PUS}<=>{O}
3   Doctor Smith joining current strips of tissue (6) ISTHMI {SMITH*}{I}
4   Lift computer key in the middle, far behind (8) ESCALATE {ESC}{fAr}{LATE}
5   Wholesome words of praise (4,3,3) GOOD FOR YOU [DD]
6   Seed of a plum joined regularly (6) ALMOND {A+pLuM+jOiNeD}
8   Overstretched in hard step at indoor exercises (6,3,4) SPREAD TOO THIN {H+STEP+AT+INDOOR}*
13 Carnegie, say almost accepts request and a suggestion about book (3,7) DAS KAPITAL {D{ASK}A{A+TIP<=}Le} (Correction - {D{ASK}{A}{TIP<=}ALe} - See comments)
16 Got a debit on mobile (8) OBTAINED*
17 Guard dispatched home well within limits (8) SENTINEL {SENT}{IN}{wELl}
19 Overlook independent company protecting neither partner (6) IGNORE {I}{G{NOR}E}
20 Part of stuffed orangutan's hat (6) FEDORA [T]
22 Pickle stain (4) SPOT [DD}

Reference List
English = E, South = S, Support group = AA(Alcoholics Anonymous), New = N, Criminal = AL(Capone), Lawyer = DA, Female = F, About = RE, Fifty = L, Drip = IV, Old = O, Current = I, Computer key = ESC, Hard = H, Home = IN, Independent = I, Company = GE


  1. 1D RELATIVE = say, uncle (about RE, 50, L had ATE injected with drip IV)

  2. 13a typo in anno d(ask a (tip≤=)al

  3. Smooth and easy cold solve unusual for me on a hypatia puzzle.
    Felt Dale is a bit tough for average THC solver.

    1. Hmm... I thought everybody seemed to own How to win friends and influence people when I was growing up.

  4. Nice from from Hypatia today. Especially liked the cluing for Cilantro. I could not annotate fully Das Kapital till I saw the blog.

  5. Entertaining puzzle. My favourite clue for Slim with the Mugal-E-Azam reference.
    Thank You, Hypatia.

  6. had a good times by solving your grid. my favorites are, TEMPESTS,UNFINISHED,RELATIVE & IGNORE. esp. relative puzzles attracts me a lot. (the way you made word play on IV)